My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1488

Vol 5 Chapter 1488: A Historic Moment

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"Lin...Lord Lin Chen, open your terms. As long as it can keep me alive, Jushenmen can pay for your satisfaction."

Xiao Jianqing gritted his teeth.

He avenged his cousin, Xiao Jing, but he couldn't think of putting himself in.

"The price of my satisfaction is your life."

Lin Chen shot Xiao Jianqing very simply and gave him a happy heart.

Lin Chen's creed, he has a murderous enemy, he will not be soft-hearted.

Seeing the fall of Xiao Jianqing, the Six Sacred Minds were mad, and Lin Chen sent them together!

"Oh? Hero, we found something good!"

At this time, the servants surrounding the four celestial sword saints on the other side heard sounds of surprise.

When Lin Chen walked through the sky, he found that the appearance of the four Juggernauts changed greatly.

They are no longer uniform, but young and old, with completely different temperament!

"Eh, this is..."

When Lin Chen was curious, Tianchen stepped into the air and presented four colorful and transparent human skin masks.

Lin Chen picked it up, the mask was very mysterious, sometimes flashing ripples, and sometimes turned into a different face.

"Princess, this is a human skin mask made of a dreamy glazed soul. The technique is extremely unique and delicate. The higher the wearer's cultivation level, the deeper the type of change and the means of hiding the breath. , The Holy King may not be able to recognize the true identity of the pretender!"

When Tian Hui answered, Lin Chen's eyes lit up!

"Good thing, this thing! It's much stronger than the leather mask I disguised as the Dark Horse Club!"

No wonder these nine evil sword palaces have hidden their heads and tails, and not many people have found them when they migrated to the Heavenly Sanctuary. It turned out that there was this thing!

"If you can make these babies in batches, wouldn't your means of hiding your identity fall?"

Lin Chen had a whim, and his eyes were fiery.

At this time, another figure came and owed.

"Princess, the method of making this thing is said to be known only by the master of their sword palace. However, if you give me a month, I will definitely be able to crack its method of making."

This person is thin and sturdy, with a sharp eye, like a night owl in the dark night. Mysteriously, his eyebrows have a blue-yellow eyes!

He is a strong man imprisoned on the eighteenth floor of the holy prison. Eyes of heaven, hell!

What he looked at, he could analyze and copy a skill in a very short time, it was terrible!

Legend has it that he made a copy of the orange-level intermediate-level exercises within half a year. Ordinary saints, but it takes thousands of years or longer!

Its efficiency is so high that even the Holy King wanted to recruit him and was rejected by him.

But in the end this supernatural power also became his chance to enter the holy prison.

"Very good, then it's up to you."

Lin Chen threw the mask to the ghost, and immediately looked at the four heavens and laughed.

"How are you, Nine Evil Sword Palace, are you going to eat black this time?"

The old man with blue eyes, headed calmly, said earnestly, "This order is due to the Lord of the Hall and has nothing to do with us..."

"Covet my mythical secrets, you nine evil sword palace is not authentic, the eighth-grade dreamless heart-breaking pill of the master has been refined for you, fair and fair transaction, you still come to me?"

Lin Chen shook his head, a sharp flash in his eyes!

"Don't, little friend Lin Chen, everything is easy to discuss!"

"Damn it, kill it or give it away, please!"

The four swordsmen, some begging for mercy, some arrogant still exist, simply begging for death.

"Death is still alive!"

Lin Chen satisfies them all, counts his backhands, and under the suppression of the servants, all the four open worlds are annihilated, and their spiritual consciousness is reduced to a large number of attribute values!

This is probably the first time Lin Chen has killed the Terran Powerhouse of the human race. The top quintessence gained is massive, laying a massive foundation for his accumulation of condensed caves!

This time, Lin Chen has harvested six super demon luck capsules.

In addition to the family of four Kaitian Realm Sword Saints, even his eight-pin dreamless dream-breaking heart pill, wandering round and round, also returned to his hands.

"There are really a lot of good things. The system has broken down all the holy objects and replaced them with the essence of the suit."

[Consume 12800 high-level heavenly values, decompose 9 pieces of 7th grade holy items, 14 pieces of 6th grade holy items, 23 pieces of 5th grade holy items, get the essence of the set...]

[The essence of the suit has been filled, the hosts current four-piece Ares charge: 25%, 25%, 26%, 25%.

The intensely consumed God of War suit recharged to make up for it, and Lin Chen also felt relieved.

Immediately, he took everyone away from the Macros.

"Everyone, stop talking nonsense."

Lin Chen stepped into the air and grinned when facing the crowd.

"This time, I will keep my promise to let you regain the glory!"

The eyes of the servants became particularly hot and looking forward to!

Even, there is a trembling feeling in my heart!

This day, they waited too long!

Two days later, Xin Bing Xin Gong.

The renewed Bingxin Palace, the icebergs rise and fall on all sides, and the cold rises.

The main hall of Bingxin Palace, this is a forbidden place for all disciples. Within a thousand miles, no one except the "special person" should be close.

In the main hall, when the master of Bingxin Palace is dealing with all things-

Bang ~!

Suddenly, a group of unprecedented breaths came to Bingxin Palace. The palace owner couldn't help but scare Huarong!

However, class 66 and others who have been waiting in Bingxin Palace have been ecstatic.

"The monitor is back!"

When the people in the hall were going out to greet, a group of figures in the void, majestic, came head-on!

Everyone was stunned!

As the first teenager, the silver robe was awe-inspiring, and the teenager smiled like a fairy mortal.

The group of people behind him was shocked by the world!

Some seem to be overlords, with five-colored clouds covering the top of their heads, and thousands of mountains and rivers, and the illusion of thousands of miles of mountains and rivers surrounding the surroundings.

Some heroic attitudes are hidden, and Qi Yuxuan is like a peerless gun that pierced Ling Yun Jiuxiao!

Some were silent, their eyes opened and closed as if they had an electric awn, the holy light was like an electric snake, and Lan Xia was in the sky.

Some blood is like a dragon, like an eight-armed dragon, and there are countless real ills and unicorn ghosts around the body, such as the holy body holding the supreme beast!

Some wore nine rounds of scorching sun, and one round of the flames seemed to be filled with flames, devouring Zhou Tian!

Some clouds are light and windy, but they are so sharp that they embrace their chests with both hands, like Wan Jian emerges, the edge is strong, no one in the world can match it!

Some domineering and fierce, sharp and vertical, at a glance, cut off the Void Avenue, provoke the supreme sword Qi Zheng Zheng Qing Ming!

Some immortal capitals are beautiful and dusty, like white clouds fluttering, silver brilliance is dazzling in the world, snowflakes are flying, fluttering embellishment, peerless Fanghua.

Some immortal wind bones, chatting and laughing like a plain old man, the eyebrows are full of absolute confidence that Zhizhu is holding.

A total of 61 people, each saint, is a strong presence!

Everyone in Bingxin Palace was shocked to stay in place!

This group of people is like a legend!

It's like returning to the time when the Holy World was founded, the most epic and legendary historic moment!

And Lin Chen is the center of this group of legendary characters, the stars hold the moon!