My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1489

Vol 5 Chapter 1489: Refining Medicine Giant Engine Gathered Together.

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"My God, do you say that the monitor is actually a boring second generation?"

"I said why the squad leader is so evil, it is beyond common sense, it turns out that he has long been backed by a mountain!"

Everyone in Class 66 marveled at this incredible scene. Lin Chen brought the servants to the scene and mistaken everyone in Class 66 for thinking that he was a'Second Generation'!

Well you are the monitor, you actually lied to everyone, saying that you are like us, are all people in the world, so you are a boring second generation!

The scarlet fairy covered her red lips lightly, her eyes were colorful, and her eyes were the highest among the people.

Only she can recognize what a stunning team this is!

This is enough to attack the thirty-six domain, in addition to the Saint King domain, any one domain Xeon lineup!

"Everyone, you are all here, you don't have to pretend."

Lin Chen smiled and briefly introduced it for both parties. When I heard the legend of everyone, everyone's face was even more wonderful!

When I heard that Lin Chen was going to heal them, everyone's eyes were full of anticipation and shock!

These gangsters are so injured that they are so strong. If they were in their heyday, what would it be like?

At the thought of these people being the squad leader's younger brother and his men, everyone felt a different kind of pride!

"Although I really want to talk to you about old times, I still have to work hard now. In addition, I have to be busy for everyone to help."

Lin Chen was second to none and handed over a large number of lists and luck capsules to everyone.

He released Jian Qingcheng and the second demon and the second daughter from the Qiyun capsule.

"These things can only be run by a trustworthy person, and everyone will take trouble. The 66th class is responsible for buying and buying, and Yueqi and Ziyun, Yizhi, Qianyun, and Manqing are responsible for counting. The medicinal materials in these air transport capsules are arranged for me according to the list..."

Seeing Lin Chen's list of purchases, the second woman shined!

Just buy, buy, buy!

Lin Chen looked at Bingxin Palace and others.

"Princess, please worry about evacuating all the disciples in the palace recently. Within a radius of 80,000, no outsiders are allowed to approach. In addition, prepare a sealed spiritual hall dedicated to storing seven kinds of medicinal materials to avoid excessive accumulation of spiritual herbs. , Running in teams."


The senior of Bingxin Palace stooped down and immediately ordered to continue.

The entire Bingxin Palace suddenly became alive.

At this moment, a spiritual voice came, but the petite snow-white figure trot out from the hall and rushed to Lin Chen, the snow-white tail swayed happily.

"Brother Lin Chen~ I have taken care of everything as you ordered."

Bai Qianqin's delicate and delicate voice, if the sound is clear, makes people feel like a cat when the spring wind is blowing.

Her jade hand held a few luck capsules and handed them to Lin Chen.

Lin Chen was happy, rubbed Nizi's face, and immediately looked at the spiritual consciousness in the newly acquired four seasons capsule, couldn't help but be ecstatic!

I saw countless luck-like plants in the four seasons of planting sacs at this time, and in the four areas of spring, summer, autumn and winter.

These fortune-telling plants are like Tianchi or Cangrong, as if constructing monuments from the Great Desolation!

Colorful, surrounded by streamers. It seems that a kingdom of good luck is planted!

"Brother Lin Chen, all your Qiyun Lingzhi moves have been completed. The lower-grade Lingzhi is planted in other Qiyun vesicles. There are a total of 54 middle-grade Qiyun Lingzhi plants, 14 of which are Qiyun reversals. No artifacts produced by the device."

"There are also two top-grade Lingzhi plants, the water lily and the crescent moon flower."

Bai Qianqian's spiritual consciousness also entered the air transport implantation sac, and his fingers pointed to the distance. There was a beautiful jade crescent flower, which outlined the shape of the crescent moon, pink, and the light was collected, such as Na Xingchen.

In addition, a huge and magnificent fresh jade lotus is in full bloom, and the faint lotus scent is like a person in the quiet blue sea, relaxed and happy, and exhausted!

"Nymphaea, when taken, the mental consciousness can enter the spiritual dream space, and the mental power will increase a lot, expelling all interference with mental means! It can expel all the sequelae of mental trauma!"

"The flower of the crescent moon, the flower blooms like the moon, and the moon is attached to the moon. Below the expanding cave, there is a special effect called life and death in a dream, and resurrection! Above the expanding cave, the moonlight can be used to restore the body!"

Lin Chen lamented that these two top-ranking spirits are extremely valuable!

In addition, he also has a middle-grade spirit plant that is almost equivalent to the top-grade spirit plant, the middle-grade tree of God!

Looking back at the dozens of luck plants, Lin Chen's confidence was more stable this time.

"His uncle, look at the Jinshan and Yinshan, and look at the thousands of miles of treasures. This time the coach is not convinced, and this resource, plus my eight-grade refining pharmacist sitting in town, cant cure them all. It's half!"

With Lin Chen's current refining medicine heritage, he has mastered the method of refining the Danxin alone, and he has mastered it!

With his three avatars, you can reach an eight-grade Saint-level pharmacist.

If six avatars are doing their best to make medicine, you can get two eight-grade pharmacists!

Not to mention, at least two batches of relics refining eight grades of elementary and above holy pill, there is a probability of more than 60%!

If Lin Chen is sitting still, the probability on both sides can reach 80%!

Bang ~!

At this time, the sky changes again!

A sacred light descended on Bingxin Palace. When the strong men were on alert, they could not help but see someone who was coming!

"Hahaha, are you the Linchen kid? Very good, very good! The courageous and extraordinary. The old man would also like to thank you for saving my old friend!"

The rough laughter echoed like a dull thunder, and another big man came!

He was dressed in a black robe, his appearance was about fifty years old, his face was as sharp as a knife, his broad forehead was engraved with a thunder mark, his back was bearish, his spirit was full, his spirit was energetic, and he was as calm as a thousand years!

Beside him, there is also an old man with immortal wind and bones. When he saw Lin Chen, he could not help but worship in the air.

"Yu Xiangsheng, I have seen the hero. This is my friend Lei Xiaotian, who has passed on his life and can be trusted. He came here to help us refining medicine. He is also an eight-grade refining pharmacist."

Its the Dahua Shengsheng who lives forever With his old friend, Chief Elder of the Danyu Presbyterian Church, Lei Xiaotian!

Lin Chen rushed to life and nodded, and immediately smiled at Lei Xiaotian.

"Your help, I have Lin Chen in my mind."

Lei Xiaotian waved his hand and boldly smiled: "You're welcome, you saved his life. This time the refining medicine is counted as my share. The old man hasn't let go with my old friend for a long time."

"Come well!"

Lin Chen and Lei Xiaotian hit it off!

The secret territory of Bingxin Palace

The servants gathered, and the scarlet fairy followed Lin Chen into the plane.

"This is, Crescent Flower?"

"Nymphaea? Good thing, hero!"

"If there are more crescent flowers, the old man will never use most of the repairs to suppress the injury."

The servants were pleasantly surprised. Normally, their cultivation base was not damaged.

One is the holy power to be filled by the holy cave. There are too many, and the holy cave has not been completely filled. The sacred power required by the holy cave at each stage is different, the difference is not only quantity but also qualitative change caused by quantity.

For example, the sacred caves filled with ten Sacred Realms and the sacred caves filled with ten Sacred Heart Realms, the qualitative changes in the holy power transformed from golden holy Yuan coins will be completely different!

Not to mention the open realm and the higher realm!

Secondly, the people suffered different degrees of trauma in the holy prison, and the Eucharist was greatly damaged. When they were detained, they were basically hit hard!

Lin Chen is here to solve these two problems!

Great plan, officially started!