My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1490

Vol 5 Chapter 1490:

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Lin Ping'an sat on the cliff of the ice mountain, shaking his skin-like jade legs and staring at Lin Chen and others with a boring expression.

"It's boring, Lin Chen wants to retreat again, why didn't he bother causing trouble. Last time I met a strong enemy and didn't let me out to help, stinky Lin Chen."

The Scarlet Fairy stood beside Nizi and smiled: "He is just worried about you. Besides, staying with him, are you afraid of doing little things..."

The fairy's beautiful eyes gleamed with splendor, muttering to himself.

"He will surely disturb the situation of the Holy Realm, and the pattern of the human race will change. I didn't expect me to escape to the lower realm. I wanted to protect myself. I never expected to meet someone like him..."

the other side:

"Princess, I have recovered more than half of my injury. Eighth-grade senior Saint Pill is still not refined. Eighth-grade intermediate and junior can try it. My old friend's alchemy skills, below eighth-grade intermediate, can guarantee a sufficient success rate. "

You Xiangsheng informed Lin Chen about his situation.

He nodded and looked around the crowd.

"Filling the divine power and restoring the injury must be done at the same time. You first take the crescent moon flower and the water lily to cultivate the spirit. I will now start refining medicine according to the difference of each of you. The healing type of Holy Pill,"

Lin Chen picked most of the water lilies and crescent flowers.

All the servants obeyed the crescent moon flower, quickly sat in the void, and nursed the Eucharist.

Then, Lin Chen and You Xiangsheng, Lei Xiaotian, and even Tang Qianmei also joined the treatment team!

Lin Chen agreed to Tang Qianmei, as long as she obeyed herself, not only would not hurt her, but would also give her unique benefits in the world.

"Okay, the refining plan has been fully prepared."

At this moment, Lin Chen's voice came, and a scroll turned into a streamer and shot towards Tang Qianmei.

She grabbed it with one hand, and it was full of the names of medicinal herbs, and the names of Shengdan and Danfang that needed to be refined.

From the fifth grade to the seventh grade, Tang Qianmei is responsible for the scope.

This journey to life can be described as the reproduction of Danfang's refining medicine inventory of Danfang, all brought together! It can be said to bring Lin Chen over to support Lin Chen!

"Learning Danfang, I will still use this special version of Tianyi Shengshui to integrate it in the fastest way."

Lin Chen's fingertips were suspended, and a few drops of Tianyi Holy Water floated to Lei Xiaotian, swimming to life, in front of the three people of Tang Qianmei.

When the three people took it, a lot of memory suddenly poured into their minds!

" this?"

"Good Xuanqi's method! This is an unhealthy move that even the Holy King can't do!"

Lei Xiaotian was terrified. He almost didn't need him to practice and read, and all the memories of cultivation merged automatically!

Half a month later.

When Tang Qianmei, who was cultivating from Bingxin's secret territory, opened her eyes, her wonderful eyes were full of surprises, full of admiration.

"Princess Lin Chen, the true **** is descended... not only the content of the Danfang, but also the last line of my mental bottleneck and the last flaw of the alchemy handprint are all natural, as if they have practiced countless times as perfect. There is such a magical means..."

Lin Chen knew that such a clever woman would be counterproductive by blind oppression.

Therefore, before starting the medicine refining, Lin Chen given some sweetness first and used the function of [Kung Fu Learning] to break through a wave of bottlenecks for her.

If there is such a benefit, she is willing to follow Lin Chen's alchemy!

"Let's start alchemy, the benefits have been given to you first, I hope you don't make small moves."

Lin Chen's meaningful long voice echoed to Tang Qianmei's ear.

She was beautiful and smiled brightly.

"I will definitely live up to Mr. Lin Chen's trust."

Bang ~!

At this time, the whole Bingxin mysterious realm was shaking, and some people had begun to make medicine!

This time, there are six avatars of Lin Chen, plus the death of a swim, Lei Xiaotian.

This is equivalent to four eight-grade Saint-level Alchemists!

As well as Lin Chen's body and Tang Qianmei, these are the two top-grade pharmacists of Seven Grades!

This lineup, looking at the 36 domains of the Holy Realm, except for some unborn old monsters in the Holy Realm and the Heavenly Sanctuary, there is no one domain that can get this kind of refining medicine lineup alone!

Bingxin's secret realm ushered in an unprecedented vision of refining medicine.

As time goes by, a constant flow of eight-tier medicinal herbs is transported to Bingxin Palace!

Its Ying Guan!

Her ability to handle things is extremely high, and the first batch of medicinal materials was shipped to as many as ten thousand kinds of eight-grade medicinal materials! The number exceeded 100,000, which surprised Lin Chen.

And Lin Chen entrusted all the women to buy a large number of medicinal materials, which were continuously delivered over!

Almost everyone mobilized!

Bai Qianqin was even more busy. Lin Chen killed six evils, six Sacred Mind States and four Kaitian Realms.

After their holy bodies were absorbed by the "qiyun reverser", they produced a large amount of "pseudo-Chinese" Qiyunling seeds!

Even if there is no holy product, it can bring a lot of gold holy yuan coins!

The vision of Chengdan in Bingxin's secret area is endless, and even the outside of Bingxin Palace is affected. The visions are different, the clouds are steaming Xia Wei, and there are nine-color clouds that cover the Bingxin Palace from time to time.

Sixth grade, seventh grade, and even the legendary eighth grade Shengdan one after another!

Lin Chens servants have taken a variety of healing sacred products, the middle-class wandering fruit, the middle-grade dragon fruit, and the middle-grade glaze bodhi.

And several eight-grade Saint-level pharmacists including Lin Chen, the non-stop alchemy, both day and night.

When the spirit is tired, it will recover with the middle class You Shen Guo, and there is almost no process of stopping to rest!

From January to January, this refining medicine took half a year!

In the past six months, the undercurrent of the Holy Realm surged, and there was a big storm coming in the 36th domain!

Inside the dark and dark chains, the atmosphere of the prison was thick and mellow.

This place is the first floor of the holy prison. Half a year later, the storm in the holy prison was finally suppressed, and many criminals were detained.

Inside an ancient tower.

A handsome man with a golden sun hanging above his head, listening to the black robe who was kneeling to admonish his eyes, his eyes became more fierce and his light soared!

When he heard the key point, his anger burst into the sky!

"What? You said that the demon that infiltrated here was dressed as a human race?"

The Jinpao man was incredibly angry, almost unbelievable.

How can the human race sneak into this vast and vast holy prison!

"Thousands...all true, what I saw with my own eyes... If I dare to lie half a lie, adults can torture and serve me at any time, without complaints. Xiao Sheng begs for merit!"

The kneeling man in black robe shivered, sweating and even handed a space jade jade up.

This person was Tie Xiaosheng who first visited the seventeenth floor of the holy prison on his behalf, and was the first to go to the nineteenth floor of the holy prison!

He is not dead! Hidden in a specific secret room on the 19th floor, even the Devil Emperor avatar did not find him!

Tie Xiaosheng even witnessed everything that happened afterwards!

The Jinpao man glanced through the jade jade, and Li Mang's eyes became more and more fierce!

The mountains are densely documented with all the battles that took place on the 16th floor.

Including the appearance of the person who advocates the escape, the details of the methods used in the battle, and so on!