My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1491

Vol 5 Chapter 1491: Surprise Of Scarlet Fairy

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After reading the contents of the jade in the space, the Jinpao man sneered sneerly.

"Since he can infiltrate the Holy Prison, this looks must be disguised, go, according to the above details, all engraved millions of copies, mobilize the top ten and eight rank family, use the carpet search, including the major business groups in various regions 'S material input!"

"Everyone who signs a large number of medicinal herbs in the business group must dig it out. This seat allows you to suppress the business group with the private right of the deacon of the holy prison. The business group that is not disclosed will be killed on the spot."

"They want to heal, they must buy a lot of medicinal materials, I don't believe they can hide any traces!"

The man in the golden robe shook his hand and handed it to the saints around him.

"In the near future, the adults are about to return. At that time, it is easy to remove these debris!"

The thirty-six domains of the Holy Realm are extremely wide. Normally, looking for someone, it is much easier to find a needle in a haystack.

But if the holy prison is looking for someone, the nature is completely different!

Holy Prison has the right and qualification to order a large number of eight-rank giant forces, and can use the fastest speed. Send a sweeping search!

Once expanded, the last saint to participate in the search will even exceed 100,000!

If there are this number of saints, and want to explore an area to find individual people, it is no longer a fantasy!

This is the right that only the Holy Prison has!


In the void space plane, there are forests of swords and monuments all around.

The ancient palace in the center of the sword monument is like a sword, soaring sharply.

In the dim hall, the **** and fascinating eyes opened, and with a monstrous anger, he looked to the side of the cloudy son.

"Yin Tianzi, what are you going to do! This seat is closed for a while, you will poke through the sky! Even if you are the future Venerable of my Nine Evil Sword Palace tribute!"

The Lord of the Sword Palace reprimanded the Yin Tianzi.

"You have damaged so many of my hands! With four open heavens, the foundation of my Nine Evil Sword Hall has been destroyed by half!"

Yin Tianzi was slightly displeased, "What are you in a hurry, they die not in vain, they are all valuable."

"I set out a very interesting piece of information."

The corner of Yin Tianzi's mouth rose slightly.

On that day, none of the people who forced him to use the time and space **** water is a general generation!

It is impossible for the odd domain to appear so many peerless powerhouses at once!

Not to mention the eight-ranked giant engine, even for those nine-ranked giants who are not born, it is impossible to send so many powerful men in a short time!

"So many wounded and powerful people will inevitably not appear out of thin air. Let's take a closer look to see what has happened in all areas of the Holy World."

When Yin Tianzi is calculating--

"Oh, are you a Yin Tianzi. Very good, have the style of this king."

A light laughter sounded, and the two figures slowly entered the hall.

One person, pale and weak young man.

One person, standing tall, wearing a green ghost mask, could not see the true face.


Yin Tianzi was surprised, "The famous King Haotian actually found it here."

The headquarters of the Nine Evil Sword Palace is very secretive, and it can hide the sky and the sea, but not necessarily a holy king.

"Are you interested in cooperation?"

The boy possessed by Haotian Shengwang smiled.

The surface of the sword master of the Nine Evil Sword Palace was unsurprised, and his heart tightened suddenly!

The holy king, even if he is half a foot into the ghost gate, can't match the extraordinary open sky realm!

What does he want to come here?

"Cooperation is only based on the premise that both parties are equal, and talk about your goals and chips."

Yin Tianzi's aura is full, facing the Holy King is not humble and calm, calm and calm.

"He is my bargaining chip."

Haotian Shengwang pointed to the people around him. When Yin Tianzi was in doubt, the other party released a breath, and his face changed slightly.

"Demon Venerable?"

Did a demon lord mix in here? They did not know!

"This is a deity specially sent by the Devil to cooperate with Ben Wang. He is good at disguising. On this trip, Ben Wang wants to talk to you about Lin Chen."

Yin Tianzi was surprised: "Oh? You Haotian Saint King also stared at him?"

Haotian Shengwan passed a strong murderous intention between his eyebrows: "This son is bad for me, and forced me to come out of the mountain with half-body. Without killing this son, it is hard to let out the hate of my heart!"

"You collect the last three Dragon Balls for me, the creature dragon, and wait for my Eucharist to recover. Let's work together to deal with Lin Chen. How do I take this thing that the kid stole from me? You share his secret, the devil. How important is the clan?"

Nine Evil Sword Master and Yin Tianzi glanced at each other.

"Okay! It's a word!"

Multi-party joint!

The main hall of Bingxin Palace.

Lin Chen looked like he was lying down, with his face hollowed out.

Yun Manqing and Jian Qingcheng's second daughter wiped his face for him, Jiao Qing was distressed.

"Shit, so tired, I have never tried such a high-strength alchemy."

Lin Chen rubbed his temples, his eyes narrowed.

The situation is not good, the servants' injuries are beyond his expectations!

There were a total of 62 servants who followed Lin Chen.

The strongest seventeen are from the nineteenth floor of the holy prison.

The strongest of the eighteenth floor is forty-one people, and the last four brothers of the seventeenth floor who survived.

The servants of the eighteenth and seventeenth floors recovered 50% of their injuries, and the cultivation ability and strength that they could all use were also 50%.

But all the people on the 19th floor recovered only 30% of their injuries, but less than 30% could be repaired.

Once the injury is too serious, it is necessary to share more repairs to suppress the injury, which will cause a continuous downward trend!

Lin Chen pondered, his eyes deep.

"Few, too little! Even half of the expectations were not reached. In this way, once a strong man who is stronger than the second-turn saint finds the door, the combat power that I can send against it is very little. "

The situation is more severe than imagined, and Lin Chen couldn't imagine that he owns more than one hundred kinds of gold Shengyuan coins produced by middle-class spirit plants. Two kinds of high-grade spirit plants can't even fill half of the gap!

This time, the cost of gold holy yuan alone exceeded 15 trillion gold holy yuan!

This is not counting Lin Chen's harvest of the six super monsters, the family of four open heaven realm swordsmen, and the resources brought by the passing of life!

After so many resources have been accumulated, the servants have not been cured, and even the whole has not reached half!

"The family is almost exhausted. If this is the case, I will have to relocate the Bingxin Palace... I'm afraid that Yin Tianzi has already started investigating me. I can't be exposed like this without strong enough combat power..."

When Lin Chen was distressed, the cherry blossoms fell into the hall, and a piece of Hongxia entered the hall.

It's a scarlet fairy.

"Lord, you seem very distressed."

Crimson Fairy teased Lin Chen, he sighed; "Yeah, worry why he has nothing but handsome."

"You still have me."

The scarlet fairy's eyes waved and his smile was like a flower.

Lin Chen was stunned.

This sentence


Lin Chen thought of this, and said in surprise: "By crimson, you are lucky..."

Crimson Fairy's green onion jade finger pressed against his lips, stuffed into his arms, smiled softly.

"Well, I already knew you would need it. My sister Bai Qianqian and I specially prepared it for you."

Lin Chen Dingqing looked at it, it was actually a top-grade air transport capsule!

Lin Chen's spiritual consciousness was completely shocked when he sneaked into this air-transplantation capsule!

"A lot, so big, so white, so long! Hiss, so hard!"

Lin Chen took a breath!