My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1492

Vol 5 Chapter 1492: World War

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Inside the air-transplantation sac, the space is vast, and Baoguang Shengxia is scattered around the sky, and some are like ice, like volcanoes, like hurricanes, like galaxies, with different attributes, and dazzling, straightening people's eyes!

These countless massive eight-tier medicinal herbs, like no money, are piled up in the mountains and the wild, according to one side!

So many, so special!

Lin Chen has never seen so many eighth-order medicinal herbs in his life!

The most important thing is that all of them are more than seven ranks of celestial celestial treasures, all good things!

"It's terrible. If the previous Danyu Presbyterian Club's inventory was to pick up treasure, then I'm picking up Baoshan now!"

Comparing the inventory of the Danyu Presbyterian Church with the scarlet fairy's luck sac, it is that the little witch sees the big witch, it is not enough to look at!

"This... where did you come from!"

Lin Chen said in horror.

These things are much more than the medicinal materials brought together by Lin Chen and Lei Xiaotian!

The crimson fairy smiled slyly: "Of course I got it from me."

Lin Chen stunned and said with a bad smile.

"Okay, you dare to tease this handsome man! Come here, let me see if you have any more, and see where you hide it!"

"Huh? This is so big, is it hidden here!"

Playing with the Scarlet Fairy for a while caused her flowers to tremble, avoiding Lin Chen's magic hand for a while, and smiled when she left the hall.

"Lin Chen, don't let me down on you."

Lin Chen could not help but sigh as she looked at the direction she left.

"This woman is really mysterious. She is Qiyun Lingzhi, but as far as I know, it is impossible for a top-grade Qiyun Lingzhi to become an adult form, and in the legendary Jingpin Lingzhi, the news of the entire Holy Realm is very rare. Qing and Jiu Pin Ju Mac can control..."

Although the Crimson Fairy orally worshipped him as the mainstay, the actual relationship between the two sides was still in an equal relationship. Lin Chen did not cross the border. The current help of Crimson is purely an accident.

Lin Chen's figure flickered, stepped through the empty space, and returned to the Bingxin plane.

When he handed the Qiyun capsule to Lei Xiaotian and You Xiangsheng, the two were shocked!

These handwritings, even when traveling to the heyday of life, may not be able to say that they can be taken out!

"Good guy, in this way, even if you discard the probability of failure, you can refine thirty eight-grade Saint Pills!"

Lei Xiaotian said excitedly.

Lin Chen nodded and said with a smile: "Yes, with this batch of medicinal materials, it should allow everyone to heal to about 60% of the injuries!"

"Do not."

At this time, You Xiangsheng suddenly said: "Princess, I have an idea. Instead of letting everyone recover more than half, it is better to concentrate resources and give priority to recovering individual ones!"

Wake up to Lin Chen in the words of Yu Xiangsheng!

"You mean, the main refining medicine resources are first concentrated on individual people, and the state is adjusted so that we have the top fighting power to sit here?"

Lin Chen clapped!

Yes, you have to do this!

But who should I choose?

According to the current situation, a maximum of six people can be selected.

Lin Chen looked around and looked at the servants who were still practicing.

Just them!

The passage of time, the endless and boring time of refining medicine flies.

After another half a year, Lin Chen spent more than a year in refining medicine in the Bingxin plane!

"My strength is back."

"Well, it tasted like that."

In the void, the breath of the six people leaked a little, and the plane shook and wobbled!

"You have recovered more than 70% of the injuries. Except for some more serious wounds that have not healed and need to be repaired to suppress the injury, others are no longer a problem."

Lin Chen stepped into the air, and the five men kneeled on one knee!

"Have seen the hero!"

These six people are Jiang Taixu, an operator who predicts the danger.

The space has the highest attainments and can be moved in a wide range.

Skyrim, one of the twins of destruction who is good at assassinating the enemy!

Responsible for all the life-saving Dan Shengyou in the refining field!

And Fang Ling and Lang Fanyun who are preventing battle!

A total of six people, the injury was healed by more than 70%, and the holy cave was filled with holy force and restored as before!

Today, they can already play their 70% strength!

With the exception of Fei Wushuang and You Zhisheng, all people have the fighting power comparable to the Seven-turned Saint.

It's a short distance from the heyday!

Moreover, other servants recovered very well.

The servants on the 19th floor all escaped from the serious injury dangerous period, and the injury recovered over 40%.

The servants above the 18th floor have all recovered more than 60%!

"I don't know, how about the combat power you are joining together now."

At this time, Lin Chen asked with great interest.

Fang Ling and Lang Fanyun have an arrogant clenched fist.

"Nine turn saints can't come out, no one can threaten the hero's hair!"


Really strong!

Lin Chen was very satisfied. The nine-turned saint is second only to the holy king. The entire thirty-six domain is not much. It is impossible to say it!

"Lao Tzu didn't waste time this year."

Lin Chen couldn't help but sigh!

Fei Wushuang's immortal pose was elegant and she smiled.

"As long as I don't provoke the Nine Rank forces, I can wait for the hero to walk sideways in the Eight Rank Giant."

Lin Chen's lips rose, mad.

"I just want to provoke Jiupin forces, how are you afraid?"

Everyone looked at each other and smiled unexpectedly.

"It is the protagonist who re-grants us everything, not to say Jiu Ping. In this world, the protagonist said, I have already prepared for the battle to die!"

"Follow the protagonist, even if I challenge the Holy King and challenge the true God, I will wait forever!"

Lei Xiaotian looked at this scene with shock.

He seems to have witnessed a new baby dragon. Longwei has formed, and his strength is growing at an unprecedented speed!

There are advantages and disadvantages of the eight grades.

But under the world, any single eight-grade sect, do not want to shake him Lin Chen again!

Lin Chen was very satisfied with this answer.

Lin Chen looked at a piece of void and smiled suddenly.

"Shenyan Palace, this is the time, it's time to go to Shenyan Palace to recapture Sister Ruoyan!"


Extremely distant Saint King territory.

The crimson sun hangs on the horizon, burning a blaze of fire, not dying like a phoenix, like a thousand rounds of red sun burning.

On the bluestone table, there is a long chessboard.

The handsome young man sits in front of the exquisite chessboard, wins the snow in white clothes, and is astonishingly graceful.

He held black chess and dropped chess. Thinking, very leisurely.

Every piece of chess actually disillusioned a saint's face. Whenever black chess pushed away white chess, a saint's annihilation disappeared!

This person is deducing his own way! !

He uses the saint as the flag and the world as the chessboard.

He took Dadao as the test rule and Gongfa as the criterion. Seems to catch a line of change!

An elder in the purple clothing who appeared in heaven appeared out of thin air, kneeling on one knee, and said respectfully.

"On Wu Pian's esteem, all the VIPs previously invited agreed, including the ten adults, who will all attend the Shenyang Palace reform ceremony afterwards!"

The young man stood up and smiled slightly, as if heaven and earth were eclipsed in front of him.

"Oh, it's time to finish this last step. I have a hunch that there will be a big change in the Holy Realm, and this variable comes from the Saints List."

This person is a descendant of the **** of martial arts who is famous in the world. !

In addition to the top 10, the other 990 people in the Saints List have only places and no ranking!

In addition to the ten most special persons in the list of geniuses, other geniuses must be ranked, and life and death will be determined! !

The battle of the world is coming!