My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1493

Vol 5 Chapter 1493: Who Smashed Laozi's Desk

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Bingxin Palace.

For the next seven days, Lin Chen was recuperating and resting, throwing everything to six people.

In the future, there will be medicines delivered, leaving only three avatars and swimming to sit here and refine the medicine, and continue to restore more servants.

There are six people sitting in town with comprehensive means, and Lin Chen does not have to worry about the intrusion of a strong man.

Lin Chen sat in the plane of cultivation and consciousness entered the system.

"It's time to unblock, the fifth piece of the God of War suit is a scroll and the content of the fourth chapter of Taiyi Futianjue."

Lin Chen opened the [God of War Set] of the system.

[The map of the God of War suit ultimate armor, required: 1 billion points of essence of the suit, 200,000 points of advanced heaven and earth value, one each of the ninth-grade congenital five-element element, one inch of the heavenly gold **** iron, and one hundred high-grade gold-type alien crystals

Lin Chen looked at this dense request, scalp numb!

Ultimate armor is worthy of being the most difficult one.

Only these hundred high-grade gold crystals are enough to make Lin Chen's scalp numb!

Top grade crystals are rare, and it is even more difficult to look at specific gold attributes.

"I'm afraid it's a search for the entire Qiyu, and it's hard to put together this hundred high-grade gold crystals! His uncle's is worthy of being the most critical part of the God of War suit. What is this innate five elements element? , I didnt even hear it..."

Right now I am recovering from the wounds of my servants, and the money is not enough. Where can I get these precious treasures?

Lin Chen gave up temporarily, focusing on the fourth chapter of "Tai Yi Fu Tian Ju".

[The system consumes 1800 points of top-level exercises and spirits, and begins to integrate the fourth chapter of Tai Yi Fu Tian.

Bang ~!

Massive cultivation memory poured into my mind, Lin Chen's spiritual consciousness echoed a voice.

"The meaning of Taixi was born to seek the beginning of Genesis. It fell into the worlds of the heavens and was eventually exiled in the worlds. Only the spirits of later generations degenerated into the divine spirit and broke into the divine form..."

A memory and will that did not belong to Lin Chen broke into his consciousness!

In the initial first holy cave at the heart position of Lin Chen, the space of Taiyi continues to expand and undergoes a mysterious change.

After a long time, when Lin Chen opened his eyes, there was shock and doubt in his eyes.

The system's Ling [Kong Fa column] has shown that Tai Yi Fu Tian Jue's cultivation process has reached: 80%.

Lin Chen looked back at his "Tai Yi Space Time" again, and it didn't seem to change much,

"Taiyi space-time has expanded. The previous cave has expanded by 31513 times. The enlarged holy cave has expanded and increased the virtual holy cave in Taiyi space-time, occupying nearly one-tenth of the space of Taiyi space-time. None of them counts."

The fourth part of the mind-fragment cultivation, has not directly brought Lin Chen up, but raised his upper limit!

If Lin Chen didn't get the fourth fragment of mentality, then "Taiyi Space-Time" might only be able to persist until Lin Chen cultivated into the condensed environment, or the realm of life and death, and he would stand still.

Of course, this'stagnation' means that the growth brought to Lin Chen by this mentality will stay at a certain stage, not that Lin Chen's cultivation can't continue to improve.

After "Taiyi Space-Time" was filled with virtual holy caves, Lin Chen went down to practice again, and the cultivation practice will only stay on the surface, and no new virtual holy cave will bless the Holy Power in Taiyi Space-time.

If Lin Chen blooms 60 holy caves, reaching the limit of Taiyi space-time, then Linchen continues to bloom the 61st holy cave, leaving the 60 holy caves in front with the virtual holy cave blessing of Taiyi space-time.

Lin Chen wanted to improve the "upper limit" of cultivation practice, and could only continue to look for the remaining mental volume in the next article.

But at present, it seems that the four broken volumes are enough for Lin Chen to practice for a long time!

"According to the memory just now, the content of this fourth volume is Meta-shenhua Tai!"

Lin Chen's eyes are brilliant!

In the spiritual realm, the limit that the saint can reach is to transcend into saintly perfection.

The spiritual state above the extraordinary saint is called: Yuanshen Realm!

Spiritualized spirit, thinking of birth and death of hundreds of millions of souls!

"Yuanshen can transform Taiyi time and space, that is to say, "Taiyi Futian Jue" can also be blessed in the spiritual realm! If so, my spiritual realm is twice as high as that of the same level!"

Lin Chen rubbed his chin, the corners of his mouth rising more and more.

This "Tian Yi Fu Tian Jue" has the mysterious corner opened by Lin Chen again!

Taiyi Space-Time can create virtual holy caves and virtual primitive gods!

In other words, once Lin Chen's spiritual realm breaks through Yuan Shen Realm, Yuan Shen Realm will double directly!

In addition to his [Extreme Possession] talent, it is increased by four times!

This is sour, and it is of the order of 30,000 times to expand the hole to 150,000 times!

"Damn, I'm happy early. All this has to be built on the premise that I can spiritually break the Yuanshen Realm. As far as I know, I don't have the spirit to break through the Yuanshen Realm by my side. "

Lin Chen shook his head and smiled, withdrew from the system, and got up to get out.

The main hall of Bingxin Palace, at this time, everyone gathered.

Class 66, Crimson Fairy, Han Ziyun, Han Yizhi, Jian Qingcheng, Little Demon Queen, Yan Qianyun, Leng Yueqi, Ning Qingxuan, Yun Manqing and others are all here!

"You guys, it's time to go back."

Lin Chen and everyone looked at each other with a smile, all eyes were full of nostalgia and fiery.

Finally going back!

The time rule of the Holy Realm is very different from that of the mortal world. One year of the Holy World is approximately equal to one month of the mortal world.

The years they spent in the Holy Realm are actually like a few months to the real world.

"Princess, do you need to arrange manned escorts."

At this time, Fang Ling's fistful of fists, the Holy Realm traveling through the world, will encounter a large number of unknown crises.

Lin Chen smiled.

"No, you can rest assured that you will recover here, and if there is any situation, evacuate immediately."

Lin Chen handed over most of the Qi Yun Ling Zhi to You Xiangsheng. With his current Qi Yun Ling Zhi, just a day's worth of resources can make many Holy Pills.

Therefore, what Lin Chen actually lacks most is time.

Lin Chen has the talent of overtime space. Once there is any situation, he can take everyone around him into the safest overtime space.

"Go! Go back to Kyushu mainland!"

Lin Chen waved his hand and the space channel appeared!

Everyone stepped up in the air, Fang Ling and others stared at Lin Chen away, and finally disappeared.

Under the universe, a stream of light shuttled away from the Holy Realm.

Everyone witnessed the process of slowly leaving the Holy Realm and couldn't help but wonder how long it had been since they left Kyushu, but they were nothing.

Now, with their cultivation as a way to return to the human world, no human race can ever be their enemy!

Tiange Academy, Kyushu mainland.

Today, Tiange General College is thriving and has become the highest school in Kyushu, surpassing its previous prosperity.

"In that year, the only Orange Order student in our Tiange Academy, Senior Lin Chen, killed eight ancient aristocrats with his own strength, and he went to China alone, challenged the false **** aristocrats, and robbed Ning Qianjin of the Ning family. Come back, that scene, it was so dark and dark..."

The main palace hall, today the old students take a tour of the new students.

A student wearing a blue medal told the freshmen the story of Lin Chen.

The Tianjiao freshmen of each road listened very fascinatingly, and their eyes shone with admiring little stars.

"Ah, I don't know when I can meet this legendary senior. It is said that he is the first handsome in Kyushu."

A female student with a beautiful face is full of admiration and worship, her jade hands closed tightly on her chest.

The old Lan Xun class laughed.

"I want to know how handsome Lin Chens senior is. Ill do it if I dont. The senior has been rated as a man with one-tenth the value of Lin Chens senior."

"Really? I don't look like a lad! You are a thousand miles away from the handsome Lin Chen."

A playful light laughter sounded.

Lan Xun's old student jumped on his feet and said angrily.

"Which freshman dare to smash Lao Tzu's stage! Damn, so don't give a face!"