My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1494

Vol 5 Chapter 1494: Some Are Too Strong.

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"Which freshman dare to smash Laozi's stage!"

In the hall, Lan Xun's old students couldn't help but anger and looked around the crowd.

"I smashed it, how to say."

At this time, an extraordinary group of people came out of the crowd.

Lan Xun's old student froze in place!

The freshmen present were even more shocked!

This group of people, there are men and women, the men's handsome and chic, transcendental temperament, like a saint.

The females are even more beautiful and charming, each with a unique look, which is dazzling and dazzling! !

When he saw the young man in silver robe with a smile on his head, old Lan Xun was shocked and terrified, and lost his voice.

"Lin... Senior Lin Chen?"

At this moment, the audience was silent!

Senior Lin Chen?

Could it be that Lin Chen who defeated the pseudo-god and handed over the era of history to all sentient beings in Kyushu?

Lin Chen patted Lan Xun's shoulders, rubbing his chin, and laughed.

"Well, although you are very handsome, it is still a bit worse than one-tenth of mine. Why, you were very opinionated just now?"

Lan Xun's old students reacted immediately, sweating and dazzling with joy and fist.

"No, no, how dare I compare with the seniors, just for a while, and hope that the seniors will grow up..."

"Ha ha ha." Lin Chen said with a smile: "I am like such a stingy person, I returned this time to hide the breath, did not disturb the retired dean, to avoid the recurrence of old injuries when he was disturbed, you go for me Summon the elders, I want to see the vice president."

After that, Lin Chen gave him his orange medal.

Lan Xun's old student hurriedly agreed, showing his body with excitement and turning into a smoke.

You freshmen are dumbfounded!


It is really the deity of senior Lin Chen!

Today in Kyushu, he is an eternal legend!

Countless young Tianjiao joined Tiange Academy because of admiration for his legend!

There was no complicated noise, all the freshmen looked at Lin Chen excitedly and quietly, and some even stunned.

Because of this group of students and sisters, their temperament is too transcendent, and they are not ordinary ordinary creatures at all!

Compared to the freshmen who have not seen the saint, everything seems so far away!

Obviously in front of him, he can feel from the bottom of his heart that both sides are people of two worlds.

"Why don't you speak, don't you like to listen to stories, some stories ask if the deity is the best."

Lin Chen chuckled at all the freshmen, without a shelf.

Bang ~!

"It's true, wow! It's true, Senior Lin Chen!"

"Ah, I'm dead!"

"Go get Dihua Tianxiu Hand Sanitizer!"

"Quick, go get some oranges for Senior Lin Chen!"

"Senior, senior, bang bang, I want to ask the senior, I heard that when you went to save Ning Jiaqian, was she beautiful, what could she do?"

Lin Chen coughed seriously and replied solemnly.

"I am blind, sometimes I don't even know who is not beautiful. I didn't go to save her because she was beautiful, because I didn't know she was beautiful."

Wow~! The new students in the hall were screaming with uproar and carnival!

Fairy Ning Fairy on the side couldn't help but rolled her eyes.

The demon queen and Yue Linlin covered their mouths and laughed madly.

Bai Junhao and Ying Liang and others already laughed so fast that they couldn't afford it.

Lengyue Qifu Amount...

Immediately, there was a new excited student.

"Then that, senior, you have such a life-threatening life experience. When the senior got rid of the eight ancient families, didn't you think it was a trivial thing."

Lin Chen was very humbly and shy.

"It can't be said that it's a small meaning, it seems too crazy, medium meaning."

After that, there was another scream and carnival in the hall!

"I have always had a question and want to solve it with senior Lin Chen in person!"

Another fanatic freshman raised his hand.

"At that time, the seniors led the 66 classes of the branch to perform the most difficult tasks, infiltrated the Tiandou dynasty, and robbed his new concubine when the new king ascended the throne. Why is there a show in the sky?"

"Probably because Lin Chen ate a mysterious face fruit. When I shot, God would also give me a face."

"Don't the seniors have any special ideas when fighting the children of hypocrisy?"

"I don't have any special ideas. I just look down on life and death and do it if I don't accept it. There is no **** in the world, all beings have no faith."

"Lost leader, what do the seniors think of the future fate of our people in Kyushu!"

"Unbelief is the life of the people of Kyushu."


"Senior, you have changed the history of Kyushu in a short period of time and created the era of Kyushu's godlessness. What are your most important experiences for so many years."

What is the answer of Senior Chen Chen to such a question that is so rich in depth?

Lin Chen smiled, um, this question is very good.

"Listen, I only say it once."

Lin Chen coughed, his face was very serious, and he looked up at the sky, his eyes deep.

The people were awe-inspiring, and even everyone in Class 66 couldn't help but stare at Lin Chen curiously and seriously.

Does the squad leader really want to tell his thoughts here?

After a long time, Lin Chen spoke slowly.

"My experience is; he looks handsome and has good luck."

Everyone: "..."

They were speechless!

Everyone in Class 66: "... well, it seems there is nothing wrong with it."

"Hahaha, Lin Chen, your kid is the same as before, as soon as you come back, it will be a riot!"

"Unexpectedly, I met again."

The people who entered the hall were all the senior leaders of the college, as well as the vice president, Shen Lianyun!

"Your current practice should be different now."

Shen Lianyun smiled gently, "How can you still be so polite, let the students come over, and it will not be good if you direct your mental voice."

Lin Chen scratched his head and said with a smile: "It's not polite, it's really not what it used to be. It may be a little insufficient to put it in the Holy Realm, but for Kyushu, the burden is too great, and some are too strong..."

The elders were stunned!

Too strong?

This kid, how much stronger has this time...

Why didn't Lin Chen use spiritual transmission, because his cultivation and pure power sealed most of it.

With Lin Chens current strength, if she is really capable, she is pure power, one finger can penetrate the Lingzhou mainland plate, and one palm can knock down the entire Kyushu!

The same is true for spiritual fluctuations. To avoid accidents, Lin Chen temporarily sealed most of his cultivation practices.

Hearing Lin Chen's explanation, the elders of Tiange glanced at each other, full of shock!

How long has this kid left before he has become so strong?

"Deputy Dean, this is the healing and Saint Pill that the Dean needs to use!"

Lin Chen handed a ring, with a sincere and sincere look.

Shen Lianyun's body shivered, and her eyes flashed with tears.

On this day, she finally waited.

In order to keep my lover at Tiange Academy for so many years, in order to fulfill his long-cherished wish and accompany him through the last moments, I thought that these five hundred years may be the last period of myself and him.

However, I did not choose the wrong person!

This boy not only completed the most important mission in his life for him, but also did better than anyone expected!