My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1495

Vol 5 Chapter 1495: Sneaking In

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Daughters such as Yue Linlin and Liu Lin's pursed their lips and wiped the tears from their cheeks.

The deputy dean is in charge of the dean's affairs for the dean. No one knows. She always bears all this lightly for him.

There is a woman under the sky, who doesn't move.

Shen Lianyun's hands wiped tears from the corners of his eyes, his hands took Lin Chen's ring, and he smiled.

"Thank you, little are the best student since Tiange Academy was founded."

Lin Chen laughed.

"This is the best, let's change it to the most handsome. My person likes to be low-key. What's better is just a little."

Shen Lianyun was amused by him and smiled, "What's the plan next?"

Talking about this, Lin Chen's expression became serious.

"I want to enter the Nine Demon Eyes and ask the dean to evacuate everyone."

All senior elders were surprised!

Nine magic eyes of the mainland of Kyushu, rumors, that will be the devil's nest!

Who dares to go into that kind of ghost place!

Throughout the ages, even though it was the most prosperous'hundred times' in mainland Kyushu, no sage dare to enter!

It is not an exaggeration to call it the most dangerous forbidden land!

"Lin Chen, will it be too reckless!"

"Yeah, even if you are alone in Kyushu, and there is no match in the world, that is the Devil's nest!"

"Do not think about it anymore."

The elders advised Lin Chen to smile confidently.

"The elders are assured that under this world, except a few of the saints, no one can retain my Lin Chen, even if the devil is the same, I naturally act with confidence in this trip."

In Lin Chen's words, she showed absolute confidence!

Under the open sky, he can stop Lin Chen, perhaps only the top 1000 of the current Holy World demon list!

Above the open sky, even if you are invincible, if there is a holy dragon, if you want to retreat, it is not difficult.

"Okay, this little guy is not what he used to be. He has his own consideration in doing things."

Shen Lianyun glanced around the circle, and all the senior elders had nothing to do.

The elders began to evacuate the trainees, and class 66, unable to help Lin Chen in the matter of the nine evil eyes, let Lin Chen persuade him to return home.

In the palace, only Lin Chen and others were left.

"What are you going to do?"

After the little demon flicked the blue silk, her beautiful eyes stared at Lin Chen.

She and Jian Qingcheng were purely curious about Lin Chen's past and went down with him.

"What can I do, just do it alone!"

Lin Chen laughed casually, one step, the space fight, Lin Chen and the second daughter had appeared to the demon under the dungeon directly under the Tiange Academy.

The magical energy rises, like a cold bone-breaking hell, with dark red swirling holes rotating under the ground, permeating a hair-pricking sense.

It seems that as long as you stand in front of this magic eye, the flow of blood has to stop.

"A strong and powerful devil can there be such a strong devil qi in the realm of earth."

Jian Qingcheng's face suddenly dignified.

There are also sword domains in the Devil's Lair, but for the first time she has seen that the human world can contain such a powerful devil qi!

Well, this successive Demon Land in the Demon is more terrifying than many Demon Areas in the Sword Domain!

"Hey, there are many secrets in the mainland of Kyushu. There are countless continents in the world, and the nine eternal flames only exist on the mainland of Kyushu. The nine magic eyes are also connected to the entire Kyushu. It seems that the secrets inside are at least 100 million. what."

Lin Chen smiled, and then looked at the second daughter.

"The academy will leave it to you to guard, peace, let's go!"

"Oh yeah!"

Lin Chen pulled Lin Pingping, who jumped into the magic eyes!

Jian Qingcheng supports the amount, can this guy think twice before doing things...

The little demon covered her mouth and chuckled, and patted the sword's slender shoulder, and smiled meaningfully.

"Sister, just get used to it."

Jian Qingcheng: "...Why are you so skilled."


As soon as Lin Chen entered the magic eyes, he fell into the body as if he had fallen into endless hell, and the stagnation of time and space like magical energy.

If it was that year, Lin Chen's body of the war emperor would be completely torn by the devil qi!

But now, he just feels as comfortable as a massage.

"The new way of pretending to start has begun, and the demons will also be covered with the legend of the handsome!"

Lin Chen grinned, the magic seal in the palm was full of magnificent purple brilliance, and the magical energy enveloped Lin Chen instantly!

He and Lin Ping'an slowly began to metamorphose, giving birth to magic feathers and horns, and turned into two big devil kings!

With the reincarnation of the demon king, Lin Chen became more and more proficient, and even made Lin Ping's disguise as a demon king!


Space shuttle, when Lin Chen landed, he reached a piece full of **** smell, the world is like blood stained, a bright red!

"This is the world under the eyes of the Nine Demons? The hardness of the space crystal wall is even harder than the Holy World!"

Lin Chen was a little surprised that there was such a powerful space under the mainland of Kyushu!


Lin Ping'an jumped on Lin Chen's shoulder, looking like a holy demon, with a little demon sitting on his shoulder.

"Start, go exploring!"

Lin Pingan smiled and pointed forward.

Lin Chen felt helpless to this nizi and flew into the air.

When Lin Chen began to enter this area, he saw several giants in a short while!

It was actually a castle built by demons!

However, it looks more like a lair, the appearance of the walls of the city is full of scales and feathers, the giant door is like a gigantic claw, the sky is overturned, and the end is not seen at a glance, like a panlong-like troll, lying between the world!

Trolls flew by from time to time, and the atmosphere was fierce and fierce!

Some are like flying dragons, demons with awesome shores and growing wings, which are somewhat similar to the appearance of Lin Chen's holy dragon when holding the blood of Yinglong.

Some resemble a unicorn, tens of feet high, with vigorous blood and blood, like a thick burning flame of blood!

Some are like Xuanwu, or like a phoenix, or like a giant elephant or poor, all of them look like some old and fierce beasts!

Looking at the troll that flew into the sky, Lin Chen moaned his chin, almost forced.

"No! This is completely different from the Demon Races I have seen!"

The demons that Lin Chen has seen from the sky tower are as stiff as a human figure puppet, only pure qi!

The demons who have seen on the battlefields of the Holy Realm and the Nine Races are extremely exquisite in appearance, like human beings, cold and horrible, like exquisite and gorgeous deadly viper!

And the demons here are shaped like ancient beasts with arrogant blood and arrogant blood, each of which is extremely domineering and powerful!

"Does it mean that the demons here are of different races?"

Lin Chen rubs his chin, and there is information about the demon clan. The Holy Realm is very rare, because usually the devil's lair often gathers a large number of holy devil kings, which will move the whole body.

Secondly, it is even less likely that the information of the demons mastered by the top level will be disclosed to the world.

After all, the truth is that the fewer people know, the better.

It is not that there is a unified enemy, and complex humanity will be united.

"Hey, since it's here, I still have to find out the details of the enemy! The coach doesn't have any hobbies, he just likes to touch, don't care about anything, first touch the bottom before talking!"

Lin Chen and Lin Ping entered the Gaocheng city wall together.