My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1496

Vol 5 Chapter 1496: Wild Demon Cave The Four Demon Races

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Inside Troll City.

Lin Ping's wrinkled Qiong nose, intoxicated pretty face.

"There are a lot of disasters here. I seem to be able to control more power and exert more strength here!"

Xiao Nizi excitedly made Lin Chen's eyes shine.

The devil here is born to represent a nightmare, a strong killing breath, and a violent air, and it is naturally attracted to the disaster!

This devil's plane has the opportunity to exert a higher level of strength on Lin Ping's magical physique!

I am afraid that the Demon Clan dreamed that there would be a painful disaster entering their Demon Clan!

"Don't act rashly, don't absorb it first, and don't wait until you get caught."

Lin Chen made a silent gesture, Lin Pingan could only endure Halazi.

At this time, inside the troll city.

It is very magical that the major demons set up stalls on the spot and continue to shout.

"Eight blood of the Eighth Grade Holy Dragon, ten million gold Saint Yuan coins!"

"Just ten million for this **** thing? You **** keep a heirloom, come out and set up a stall, Gan!"

"What is your old devil saying? Are you there? Itchy skin owes the hammer?"

"Come on, you two have to go out and do it, don't make trouble here, do you believe it will be called the city owner?"

"Annoying Lao Tzu, you'll be useless to call Dad later!"

The demons were extremely irritable. At this time, a flaming demon stall stopped in front of a blazing flames booth.

Sitting on his shoulder was a small and exquisite Saint Demon King.

"Oh? This size... are you a noble?"

Seeing the other party's breath is unfathomable, the body is small, the flame demon urn sighed, carefully said.

In the Devil's Cave, the larger the Devil Race may not be the stronger, but the smaller the size, the stronger it must be!

The bloodline of their family does not need to be free for other groups to control their body shape. The stronger the body's magic energy, the larger the body size will be.

Therefore, their family, the demon who can control the size, must be upper nobles or foreigners!

"Well, don't ask so much about some things. Not what you can know, how can you sell the blood of Yan Qilin."

The young and handsome Demon said indifferently, Yan Demon lowered his huge head and said with a smile.

"Eight or eight million gold holy yuan coins."


The other party threw a Najie ring, and then snatched a mass of red unicorn blood suspended in the void.

When he opened it, he couldn't help but sullenly said: "How... how come it's only seven million!"

"Huh?" Jun Lang's silver robe Mozu turned around, and Motong shrank, sneering: "It's only seven million. It's your pleasure to buy your stuff! Why? Looking for something?"

Bang ~! A horrible pure power came down to suppress it, as the sun and the moon sank, and instantly crushed the flame demon kneeling.

The huge flame demon attempted to turn over, igniting the waves of fire, but he couldn't move, and hurriedly said: "Don't, don't, respect your life!"

Only then did the other party suppress the pure power and sneered away.

"Dare to offend this seat next time and swallow you directly! Damn, I'm in a good mood today, don't want to see blood, get out!"

The Flame Demon even ran away with a crawl, but he didn't dare to put one more fart.

"Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh sosolikesoso with so much power, it is definitely a noble!

"I'm afraid that the city owner is not willing to offend a nobleman. This looks a bit unrecognizable. I don't know where it came from."

"The killing is decisive, and he is very overbearing. I feel a chill when I stay so far away..."

The demon cries roared that this disguised demon is naturally Lin Chen and Lin Ping'an!

"Sure enough, the demons have a distinct class, and the higher races can easily kill the lower demons."

Lin Chen was relieved, and wanted to stand up here, the quickest thing was to come up with the nobility and arrogance of the nobleman!

If not, dont talk in a low-key manner, and the only promises will be counterproductive, making the demons of all parties suspicious!

Lin Chen pretended to be a demon and wandered into the demon city. He walked out of the tiger's air, walked out of the world, and walked out of his six relatives.

When the demons saw him, they couldn't help but take a breath!

"He's good...he's so small."

"Daddy, look, is this a big brother?"

"Well, don't look at him as young, he can kill us all by hanging up, but this is a noble, stay away from him."

"He walks like a human race..."

"Don't you understand, the more you think about the devil of the human race, the more powerful you are."


"What are you sizzling."

"I don't know, it sounds very powerful anyway."

Demon races in dozens of circles, whether it is a devil, a low-level holy demon king, or even a mid-level holy demon king, can't help making way for Lin Chen.

"Huh? What are you looking at! Look at your dog's eyes!"

"I see you, have you never seen such a handsome nobleman?"

"Little Devil, do you want to play with your uncle tonight? Uncle invites you to eat awesome and crispy tonight."

Lin Pingping suddenly patted his head and smiled charmingly, "This is not good, what if she pulls it out, what is bigger than you?"

Lin Chen: "...Isn't this more exciting!"

Lin Ping'an: "Do you want everything the Devil takes? Are you still human?"

Lin Chen: "I am now the devil."

Lin Ping'an: "..."

Lin Chen walked in the magic city, it can be said that from the street to the end of the street, the whole street is thousands of miles, and everyone sprays the devil.

All you need is madness, drag, arrogance, and domineering!

Lin Chen's disguise, unless it is a demon emperor level consciousness scan, otherwise he can't see through his demon's disguise, and his arrogance will only be more in line with the status of'noble'!

"Who, who just looked around, just lifted his trousers, yes, it's you, come and tell Ben Wang, Ben Wang just got out of the customs, how is the situation recently?"

Lin Chen pointed at the two magic phoenixes, and the two lower-order holy demon kings frightened, flapping their wings and flying, with their heads down to Lin Chen.

"Yuan...Your lord, the Lord Ghost Shaman recently launched a war to challenge the eight-armed Demon Lord, and the Vietnam War between the two sides was in the North Club Demon Valley..."

Two magic phoenixes talked, refining the main points and content to inform Lin Chen of the latest situation report.

"Uh um, oh! It turned out to be the cub..."

Lin Chen pretended to be indifferent, and from time to time spit fragrantly and sprayed a few Demon Venerable.

In fact, the heart is already paying attention and letting the system start taking notes.

That's right, he will not quietly inquire about the situation of other Mozus. Once the suspicion of the Mozu is suspected, it will provoke doubts from other Mozus.

Once you don't find out that it is a'foreigner', he may be targeted by other powerful demons.

The status of the aliens here is very vague. Weak flesh and strong food. Lin Chen did not rush to kill, he first figured out the situation nearby.

Finally, Lin Chen Shun Teng touched me, from the mouth of the two Devil Phoenix knocked out the current trend of the entire Demon Race!

"The demons today are divided into four major ethnic groups. Each ethnic group has a demon emperor who is guarded, but the number of demon emperors is unknown."

"This place is called by these people as a demon cave, and it is one of the four major ethnic groups. Damn, such a horror, does it mean that the space planes of the nine devil eyes suppressed by the Kyushu mainland actually have Possibility of Demon Emperor?"

Lin Chendun felt scalp tingling!