My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1497

Vol 5 Chapter 1497: Engage In A Demon Upturn

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Devil Emperor is equivalent to the realm of human race gods and the existence of gods!

A devil emperor, afraid that a single idea can destroy the plane of the world, why is it suppressed here?

This is probably related to the powerful eternal flame. Shangguan Jue once said that no human race can control the eternal flame in history, and even the gods have not succeeded!

"And listening to the reports of these two demons, it is facing the area of the magic eyes of Kyushu, which is exactly the forbidden place of the devil's cave!"

"The other side of the Devil's Plane can be left, but it seems to be going to another space plane. It is not the realm that is connected."

Lin Chen breathed a sigh of relief. The only way for the demons of this demon demon cave to go to the mainland of Kyushu is to get up from the magic eyes of the'Forbidden Land'.

"As long as the magic eye is sealed with the nine-bracket nails, the mainland of Kyushu should be able to reluctantly make it difficult."

Lin Chen made up his mind and waved his hand impatiently.

"Get out of here."

"Thank you, sir!"

The two magic phoenixes even walked with Xie and walked away.

Lin Chen continued to wander casually, thinking about countermeasures while looking at the magic city.

"I don't know the demons that appeared in the holy prison, and which demons belong to the celestial devil emperor. Which kind of demons belong to want to know this secret, I'm afraid I have to find a peak holy demon king to know."

"If you do this, the risk is too high... or withdraw first and seal off the nine"

Suddenly, when Lin Chen strolled to the southwest of Troll City, a dazzling attribute light was suspended in the distance!

This light, nine colors, is actually the attribute value of the element class!

Lin Chen has never seen such a huge attribute value!

"Good guy, this is the direction of another magic city. That place seems to be called Ice Devil Hell..."

Lin Chen's eyes lit up, and Lin Ping mumbled his mouth: "Lin Chen, didn't you say that there was a lot of trouble, then you have to wait until this time."

"A big mess..."

Lin Chen fell into contemplation, and was instantly struck by thunder, and a bold idea came to mind!

"Yeah, we are here to make a big fuss, wait, let's get things done!"

Lin Chen unfolded the Nine Wings of the Heavenly Demon, flew into the sky, and the monstrous Demon's power rolled across the sky!

He skimmed straight towards the forbidden land and flew into the air!

As he approached the vortex of space presented by the Devil's Eye, he abruptly lifted the'Devil Reincarnation Dafa'.

Lin Chen and Lin Pingan returned the same way.

The magic eye's accommodation of magic qi is extremely limited, and it can even be called unpassable.

For Demon Races, this place is a forbidden area. For Human Races, there is no exclusion into the space vortex.

Tiange Academy, inside the giant gate.

Brush ~!

Seeing Lin Chen and Lin Ping'an appear, Jian Qingcheng and the little demon were relieved, and they were shocked.

However, at the next moment, the second daughter stared at her, Lin Chenshi exhibited three divine lights and came to the side, showing three figures exactly like him.

Then, Lin Chen's three phantom avatars pulled Lin Ping'an and jumped into the space channel again!

The three phantom avatars and Lin Ping'an entered the demon cave again!

"System, turn on Macros talent."

Brush ~! The turquoise light flashed from the top of the avatar, and the supernatural talent was displayed. The three avatars and Lin Ping'an disappeared.

In the space-time plane; this time, Lin Chen seconded the magic seal of the body and once again exhibited the Devil Reincarnation Dafa!

Sigh~! boom! boom! boom!

Over time, the magic energy agitated, continued to cover the phantom doppelganger, the purple light was gorgeous, and it was as gorgeous as the glow, which was integrated into every inch of flesh and blood in the doppelganger!

This time, Lin Chen can only use three phantom avatars, and the other three are still in the Holy Realm as refining medicine.

call out! The green brilliance flashed, and within the forbidden area of the Demon Demon Cave, four nobles "Sacred Demon King" appeared again!

It is the Holy Demon King disguised by Lin Ping'an and Lin Chen!

This time, he specially dispatched avatars and Lin Ping to sneak in!

"what are you doing?"

"Why did you go back? Are you a doppelganger or a body now!"

The little demon queen and Jian Qingcheng looked at Lin Chen in amazement.

Lin Chen laughed, "I am naturally the body, but it is the avatar that sneaks back."

The two girls looked at each other, and with their understanding of Lin Chen, he intended to do so.

"You want to make trouble?"

The two girls spoke in unison, Lin Chen smiled slightly coquettishly.

"Yes, I'm going to turn upside down all nine planes under the magic eye!"

After all, Lin Chen's palm turned over, and the red rosy red rose into the void, and a thick and long red spike appeared in the front of Lin Chen.

Nine brake nails!

This thing was created by the creator of the Holy Prison at the beginning of the creation of the Holy Prison, and it specifically restrains the Devil Race!

"Give me silence forever!"

Lin Chen slammed it down!

Nine brakes turned into a **** lightning, fiercely, inserted into it!

Sigh~! Bang~! !

The space shook, the whole Tiange Academy was hundreds of thousands of miles away, and the earth's veins shook violently several times.

Nine brakes are nailed into long red nails, which are inserted into dark red eyes.

All the magic energy began to subside quickly, and the last bit of magic energy was returned to the eyes of the demon cave.

Only the short nails with red stripes stayed here. All the magical energy disappeared!

A ray of morning light shone into the academy, Shen Lianyun standing on the top of the tower looked into the distance and smiled.

"Your students have already fulfilled your wishes for you."

Underground chamber.


"All the magic energy is retracted!"

Jian Qingcheng rejoicing.

"But, how does Nizi come back? This passage is closed."

The little demon looked back to Lin Chen.

He joked with a smile: "I naturally have a way, don't forget, I am a handsome man who has been to the holy prison."

Lin Chen can use the talent of "super-dimensional transmission" to send Lin Ping'an back to his body!

However, once the powerhouses above Na Xingjing block the space, the super-dimensional teleportation cannot be used.

Therefore, Lin Chen wants to launch the "super-dimensional transmission" must have a prerequisite, that is to bring the target to be transmitted into the space plane, and then use "super-dimensional transmission" to transfer back!

As long as his avatar can stay with Lin Ping'an at any time, she can always return to Lin Chen.

"Go, let's go to the remaining eight magic eyes of other Dazhou seals!"

Lin Chen smiled meaningfully.

"Good show, it's just beginning now!"

His goal, this trip is not going to be as simple as sealing the magic eye!

Since the following is one of the base camps of the major demons, how can he be worthy of the name of the "Dark Horse Club" because he did not engage in several waves behind them?

There are a lot of powerful demons, and in a certain way, there are many attribute values!

You can engage in as many cultivation resources as you can!

"Hey, demon elder brothers, the coach has been a little tight recently, so he has to kill you."

The corner of Lin's mouth rose wildly.

He decided to turn all the nine devil planes upside down! !