My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1498

Vol 5 Chapter 1498: Secret Small Burger

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There are fewer people and more people, and everyone dares to do it.

There seems to be nothing wrong?

Inside the Demon Cave.

"Huh? The breath over the forbidden land turned off!"

"Good guy, is there a new strongman in the human race? The space channel that can interfere with the forbidden land is at least the cultivation of the adults..."

"It seems that there are a lot of variables in the outside world. I don't know when the orders of Lord Devil will come down."

"It doesn't matter if it's closed. With the repression of the Eternal Flame, we can't go out easily. Several Master Tianmozun once said that even if the Devil Emperor himself shot it, it would have to pay a heavy price to break the repression of the Eternal Flame. ."

"Oh, before the counterattack, let's wait and see..."

More than a dozen spiritual consciousnesses swept away, and the magic power spread all around, making many Holy Devil Kings creeping silently!

"Yeah... The adults of the Peak Saint Demon over Beiju Valley..."

"It's a horrible magic power, this king is scared to pee..."

The holy demon kings were stunned.

After a long time, the will of the peak demon king disappeared, and the holy demon kings slowly exhaled, feeling terrified.

"I didn't think that the will of the Peak Saint Demon King was so terrifying. We thought that the Top Order Saint Demon King was similar to them. Now it seems that I think it is too naive."

"Go to the extraterritorial battlefield to fight. With your brother's lifeblood, it is not a big problem to become a high-level Saint Demon King. Try to get a seat in the three major demons!"

"In other words, why have so many demons come together recently, so-called what?"

"Dont you go and lose contact? Okay? You dont even know such a big thing. Xuanying Mozun came to Ice Demon Hell. Recently, a lot of Mozun sent a heart to give a gift to offer to try to slay Xuanying Mozun. ."

"Hiss! Mozun, what's the situation?"

"It is said that Xuanying Mozunba had some mysterious relationship, and even the major demonzun had to give him some face or even please him."

All the conversations and whispers of Saint Demon Kings fell into the ears of Lin Chen, who was hiding in the dark!

His [Perception Awakening] is very keen, and ordinary sound transmission can't avoid his downwind ear!

"Bring congratulations? It happens that I'm going to Bingmo Hell, hahaha, good fellow, I met someone in Lin, you're afraid you are pulling your pants!"

Lin Chen grinned and beckoned Xiao Nizi.

"Go, let's go to Ice Devil Hell!"


The wind is cold, the frost is as cold as a knife, and the bone-chilling cold is everywhere.

This place is the ice demon **** in the demon cave.

Different from the coldness of the outside world, the coldness here is permeable, invading the body and even the spiritual consciousness will be frozen!

The cultivation of the middle-level Saint Demon King can't even withstand the cold!

Ice Devil Hell, in the mountain gorge on the south side.

"I will wait for the generation of Gale Demon Venerable to bow down to Senior Xuanying Mozun."

"The juniors bring the gift of Ling Tian Mo Zun, I wish Xuan Ying Mo Zun break through the realm, as soon as possible to reach the realm of Tian Mo Zun!"

Inside the mountain gorge, there are heavy Devil guests from time to time outside the Alpine Palace!

Many demons who have entered this place can only enter after bending over and bending over with their palms against their heads. This is one of the demon etiquette's etiquettes. Since the mid-level holy demon king is on, you must learn the etiquette of the top demon tribe. It cannot be as vulgar as the low-order demon tribe. This is an unwritten rule in the demon tribe.

There are at least a dozen or so pinnacle saints on the field. There are a few pinnacle saints that have absorbed Zhou Tian's void, as if they are about to enter the next realm.

The demons in the palace are close to human form, which shows that the strength is not trivial. Most of them are human heads, and the human torso bears the head of the demons.

There are more than 300 high-level holy demon kings on the scene!

"Welcome everyone's congratulations, huh, your love, this deity remembers this time."

The man in the green robe sitting at the head of the hall is reaching out his magic hand and playing with two beautiful human slave girls.

Its eagle-faced eyes, the outline of the five senses are among the demons on the scene, the most like the demons of the human race!

Behind only, there are a pair of blue ink wings, magical sky, scarlet eyes, transmitting the supreme magic power!

Xuanying Mozun!

"This time I am here for the sake of telling you. The lords of Heavenly Demon Lord above are planning to choose a new title demon king and several title devil lords, and the selection target is in the three prison areas..."

Xuanying Mozun devastated a few slave women fiercely, lightly commented on the words, and made the holy demon kings ecstatic!

The titled Demon King is a confidant team directly under Tianmozun, that is to say, they have the opportunity to become the direct confidants of Lord Tianmozun!

What is the status of Lord Tianmozun? That is the strongest equivalent to the holy king of human race!

Devil Emperor does not come out, Heavenly Demon Lord dominates!

Can have the opportunity to become the direct confidant of Demon Venerable, they are ruined and worth their lives!

"Well, as for the conditions for exceptional promotion..."

Xuanying Mozun played with a smile, and all the peak Saint Demon Kings immediately understood.

"Master Demon Lord, what are the weaknesses of your body? Right, right, there is a lack of defensive treasure armor. I happen to have a good sixth-level defensive holy weapon of the human race. You should wear it to prevent cultivation. When the magic skills leaked."

"Lord Lord, you look at your dark circles, how do you exercise? Sometimes, after fatigue, you are always overworked. I happen to have Yin and Yang Bujing Dan seized from the human race, Qipin, When you take it, take a good rest."

"Your Excellency Mozun, find a copy of the ancient book "Time Management of Mozu" from a desolate ancient ruin below, which can help you control your time and travel across the world."

"I have a piece of Yangfeng Tingshi Pill, which can help you even the Royal Girl, and bid farewell to the protruding waist disc."

"Lord Lord Zun, I have a "Historical Collection of Wild Essence", which contains all the magic methods of the demon clan, there is the magic method of changing the fate of the sky, if you pick up the treasure, there must be the grandfather, and if you encounter the protagonist of the story, avoid it Death Dafa, etc."

The demon clan all presented more precious gifts, and the Xuanying Mozun pretended to be calm and waved.

"Well, put these things aside first, I'll see them later, come, and take a few bites. I haven't tasted the blood of these saints for a while, and my cook will put them up afterwards. Please drink a cup of saint blood."

Seeing how he ordered his servants to pile up the gifts aside, the peak Saint Demon Kings were stunned!

Could it be said that their gifts are not enough? Haven't you been able to get Mo Zun's favor?

It is worthy of the respect that has a relationship with Heavenly Demon Venerable, and it really has a broad horizon!

Xuanying Mozun is not without heart, he just intends to stabilize the situation.

The number of places that really choose the title devil and the title devil are very limited. With so many people present, he cannot always choose the right place now. How do they give gifts?

He just wanted to cut a batch of these leeks.

He needs all these things!

At this time, the Huiming Mozu outside the palace suddenly reported a congratulation!

"The mud horse Gobi deity from the magic capital of Guangshuai city in the stand-alone province, congratulations to Xuanying deity, and a small eight-year-old small burger."