My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1499

Vol 5 Chapter 1499: In The Next Martial Arts Nicknamed Diao Yiyi.

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The demons froze!

Mud Gobi Demon Lord? What title is this, they haven't heard of it! Is Luzi so wild?

What is the secret little burger?

"Old eight secret little burger?"

Xuan Ying Mo Zun froze.

Outside the hall, a high-level Saint Demon King walked in respectfully, holding a jade plate in his hand and covering it with a silver lid.

When the jade plate was opened, two layers of jade yellow sandwiched with a layer of black hamburgers appeared in front of the demons.

Suddenly a smell of odor was rising in the whole hall!

All Holy Demon Kings are shocked!

Send shit?

Who dares to send **** to the generation of deities!

boom! boom!

With a loud noise, the pure power of terror penetrated the head of the temple, and a white robe figure descended from the sky, standing alive in front of a group of demons, overlooking many saints.

The comer, Ji Yuxuan, is extremely elegant, and his face is as bright as jade. He has an extraordinary temperament like an immortal. He is as beautiful as a woman and smiles very faintly.

At this moment, all the saints took a breath!

However, before the mass demons had begun to shock, the air-sucked holy demon king began scolding his mother.

Fuck, sucked shit, the **** in the air smells so bad!

Why are the holy devil kings so shocked that they have never recovered, it is very simple, because this guy is a real human race!

This is ridiculous!

Where is the Demon Cave? One of the roots of the demons, the demons are like clouds, and the holy devil is like a feather!

Can a human race sneak into such a place? I am afraid that even the nine-turn saint, even the Holy King does not have the courage and strength!

To know that once the human race appears here, it must be swallowed up by hundreds of millions of demons!

"Under the Wu Wu Pian, nicknamed Diao Yi, titled Wu Genshuo."

"I'm not targeting one of the demons present, I want to say that the demon demons here are all rubbish."

The young man named Wu Pianjue finished with a smile, with a palm in his hand, he rolled a gray and white rung!

Bang ~!

The moment the gray grind blast burst, the demons thought paused for a moment!

It was at this moment that "Wu Pian Jue" condensed pure power, kicked the jade plate with a fierce kick, and kicked the secret little burger directly towards the other party's face!

"Oh shit, dog demons!"

Tear ~! Bang~!

The secret Xiangxiang fluttered the faces of the demons, and Xuanying Mozun was invited to dinner.

It was the moment when all demons stopped, a ghostly figure swept across the sky!

"Macro talent!"

The figure flashed like a flash of light, and when the palm was shot, all the gifts were taken into the green space light!

That's right, the person who has fallen to this point is not Lin Wuchen, but Lin Chen!

As for his appearance, it was the portrait of Wu Pianjing that Lin Chen asked Shang Guanchen to obtain, which was disguised as the portrait.

He will now sneak into the Devil's Cave as "Wu Pian Jue" and make the place upside down!

He grabs as many babies as there are here!

The benefits he took Lin Chen, the black pot made him martial.

Hey, how can this plot be so familiar, the arrangement is right!

When Lin Chen's phantom avatar touched the nine-color element-type light ball in the gift pile, the system's light screen flew!

[The host obtains the best-class element attribute light sphere and the top element attribute value: 90 million points in the fire system, 85 million points in the soil system, 88 million points in the wood system, 89 million points in the gold system, 125 million points in the water system, and 95 million points in the thunder system. , 90 million points in the wind system, 90 million points in the light system, and 95 million points in the dark system.

Skyrocket! Lin Chen's element class attribute value has suddenly doubled!

It happened so quickly, the whole process, after Xuan Ying Mo Zun shit, even one thousandth of his breath disappeared!

The main peaks of the Demon King are furious, and the other party is obviously directed at them!

Bang ~!

At this moment, the situation changed suddenly, and hundreds of high-level Saint Demon Kings were furious!

Xuanying Mozun even torn the shackles of the gray rune between his fingers, and the thunder was furious.

"No matter what the origin of your human race is, if you can leave alive today, the deity will kill itself, I am your grandma!"

Xuan Ying Mo Zun shook out with one claw, and the magic energy was shot out!

The scary claws of the falcon tear the void, and wherever it passes, it crushes a large part of the void into a vacuum of nothingness!

Lin Chen's figure was overshadowed by monstrous demonic energy, and his speed became slow.

"Taxi God Light!"

The golden light of divine light flows around Lin Chen's body, and instantly turns into an aperture, covering Lin Chen.

And, he condensed all the dragon power, punching like a dragon, all the nine hundred and twenty powers exploded, and the fist was crushed and the claws intersected!

Sigh~! Bang ~!

The space was agitated, and the whole hall burst suddenly!

The red gold aperture burst in time, exploding into countless broken awns, Lin Chen turned into a streamer and was blasted out of the palace!

With just one blow, his absolute defense of "Taxi God Light" was broken!

The offensive in Kaitian can hardly break Lin Chens absolute defense in an instant.

However, Demon King can! Demon Venerable is the Xeon who is comparable to a saint above the open sky!

The power of the Demon Lord, Jingtianwei!

Lin Chens doppelganger was using the Holy Dragon Possession at this time, and his pure power reached nine hundred and twenty powers, but even so, it was still not enough to see in front of Demon Venerable!

If Lin Chen wants to carry the pot in the name of Wu Pianjue, he cannot use the Holy Dragon body to fight. In addition to the Phantom Doppelganger, he cannot use the God of War suit. He can only fight with the Saint Dragon possession.

"It is rumored that if you open a holy cave in heaven, you can increase 400 divine power and even more. It is true that the holy power held by Kaitian Realm will exceed 4,000 divine power, let alone a devil. Zun, my 900-plus dignity is not enough."

Lin Chen shook his arm and smiled awe-inspiringly. If it weren't for Taixi God's light just now, his avatar would have been beaten.

call out! call out! call out!

Demon Qi covered the sky and covered the sky, and it was dim and dark. The space was blocked, and hundreds of high-level Saint Demon Kings and dozens of top-level Saint Demon Kings surrounded Lin Chen.

More than a dozen pinnacle holy kings blocked Lin Chen's retreat, sneering and disdainful.

This human race dare to come here, I am afraid that I don't even know how to write a dead word!

"You won't die if you take this deity, you are a freak,"

Xuanying Mozun patted his shoulder and grinned: "I will let you die very rhythmically."


At this time, Lin Chen suddenly raised his hand.

The demons laughed and agreed that the kid wanted to beg for mercy.

Then, Lin Chen suddenly said something.

"That, is the secret little burger delicious?"


"The deity will tear you to pieces now! Yours!"

Xuan Ying Mo Zun opened the blood basin with a big mouth, and the devil qi was like a vortex, eating away all the light, trying to swallow Lin Chen.

"Cut, big guy, why do you have such a big mouth. Do you want to have another one?"

When the delicate and crisp voice of disdain sounded, the pink tender fist swept out a punch!

Sigh~! Bang~!

The fist wind overturned the space, and one fist knocked the Xuanying Demon Venerable to fall to the ground, the nearby glacier collapsed and cracked, and shocked the sky with ice fog!

All the holy demon kings were horrified by the time, unconsciously stepped back dozens of miles!

Mozun knocked down with a punch?

Where is this sacred!