My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1501

Vol 5 Chapter 1501: 5. Everything Is Just Beginning.

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When Lin Chen's doppelganger exploded from the previous moment, he immediately escaped into the space plane.

Directly and perfectly avoiding the center of the poisonous gas explosion, it is beautiful.

Then, before reaching ten breaths, he escaped to the space plane and returned to Lin Ping's side, alerting to the aftermath of the explosion directly below, and asked Nizi.

"How is it all right?"

Lin Ping's hands akimbo, smiles slyly.

"It's okay. I have absorbed a lot of disaster. Now I feel that my strength has become stronger. However, I have run out of disaster in this area. I'm afraid it won't be that strong again."

Lin Chen scraped Lin Ping's Qiong nose and smiled: "Relax, let you absorb enough this time! I will take you around the big devil's caves and make sure you **** enough!"

Lin Ping heard it, his eyes twinkling with stars!

At the next moment, her pretty face changed slightly, looking directly below.

"No, these guys are not dead yet. The demon is about to escape!"

The voice just fell-

Tear ~!

The blood is burning, and the violently burning qi and blood burst out of the aftermath of the disaster disaster!

"It's Xuanying Mozun."

Lin Chen's eyes narrowed, and then he smiled and said: "Yes, the devil is not so good to kill. This guy is afraid that there are still many cards, but he catches up and loses."

In the current situation, Lin Chen's avatar cannot use the God of War suit, and Lin Ping's on-the-spot performance has reached the limit to chase down a demon. It is obviously unwise.

If it is not a special situation, head to head, even if Lin Chen's body joins with Shenglong here, he can't withstand a deity.

Since you want to do it, you should do it with a guy who is sure enough to do it!

Lin Chen raised his eyebrows, his mouth rising wildly.

"Exactly, I killed them all!"

When the smoke of the wolf billowed, the fourteen heads of the Holy Demon King directly below the body manifested themselves when the disaster gas spread.

I saw that the blood of the demon flowed like a river of blood, and the torrent of demon blood merged into the broken glacial land.

Rao Shi Linchen was shocked when he was mentally prepared. These 14 heads of the Holy Demon King were all seriously injured!

You know, there are two of these fourteen peak sage demon kings that are comparable to the level of the late Kaitian Realm! It was still crushed by Lin Ping's power shot to the state of dying!

They are not like Demon Venerable, they can resist the attack just now, and they have the ability to act. Almost 14 heads of the Holy Demon King have fallen into a temporary paralysis state!

In addition to this, the sky of the attribute light spheres is floating in the sky, dazzling, colorful, and multiple attribute chests are floating in the void.

This bombardment knocked them all into a state of dying, and the attribute values dropped are terrifying!

"Damn... it hurts. Lao Tzu's killing skill happened to be over in the battlefield outside the territory."

"Xuan...Master Xuanying Mozun?"

"Well... that traitor demons and human races have not left!"

As soon as the words fell, the sky pulled a grey and white rung covering the world and burst into burst!

[The host launches slow runes, consuming 1.5 million top rune energy.

1.5 million points! !

This is converted into advanced rune energy, which is 150 trillion rune energy!

This is the time Lin Chen has used the highest rune energy!

Brush ~! The space is rippling, constantly freezing, slow, as if the entire time of the ice **** is still!

Fourteen heads of the Holy Demon King pupils tremble!

In the heyday, they will never be afraid of this trick, and they can kill it with half their lives.

But now they are no different from disabled, even worse than disabled!

The aura of suffering is not an ordinary attack, it will gradually erode, corrode, and rot their vitality!

Even the pinnacle of the powerful Demon King can't resist!

Bang ~! Lin Chen's figure shuttled through the void, and a few flashes rushed to the side of the fourteen Saint Demon Kings.

"I will send you on the road, soon!"

Lin Chen shook out his claws, leaning against the sky claws again, wandering around the blue dragon breath, the thunder-like blue light claws, crushing the two peak demon kings!

The blue light dragon claws rip through the demon body, and they will break through the huge and devil's demon body!

Five minds of the Blue God Claws have injured all the Peak Saint Demon Kings along the way!

Tear ~!

Lin Chen flicked the dragon tail, the dragon breathed his sword, and the azure blue dragon sword slammed down!

Qiang! Qiang! Qiang!

Dragon Sword beheaded the peak Saint Demon King, Lin Chen's fists were like a violent wind and rain, and fell wildly down!

boom! boom! boom!

The endless offensive swept through the ruined ice prison.

Lin Chen did not concentrate on attacking and killing a certain devil first, but launched an offensive against them as a whole.

As long as the effect of the slow rune is used to bring all the genocide cracks into their bodies, and with the erosion of Lin Ping's disaster, they will almost be dead!

"The humble race, this king fights with you!"

"Macro talent!"

"No... this seat has just become the master of Lord Mozun, and will actually die in the hands of the human race..."

"Young people, let's talk about...roar!"

A series of screams, howls, resounded throughout the week.

In the past, if Lin Chen encountered these 14-headed peak Saint Demon King, there was no possibility of winning, but he might run away.

There are huge differences in the early, middle and late stages of Kaitian.

These 14 heads of the Holy Saint Demon King are stronger than the 10 heads he met on the Demon Battlefield!

But now, he has only one chance to kill them, how could Lin Chen stop!

In the end, within a quarter of an hour, all fourteen peak Saint Demon Kings fell.

Lin Chen's Phantom Doppelganger drove the body, the magic light shuttled, like the wind and the clouds, all the tens of thousands of attribute light **** in the void!

Some of these attribute light **** are a lot of high-level, top-level Saint Demon Kings, and some are dropped by Black Eagle Demon Venerable and Peak Saint Demon King. The quality is uneven, and the number is extremely scary!

[The host gained 29.9 billion points of top essence, 40 billion points of top qi and blood, 1.2 billion points of top mental power, 4500 points of intermediate strength points, 400 million points of advanced talent points, 790,000 points of top rune energy, and 280,000 points of advanced heavenly path

[The host opens the exclusive treasure chest of the reinforcement department and obtains: 50,000 intermediate reinforcement points.

[The host opens a random special attribute treasure chest and obtains the essence of the set: 1.5 billion points.

Unprecedented attribute values poured into Lin Chen's body!

"Blood earning, real blood earning!"

"Destroy the fourteen sacred demon kings that are comparable to the sky, even I didn't expect..."

Lin Chen was ecstatic.

Although the Holy Demon King is mainly based on the qi and blood attributes, the top essence of the peak Saint Demon King's drop has still reached a terrible number!

Sigh~! Bang ~!

In a few moments, the pure power of Lin Chens body broke through to three hundred divine powers, unstoppably entered the realm of four hundred divine powers, and continued to skyrocket!

The dragon vein of the Holy Dragon, madly opened to a thousand dignities, continues to soar!

Provoking all the holy demon crystals of the peak holy demon king, Lin Chen's eyes gazed into the distance, pulling Lin Ping'an to retreat, grinning badly.

"The demon demon clan, all this has just begun!"