My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1502

Vol 5 Chapter 1502: The Brothers Cried And Cuckold Each Other.

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Chapter 1502. Brothers scream, cuckold each other.

After an hour.


Several powers are nearly as strong as the will to cover this world, and come with terrifying coercion!

The wind and clouds in the ice prison change color, the glaciers rise and fall, and the surrounding space sinks into a dim void.

The eyes of several wills glanced back and forth, like a pair of eyes above the sky, devilish anger.

"Run away?"

"Smell of the human race? What a joke, can my human race break into the place of my demon demon race?"

"Is it a space passage over the forbidden area?"

"It's impossible. Although the space passage in the forbidden area is very narrow, it has very little restraint on the human race, but when the ordinary saint enters, it will be torn in a moment!"

"What's more, the above is a group of weak and civilized people. It's not as good as a hair in the Holy World. It can't be from above."

"Quick search, this guy Xuanying Mozun was injured in our territory. This guy's strength is not very good. The background is not small. If we don't give an explanation to several big demon lords, we must be accountable."

"Is it a holy king?"

"Impossible! If the Holy King shot, Xuanying Mozun's skill, how could it escape."

"Huh? Wait a minute, look at that!"

When many Mozun wills talk to each other, suddenly Mozun exclaimed.

But see, under the broken glacier, a series of banners were pulled out.

"No, no, demon demon clan, at this level?-Wu Pian absolutely"

"It's a fun to kill the demon clan, it really looks wonderful, and it has to look at my human clan list.-Wu Pianjue"

"Fourteen pinnacle holy demon kings died, this is the meeting gift to the demon demon clan. Just that, I'm not very serious yet, Ang!-Wu Pianju"

"Next, I will randomly choose a lucky magic city, and the two bodies will bloom.-Wu Pian absolutely"

"Even if I am dead and nailed in the coffin, I have to shout in a hoarse voice: Shit! Demon Demon Clan!-Wu Pianju"

"The sage list is the first in the world, now it's starting to hide and seek.-Wu Pianjue"


The will of all the demon kings saw the content of the banner, and brewing anger!

"Must find this kid!"

"You are actually a sage list!"

"From ancient times to the present, no human race can enter here, nor is the sage list!"

"This is the humiliation and shame of my demon demon clan! If spread to other clan, it will definitely laugh for thousands of years, pull it out, be sure to pull him out!"

"Human Race Wupin absolutely, this name, immediately reported to the top!"

"The deity does not believe that a human race can turn the sky in my demon demon world!"

However, four days later--

The major magic cities, from the mid-level demon king to the peak demon king, were all dispatched.

Didn't find one of these ghosts!

The demon kings near the ice **** suspect that the demon is born!

Can hide-and-seek play like this? I'm afraid it's not crazy!

In the high tower's magic tower, the will of the demon kings gathered together.

"No, is this marvelous kid still able to freely enter and exit the Devil's Cave?"

"It's nonsense...all the sacred demon kings who are good at tracking, exploring, and searching have all fallen into the sea, and no news has been brought back?"

"Damn, this human race is poisonous!"

"Information is coming! The descendants of the priest Wu Wu, who is martial arts, is good at creating exercises, the **** of human race combat skills, and once entered the flame palace of human race..."

When the major demons are communicating with spiritual ideas, suddenly a sound breaks the silence.

"No, it's a big deal! Dear adults, Tianchi Demon Venerable and Disha Demon Venerable are working!"

A holy demon king with evil eyes like green snake eyes knelt on one knee and sue.

The demon stunned.

What the **** is he doing?

The wild monsters often have civil wars, but generally speaking, they do not involve the top-level Saint Demon King above, and the Peak Saint Demon King rarely plays.

The major demons are responsible for governing their own domain, and generally do not easily cross the border.

Battles involving the Demon King level are basically unlikely to be played in person.

Mozun went to war and shook the earth.

However, now the two old-fashioned demons are actually doing it?

"No, aren't they two good brothers, how can they still work?"

"His mother-in-law, this knot hasn't stopped!"

"What is their motivation for doing it?"

The demon kings scolded and inquired about the sacred peak demon king.

The holy demon king said with some shame.

"The reason they did it was because Tian Chi Demon Venerable Green... Green Devil Venerable Demon Venerable."

The will of the eight Demon Kings present were all forced again.

Is the ground evil green? Are you scared stupid today?

In its identity, what female demon can not find? Hundreds of thousands of demon creatures are waiting for it to pick them up, and can they be guilty of doing something else?


The Holy Demon King wiped his sweat, and the Demon Lords were even more stunned. What else is there?

"Disha Demon Venerable also gave Heaven Red Demon"

Demon Kings: "?"

A grumpy Demon Lord couldn't help but be furious, and Demon's power was surging.

"Who the **** is that green?"

The blue devil hurriedly said: "It's both of them adults are green! Cuckold each other!"

The demon are dumbfounded!

what's the situation!

Brothers screamed, cuckold each other?

Which one does this sing!

"Not right!"

Suddenly, a Mozun's will erupted in a moment, and his shadow was deep and dark.

"It's weird, you think about it. In these four days, we couldn't find that humanoid kid. He seemed to have disappeared in this demon world, never appeared, and he left a banner to confuse our eyes. ."

"This thing is weird!"

"Go, let's go in person!"

The demon lords responded very quickly and dispatched one after another!

This is the power of the Demon Venerable. Their responsiveness and aura of thinking are far beyond the ordinary Holy Realm and Holy Demon King.

Sage Nine Heavy, open the heavens, open 81 to 90 holy caves, holy force opens the sky.

There are nine revolutions above the open sky, and the 91st to 99th sacred acupoints are mainly concentrated in the brain and the consciousness of the sea.

As long as one is turned on, the aura will explode, and the comprehension, perception, and reaction to anything is far beyond ordinary saints!

If the nine saints in the front are mainly for holy saints and holy bodies, then the nine-turn saints are to develop the most extreme areas of the saints and enhance the spiritual light of the holy realm.

There are dozens of usages and cracking methods to open the sky to face a battle skill, and there will be more than 100 kinds of saints in one turn!

The power of self-explosion to open the heavens is enough to threaten the saints who turn the saints even higher.

But ordinary fighting, the latter will definitely not give the former such a chance! Because the speed of reaction of both parties is not at the same level!

This is also the reason why the opponents demon will react in the first place, and their cultivation methods are very similar to the human race.

In terms of destructive power, the opening of the realm can threaten the deity or the saint.

But in some ways it is impossible to threaten.

The two sides cannot move unless they are trapped in a space. The former explodes and pulls the opponent to the end. Otherwise, once he turns to the realm of the saint, he is a creature that crushes the heavens firmly!