My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1503

Vol 5 Chapter 1503: Wu Pian Jue In The Sakai

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Chapter 1503

Frost and hell, eight million miles away, a huge land plate.

This place is the five evil domains of the demon demon world. There are five demon lords in charge, one on each side.

However, in the five evil domains at this time, Mowei Xuntianhedi, rolling like a wave of turmoil!

"You have been a brother for so many years, did you actually engage my wife?"

"Fart! You devil first complained, your uncle, obviously you are the first to **** Lao Tzu's wife!"

Two magic cities high above the sky, countless demons were so scared that they farted and ran, even crawling and running!

In the void, two dozens of magic shadows crisscross, and the magic light shatters the light of the whole sky!

With every collision, the sky collapsed and the surrounding space was shaken into a vacuum! If it weren't for the big magic cities to have the guards left by the demon kings, they would have been reduced to ruins!

"Lao Zi Demon sues first? You fart! Said not you!"

"Come on! Don't kill you today, the deity has your last name!"

"Come and come, no one will retreat! Divide life and death, brother, I ah, disgusting, in a word, disgusting home!"

The two demon lords were killed in darkness, from the sky to the earth, from the earth war to the many dangerous forbidden areas in the five evil domains, the surrounding sky collapsed, and the demonic energy raged for nine days and ten places, as if a world-destroying disaster came to heaven and earth!

All directions are full of angry magic powers!

Some of the lower-level Saint Demon Kings were shocked by the blood of the demon, their eyes turned white, and they twitched on the spot-


"Tang two demon lords, just fight like this, what is it like!"

"If you two fight again, the deity will have to summon Lord Tianmozun."

In the void, eight magical shadows of chaos and turbulence came down, and each side released the magic power, suppressed the two great deities, and temporarily stopped the battle.

"What are you guys doing here?"

"Don't come here, he wore a green hat to the deity and wronged Lao Tzu, who persuaded to die in this matter!"

"Don't eat his magical hardship, don't persuade respect to the big belly. Laozi advises you to be less busy, don't think that you can play at a higher age. Today, he is a dog, I must take it..."


One of the most pure Demon Venerable in Mowei reprimanded!

"Which system is in place, Mozun takes the lead to go to war regardless of everything. Now you give your husband a good thought, have there been any major incidents in your mansion recently."

"Also, there has been a major event in my demon world recently, and the human race has sneaked in. And it may be one of the most important figures in the human talent list."

"The other party killed fourteen pinnacle holy demon kings with thunder-like means, and also caused profound damage to the black eagle demon king. Demon kings from other domains are aware of this and are investigating everywhere."

"So far, the infiltrated human race has not revealed any clues, you will fight here. Don't know if it will be set by someone later!"

When the demon with the highest status and the oldest demon made a speech, the two deities of Tianchi and Dixa only briefly put away their murderous intentions and fell into contemplation.

"Speaking of the incident..."

The two Mozun looked at each other, the killing intention grew slightly, and sneered.

"We have mobilized a lot of resources here and are planning to send them to all parties in the extraterritorial battlefield..."

With these words, the demon lords are struck by lightning!

Reminiscent of the looted ice hell, the demons are horrified by the loss of voice!

"Oops, go back and see!"

Inside two big magic cities.

At the bottom of the storeroom, the magic blood ran across, and the **** smell rushed to Xiao Han.

In the magic city, those spares have been ordered to mobilize a large amount of cultivation resources to the battlefield outside the territory, all of them have been emptied!

Among them are alien crystals, various kinds of orcs, dragon blood, massive eight-tier celestial treasures, holy pill intercepted from the human race, etc., all are gone!

"how is this possible?"

"This area is the area with the strongest calamity energy in the Five Evil Domains. Except for the Peak Saint Demon King, ordinary Demon Races can't resist even entering here!"

The two demon lords were dumbfounded at almost the same time!

In the wild monster world, there have been countless epochs that have never happened before!

The reason why they almost didn't ask the strong to guard here, they used two peak Saint Demon Kings to stay outside, there are various factors.

First, the Peak Saint Demon King is still the main top force of the demon world, and it is impossible to divide too many to guard the level.

Second, the disaster energy here is so powerful that only Demon Venerable can easily enter it.

The cultivation of Kaitian Realm can even be seriously injured by the disaster. Therefore, sending more Mozu to guard is purely superfluous!

Moreover, Wushayu is an area guarded by the five great deities. There have been few major thefts here.

Who would have stolen Mozun's head?

Not to mention the resources that the town has released so far, there are resources that are hand-picked by more advanced to be sent to the extraterritorial battlefield! Stealing means offending higher-level demon nobles, which is equivalent to finding death!

"One step late."

"Being put together!"

The demon kings gritted their teeth and cut their teeth. When the anger broke out, the magic power destroyed the sky, shattering a void, and despaired!

No such incidents have occurred in the past, it does not mean that there will be no future!

This time, the demon world has really encountered hard stubble!

A character who is really angry and makes their scalp numb!

At this time, what made the demon lords crazy was-

They found banners again!

Several banners were drawn in the turbulent treasury where the gas of disaster was swelled!

"Mo Zun, always slow me one step.-Wu Pian absolutely"

"Who is respected in nine days and ten places, but I will never be the first.-Wu Pian absolutely"

"This time, the young man won't engage you, lest others say I am cruel to animals.-Wu Pianjue"

"The gods spilled their wisdom all over the world, only you foolishly hung an umbrella.-Wu Pianjue"

"This green hat king, please accept them, I would like to call you the most green.-Wu Pian absolutely"

Roar! !

The roar of Xuntianhedi shattered the void and overturned the world!

"Human tribes are marvelous, the deity must break you up!"

"I'm your ancestral board with absolute strength!"

The monstrous anger swept around in all directions, thousands of miles of mountains and rivers turned into gray, and all directions moved!

"I have no time to take care of these two lunatics. Go and notify the demon of other domains, and be alert. This human race is very likely to have extremely high hidden means."

"He already has the possibility to aim at other targets, don't give him success, otherwise the above blame will come down, and we will have to pay for an accident!"

Eight demon lords quickly escaped the void, crossed millions of miles, returned to the devil tower, and began to communicate with other demon races!

A piece of void, in a magic city.

Lin, who had taken a panoramic view of all of this, took a sip of the fine wine calmly, and his teeth were straight.

He patted the air-transplantation vesicles around his waist, his mouth rising wildly.

"Aboriginal Demon Realm, let you cool again!"

Lin Chen, continue to act!