My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1504

Vol 5 Chapter 1504: A Lifetime

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Chapter 1504

How did Lin Chen exchange the female demons of the two demons and let them wear green hats to each other.

Quite simply, first transformed into demons with two avatars, lurking into their respective mansions, and then escaped into the space plane.

In this case, the space plane can become the space plane connecting the two sides.

Then, in the space plane, super-dimensional transmission is launched, and the criminal evidence on both sides are exchanged

Then, when the two demon lords are doing some primitive things, they will find evidence that they are wearing a green hat at the most critical node, "naturally."

At this time, it's hard not to think of anger.

It must be said that Lin Chen uses it more and more, and feels that the super-spatial plane is the most applicable and most powerful orange-level talent!

Lin Chen's "macro" talent is naturally different from the space plane created by the saint!

The saint can create his own space plane in the Holy Realm, but the stability of the created space plane depends on the condition of the creator.

If the space plane created is to be moved, it must be attached to a special container. This container is the space holy object.

Moreover, the space container has many restrictions. For example, if the cultivation base is stronger or flatter than the creator, if the other party resists a trace, it cannot be included in the space holy.

But like Lin Chens Overtime Space Plane can be opened with avatars, and each avatar can be carried around with him, and can also transfer various things interchangeably. It is simply the existence of the Godlike space plane!

"Talent is not much, you have to save a little waves, otherwise there will be something wrong, and you will not be talented enough to go back!"

Lin Chen, continue to pretend to be a demon monster and sneak into other areas!

After the previous battle, Lin Chen has determined that so far, only the will of the Devil Emperor level can see through him as a disguise, and Mozun Shang still cannot find his disguise.

Next, a strange event appeared in the demon world!

In the major demons, I don't know where the news came from, which caused the turmoil of the demons!

"Shocked! The Eight-Armed Demon Lord was actually the culprit who destroyed the Demon Lord Fenyan family thousands of years ago!"

"A terrifying secret! The son of Qianmian Mozun was not his own birth, and he found this thing from the palace of Qianmian Mozun!

"The daughter of Silver Dragon Demon Venerable, why have you been buried for 100,000 years?"

"A certain Mozun lifted the head of the grave and saw that the ancestor had caused two demons in the grave?"

"The Demon King was divided and Mozun cried at night. What did it do that night?"

"Behind all this, is it a magical distortion or a collapse of power. Enjoy watching the large-scale Demon World bizarre show "Xiu'er, Are You"..."

The whole world of demon demon has exploded!

The powerful pinnacles of the demons, and even the demon kings, were born one after another, or a civil war broke out, or they joined forces to find the enemy!

Many of these seemingly exaggerated secret stories are actually secrets that have been buried for many years. All of them have been pried open, spreading far and wide, and causing the Demon forces to turbulent again and again!

When some demons returned to God, the treasure in the house and the wealth went empty. The Sao people have taken the Holy Dragon, leaving only empty space here, stealing the eternal longevity.

In just one month, the demon king of the whole demon world was alarmed by one-fifth!

Don't look at one fifth, it seems that very few, throwing off the deadlock and carrying out accidents of special events, half of the mobilized Demon King is in action!

This is an unusually large number, which is enough to shake the terrifying lineup of the human field on the side of the holy world!

Throughout the history of the Demon Demon Realm, very few events have allowed so many demon lords to act!

At a certain point in time, the rising legend suddenly disappeared and disappeared, as if never appeared again.

A large number of demons did not find the initiators from beginning to end. Instead, there were a bunch of incidents where the evil was exposed, causing the mess of the civil war of the demons to wait for the demons to clean up.

Lin Chen, however, used Devil King Reincarnation Dafa and the magic eyes of successive Kyushu to safely withdraw after Mozun blocked off a large number of areas again and again!

All demons agree that this is a provocation from the human race! Definitely provoking the majesty of their demon demon clan!

Just as the demon caves were turbulent, on the other side.

The endless star field turns into a constellation rotating throughout the universe.

Countless flash fires, wind blades, ice storms, tornadoes, space storms, raging from within the stars, from time to time, are collapsed by space boundaries into endless black holes, adsorbing and evacuating everything.

There are also terrible energy ray bursts, such as a beam of light piercing the sky and earth, traversing a very far distance in the world.

Wherever it passed, the continental plate, the meteorite comet, but the collapsed flame instantly extinguished into nothingness.

There is danger from chance, this area contains the most dangerous area in the world, and also one of the rarest chances in the world!

Hidden in countless mysterious star fields, occasionally one or two treasures of light Xia Xia came out, attracting wars in the sky, and everything is afraid of destruction!

Here is the extraterritorial battlefield, also known as the universe of the sky!

An area where human races, dragon races, demon races, and most want to control, has never been conquered, and continues to expand the star field of racial wars.

Within the human race, the cultivation base reaches Na Xing Realm. You can go to the Heavenly Sanctuary, participate in the extraterritorial battlefield, and participate in the melee with the strong people of all races!

However, the danger is extremely high! Those who can survive are all monsters in ruthless characters!

The sky of the sky is endless, and it was once the true **** who could not see the whole picture.

The ultimate danger represents the ultimate benefit. If you can find a holy fate on the battlefield outside the territory, you can overcome the infinite opportunities in the holy world!

Such as the Five Elements Tianji Holy Qi, Jiuyang Burning Treasure Qi, Water Moon Blue Burning Treasure Qi, Taiyi Chiyang Treasure Qi, Wanlei Shengyuan Treasure Qi, Yin and Yang Chaos Treasure Qi, etc., get one of them, and change your life!

The sky and the sky will give birth to extremely strange energy bodies between heaven and earth, or the lost treasures of heaven and earth!

Top-grade luck seeding seeds, even superb seeding seeds! It's all here!

Orange-level intermediate, even the most mysterious orange-level advanced skills of the Holy Realm, the legendary ninth-grade sacristy, or some ancient secrets, etc.! There is everything in the sky!

As long as you have the power, the sky of the heavens has countless holy fate!

In the sky of the sky, the territories of the human race, in the suspended continental plate, an ancient pagoda shimmering with infinite stars, can't be seen from the end, soaring into the sky.

On the fourth floor of the Star Tower, a group of super demon have just experienced a war, and rest here.

A super demon dressed in azure blue star robe, handsome and elegant.

He stood in front of the window sill with a hand down, looking at the wild demon field in the distance, he could not help sighing.

"For many years, our human race has not beaten down there."

Several other super monsters rolled their eyes.

"Brother, what are you thinking about? There is the entrance to the demon world, which is not a place where human races can enter."

"Yeah, even if some of the Holy Kings who are currently sitting outside the battlefield of the territory are attacking hard, they may be besieged to death by Mozun. There can only be ghosts if someone can enter!"

"Hahaha, if someone appeared over there that day, I would call him Grandpa!"

The blue robe demon sighed.

"Yeah! That's the forbidden land that the human race has never really set foot on. I don't know if I can see someone in my life."