My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1505

Vol 5 Chapter 1505: Important Tasks.

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Chapter 1505. Important Task.

There is an infinite number of opportunities in the sky of the sky, and any saint who is in the starry territory enters here. Although the risk factor is high, it is also the most likely place to change his life!

However, the human race is facing here, also the dragon race, the demon race, the most fierce character!

The characters who can stand out in the battlefield outside the territory are those demon who are called the hope of the human race!

The top 2,000 super monsters of the monster list!

And what makes people of the clan more concerned is the top 1000 in the list of demon!

This thousand people is the legend active in the extraterritorial battlefield!

The Star Tower is one of the main strongholds for the human race to cast in the extraterritorial battlefield. It accepts all the saints returning from the execution of the mission, and is responsible for the saints' transactions and resource exchange.

Star Tower, where the Holy King sits.

The first floor of the Star Tower.

Another group of **** saints returned. They were dead and wounded. The saints in the lobby of the first floor of the Star Tower were strange, and even lazy to take a look.

The two middle-aged Sacred Heart Sage Saints, bathed in blood, helped each other and gasped to the counter on the first floor.

They took out a golden gold card and stretched it out behind the counter, panting.

"Me, I want to submit a task."

The old man sitting on the platform was not surprised, and had to habitually take their gold card and brush from the crystal stone of the Holy Light.

"Sage Squad: Eight Swords Squad, complete the second mission: kill the top-level Saint Demon King Qingjiao Demon Success. Rewards: three six-grade Saint Pills, 10 billion gold holy Yuan coins, an orange-level primary body skills... "

After the submission was completed, the old man threw the gold card back to them, and the wounded swordsmen sought the cultivation room and entered the healing.

It was a big earthquake to fall a Na Xing Realm in the 36th domain of the Holy Realm.

But in the sky of the sky, this kind of thing is already strange.

The eighth floor of the Star Tower.

Here, there are many visions, Sheng Xia lingers! The eighth floor ceremonial hall of the Star Tower is as magnificent as a fairyland.

A series of silhouettes bathe in the endless Shengxia rainbow light, as if coming out of the divine state.

If it is a woman, the style is different, and the immortal posture is outstanding. Either a thousand charms, or a fascinating peerless, such as a beautiful lady passed down, or a heroic figure, like a generation of heroes, blooming clang roses on the battlefield.

Men are more handsome and upright, or they are aggressive and domineering, or they are Yuyu Xuanang, Yundan is light and windy, or they are in charge of the world, and they are calm and calm.

"Hey, I said what a big deal this is, we have to call them all together."

A demon young man carrying a four-handed holy sword, biting two six-grade snow pulp holy fruits, cynically laughed.

"Isn't it? I'm going to be promoted to the top 100 in the list of evildoers? This is too sudden. I'm not prepared yet. I'm sorry."

Next to him, the blood pupil youth sneered, and his golden robe was embroidered with a five-clawed golden dragon.

"Fang Yanchuan, how many years haven't slept. Have you started daydreaming before you even sleep?"

"Huh? The guy who is ten ranks lower than me, what to say! It's not big or small!" Xueyi Youth shouted.

The beautiful girl with a blue moon engraved in her eyebrows couldn't help laughing.

"Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, you can do it. If you rank eight hundred, it's just like that. If you give Ms. Ben's ranking to you, don't you have to go side by side with Chaoyang Chiyang?"

"Your brain is as flat as your chest."

"You say it again! It's called slim, slender, you know what a fart! Ms. Ben would care about those two or two meats? Joke!"

"Okay, let's stop arguing, let's talk about how much I am more handsome than last year."

Everyone agrees: "Go!"

Some evil spirits are silent, and some evil spirits are wiping the holy bow, hiding their edges.

Some of them have smiles on their faces and have never spoken before.

Some play

Some are not angry, and there seems to be a thunder world in a pair of tiger eyes!

Some hands are empty and unremarkable. However, there is a peerless sword gas brewing, any movement of the body at any time can trigger a sword gas storm!


This group of people seems to be the most dazzling existence between heaven and earth as soon as they appear!

They are exactly the top 1000 super devils on the list of demon!

Real talents are rare in the world!

The list of geniuses cannot be found, they are the pioneers of the entire era!

Some of them have more than two thousand times, even three thousand times, and four hundred times and five hundred times!

At a young age, the Na Xing Realm is complete, and some even step into the threshold of the Sacred Heart State.

Some are not sanctified, but they are even better than the sanctity!

Today, three hundred and twenty top 1000 super demon are gathered in the eighth floor of the star tower!

Nearly half of the top 1,000 monsters in the monster list!

These scenes, even if they are placed in the star tower, are rare forever!

"Okay, don't compare. Quiet!"

At this time, the four old antiques appeared like ghosts and quickly walked into the memorial hall.

"This time you are called, it matters."

The evil spirits looked at the four old men.

They spread the palm jade slips in their palms, and a star-studded map was presented in light and shadow.

"The light spot marked above is the area where you need to act and be alert this time."

"There is also the position of the center. We have intercepted the information of the Demon Race. They seem to have found something in this area. Now they are intensively adjusting the power and intending to come here."

An old redhead pointed to the center of the map, where a huge vortex was spinning.

Suddenly, the evil spirits froze!

Fang Yanchuan, who was still cynical before, suddenly dignified.

"Ren Lao, are you kidding me? This ghost place is the realm of the Demon Race!"

"And it's still in the star field, and the one that has been found so far is the worst disaster, Tian'e Demon Prison!"

The red-haired old man sneered: "Otherwise call you, you think to play. With the strength of you little monsters, the ordinary peak Saint Demon King may not be able to stop you.

A white-haired old man took the conversation.

"The mission this time belongs to inside information, and it came out from the Dragon Clan. The Dragon Clan has sent strong men on the road. We have not yet known the real purpose of the Demon Clan, but if we sit still, we might lose some important things Fighter."

"So, this matter can only be handed over to the trustworthy and capable saints. Of course, we already have other holy hearts and open heavens, and the five saints who turn around will go with us, but we still need you. The ability to cover several sages who turn around."

"If you can complete the mission this time, the richness of rewards and rewards has been sent to your demon order."

Everyone raised their hands and looked at the demon order, and when they saw the dense and colorful reward bars, they were suddenly moved!

However, this is an unprecedented tough battle!

This is to sneak into the boundary of the demon world!

Moreover, the disaster of Tian'e Demon Prison itself is particularly terrifying, and even Demon Demon Venerable dare not approach it without permission.

The danger of the mission can be more terrifying than the hunting of the top-level Saint Demon King or even the Peak Saint Demon King!