My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1506

Vol 5 Chapter 1506: I Have An Agreement With Miss Qing'er

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Chapter 1506, I have an agreement with Miss Qing'er

"This key task, what should the other party do if it is sent by Demon Venerable or powerful Demon Venerable."

At this time, a cold and beautiful super demon said indifferently.

"No problem." The old redhead shook his head.

"Now is a special period. The Demon Clan's Heavenly Demon Venerate is limited, and there is a high probability that it will not be dispatched. And our Clan Saint King also needs to sit in the Star Field every week. The two sides hold each other and will not act rashly."

"Even the number of Demon Venerables will not be too much. This is a dark team. They want to enter, and beware of their own Demon Clan. In order not to be easily exposed, the number of strong men sent will not be too much. ."

The demon glanced at each other--


Most of the super demon, almost did not hesitate too long, decided in one fell swoop!

The courage and courage of the super monsters are not waiting for idle monsters, and they are taking dangerous things. They have not done much here!

An unprecedented storm began to brew!

At this time, the super monsters of these human races have not yet known what they will encounter.

Because next, they will witness the subversive moment that completely subverts the history of the human race and refreshes their cognition...

Inside Tiange Academy.

On top of a mountain, when Lin Chen's body opened his eyes again, his blood exploded!

That's right, the speed of time under the demon world is the same as that of the Holy World, with the real world in January and the following year.

The demon world is in January, but it is about three days in the human world.

Lin Chen exhaled solemnly, a ray of strange light flashed between the eyebrows, but more of it was ecstasy!

He has withdrawn the avatar and Lin Ping'an to his side.

There are too many treasures in the demon world.

However, Lin Chen is never greedy.

He has the ability to rob, he will not leave the hair to the other party.

If he cant take it away, he wont bet on the risk of Lin Pings injury.

You know, he dived into the Devil's Cave plane, a side of the Devil Realm.

Infiltrating into such a place is equivalent to the devil entering the holy land of the human race as seriously!

It is equivalent to provoking the dignity of the Mozu!

"After a month of trouble, the Demon Demon Realm may also alarm the higher-level powerhouses. Now I can't even contend with the peak of the Demon Venerable, let alone the higher-level Demon Venerable. Im afraid Ill lose some meat if I can withdraw."

Lin Chen chose to withdraw now, the timing is just right.

His three avatars, the division of labor is clear, one is responsible for the vicinity of the forbidden area of the demon world, in order to open the space plane to send avatars back.

One is responsible for theft at a critical moment, and the other is responsible for handling important events, eavesdropping, or rumoring the Demon Race, and spreading the news. If there is any accident, Lin Ping'an can also temporarily transfer firepower.

On this trip, Lin Chen's attribute value skyrocketed!

Lin Chen turned on the system.

[Tiandao Picking System 7.0 Version

Host: Lin Chen-Cultivation: Fourfold Sacred Reality-Top Essence: 215 trillion points.

Ultimate strength: 820 dignity (carcass awakening + 300%)-top qi and blood: 179 trillion points

Top mental power: 1,785.4 billion points (entering into the Sacred Realm)

The essence of top-level exercises: 4.1 million points-the top rune energy: 28.6 million points-the value of advanced Tiandao: 7.85 million points.

Advanced talent points: 700 million points-suit essence: 2.1 billion points.

Intermediate enhancement points: 1.02 million points.

Top elemental energy: 100 million points in the fire system, 100 million points in the soil system, 100 million points in the wood system, 100 million points in the gold system, 100 million points in the water system, 100 million points in the thunder system, 100 million points in the wind system, 100 million points in the light system , Dark line 100 million points.

Set column: Golden God of War set, holding parts Ultimate right armor-Ultimate left armor-Ultimate left leg armor-Ultimate right leg armor-Ultimate armor (design).

Talent Bar-Bloodline Status Bar-Kung Fu Status Bar-Life Awakening Bar-Mortality Bar-Special Rune Bar-Talent Combination Skill]

Lin Chen's attribute value has reached an unprecedented peak!

His strength once again leapfrogged to new heights!

Before killing the three pinnacle holy demon kings, and the four open sky realm saints, the attribute values obtained are already terrifying!

Now infiltrate the Demon Races and kill the twenty-four Peak Saint Demon Kings!

Among them, the fourteen peak holy demon kings of the Xuanying Mozun in that battle, some of them are still comparable to the level of the late Kaikai Realm!

Even with Lin Chen's strength soaring once now, it is almost impossible for Lin Chen to kill all of them head-to-head!

In addition to stealing many treasures of the Devil Realm, there are countless additional attribute values!

Compared with the top-level essence of the newly expanded hole, Lin Chen's top-level essence has soared more than five thousand times!

There are only four words to describe: Heartbroken!

Once the power of the Holy Cave is condensed, Lin Chen will be horrified!

"If it is normal, my top qi and blood attribute value should be higher than the top essence, but most of the top qi and blood attribute values are absorbed by the Holy Dragon, so they are not displayed in the attribute box."

However, I think that the whole Holy World may not have a second Holy Realm as crazy as Lin Chen, dare to break into the Demon Battlefield in the Expanding Cave Realm. Kill four Kaitian realms, and sneak into the world of demon demon, killing 14 demon demon kings!

"It is said that the difficulty of gathering acupuncture points is several times or even ten times that of expanding acupuncture points. However, now, I should have enough knowledge and accumulation to impact this state!"

In Lin Chen's eyes, Jingguang skyrocketed!

This time the element attribute value and the top essence have skyrocketed, which has accumulated a shocking secular foundation for him to condense the next time!

"There are a lot of treasures in the demon demon world, and there is almost a safe home field. The two of us can also pretend to be demons, enter and attack, retreat and defend. Shrink and go, and withdraw and slip. Don't panic."

Lin Chen got up and was planning to go to other states

A beautiful and beautiful posture looms in the distant mountains.

In that direction, it was the freshman area when Class 66 first entered Tiange General College.

Looking at the beautiful and elegant posture of the beauty, Lin Chen's memory, like the opened box, slowly rolled out.

The girl has long hair and a waist, a long skirt of green yarn, pink lips, pink eyebrows like snow flying from a distant mountain, the delicate peach eyes are full of spirituality, like water hibiscus, gentle like water, fresh and refined.

Rener returned from the inside of the mountain village, seemingly starting the nearby formation quietly, tidying up the neighborhood.

Lin Chen stepped on his feet and flashed into the villa.

Here, as if everything has not changed, the area once destroyed by Lan Xun's old student Liu Ji has also been built with new residences.

Lin Chen stepped into the lobby, and his dormitory area was cleaned up very cleanly, without a trace of dust, and the bed was cleaned up very neatly.

At this time, the long-haired lady stooped down and placed a coffee table in the lobby, wiping it carefully.

Suddenly, when she heard footsteps, her heart jumped, turned anxiously, looking around.



The beautiful woman sighed quietly, but suddenly caught sight of a letter on the ground.

She picked it up and the letter said abruptly

"I have an agreement with Miss Yang Qinger".

The jade hand of the beautiful lady trembled, and two lines of tears fell silently.