My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1507

Vol 5 Chapter 1507: 3. The Teenager Here Is Still Young.

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Chapter 1507, The young man here is still young.

She opened the letter--

"To the gentle and considerate Miss Yang Qinger, the handsome boy Lin Chen still has something to do. I can't meet each other for the time being.

"So, we agreed that next time, before the month of the flower, you bring wine and spices, and I bring baked gluten. You bring buns, and I carry a gun. Let's talk about life, talk about knowledge, and manage time. By the way Talk about the strange gestures I learned in those years, oh no, it is strange knowledge..."

After reading the letter, the lady smiled with tears in her eyes, and she burst into tears with a smile, like flowers blooming, beautiful and charming.

"You must come back safely and keep your promises, I am waiting for you..."

Beyond the top of the mountain, Lin Chen couldn't help but breathe a sigh of relief after seeing the lady reading the letter.

Lin Chen was turning around to prepare to go through the empty space, and when he puffed into something, the delicate and fragrant face hit his face.

"What is it, blinding my eyes."

"Eh, who hit me with the Sister Yueqi, you..."

Leng Yanqi's stunning beauty stared at him with a smile, Dai eyebrow bent, whispered.

"This Yang Qinger, what are you going to do."

Lin Chen was cold sweating, Mom, this is a proposition...

Leng Yueqi said to herself: "The time she silently followed behind you, she was waiting for you after the affairs of the board of directors, and she has been waiting for you silently. You must live up to others."

These Lin Chen naturally knew that he had just returned to Tiange Academy, and Yang Qing'er hadn't come to disturb him for more than half a point, but he had kept his residence clean.

Lin Chen also wanted to think about him, thinking that he had something important to do, never thought to disturb him.

Such a woman, world geometry.

Someone in Lin couldn't help but sigh in his heart.

He coughed lightly: "Cough, what, Sister Yueqi, I will not be next time..."

Lin Chen's words didn't finish, Leng Yueqiyu grabbed him, and pulled him to the front, the fragrance was tangy, and Lin Chen's heart was a horse.

The beautiful lady Dan raised her lips and picked out a charming smile.

"However, dont think Im going to get rid of it this time. Ive got so many girls that youve lost. You cant bring each one back. What happened? You are my man. I dont allow other women. I can have you anywhere."

Lin Chen immediately raised his five limbs in favor.

"No problem! I have always believed in coquettish but not indecent doctrine, only into the spirit of others, not into the body of others."

Leng Yueqi smiled when she saw that he was so honest.

"I believe you have ghosts, Lin Chen's mouth, deceptive ghosts."

The beautiful lady smiled like a stunning beauty, which made Lin Chen look dumbfounded.

After Lin Chen departed, the light and shadowy lotus fluttered, standing beside Leng Yueqi, and smiled slightly.

"Sister Leng Yueqi, only you and Miss Bai Ruoyan can control him."

The person who came here was naturally Ning Qingxuan. After her sanctification, her temperament was three points better than that of that time.

Leng Yueqi shook her head slightly; "There is no woman in this world who can control him. When he meets him, it is a nemesis among our women..."

Ning Qingxuan covered her mouth and chuckled, her eyes twirled, and she felt the same. Only when she talked about Lin Chen's affairs, did her vulgar eyes show some ripples.

"He will definitely become what the dean said, no one can see through his destiny."


Tianzhou, absolutely Tianshan.

The devil's spirit is so violent here that the mountain cuts off all directions like a saw.

In the center, there is a dark red eye that rapidly rotates, as if one side of the devil is in succession, and the world is trembling.

At this time, a pretty boy passed by, punching in the air, the mountains and rivers were afraid!

Tear ~! The red spikes are like sharp spikes, tearing the space and turning into an arrow from the string. With a snorting sound, they are shot into the dark red eyes!

Bang ~!

The holes were inserted backwards by long red nails, completely stuffed, deep and full.

Affected by the nine-bracket nails, all the space enchantment was included in the lowest level, and the magic energy flowed back, and finally absorbed into the magic eyes.

"Hoo! Finally it's done, there are only the magic eyes that suppressed the sky tower. The nine magic eyes have completely suppressed eight."

Lin Chen stepped into the sky and swept toward the sky tower!

Shenzhou, since the fall of the false **** family, here is a group of rivals, and the glory of each ancient family has reappeared, starting a battle for Kyushu.

However, Lin Chen did not intervene in the self-development of Kyushu. Today, he has changed his level.

Lin Chen reached the sky tower directly, and when he saw this quaint and tall tower again, Lin Chen confirmed once again.

This thing, far beyond the level of the holy artifact, there is the divine power of ancient gods hidden, is a real artifact!

Lin Chen looked at the sky tower, wondering.

"Artifact, when can I make a whole artifact. Identity like me, face value, temperament, cultivation, not the entire artifact, can't be said."

Some people, he is just unsatisfied, obviously has a stronger trump card than the artifact, but also greedy the artifact.

Men always eat in the bowl and look at the pot, all they want.

Lin Chen put on a black robe, dispelled his breath, and sneaked into the team.

Lin Chen can cross the void at will and move to any location in Kyushu, but he must enter the main gate only from the sky tower.

The power of the artifact has been suppressed so far, not to mention Lin Chen, even if the Holy King is close, he must obediently enter through the main entrance and cannot tear the space from the outside into the inner plane.

Inside the sky tower, the Dragon City on the 10th.

It is still a familiar taste, and the seal can only enter the city after repairing.

But this time, Lin Chen was no longer restricted. He stepped across tens of millions of miles and reached the final area of No. 1 Dragon City.

The sky tower, the dark room, the eyes suddenly woke up!

"Well? There is a strong man approaching! What a terrible means, if not the perception of the sky tower, I can't find it by my cultivation base."

The owner of the sky tower, suddenly awake, and his body flashed, moved to the position of the magic eye of the sky tower-

"Which senior is it, come to visit the sky Lin Chen, why are you!"

Seeing Lin Chen with shoulder-resistant red nails, the tower master was stunned!

"Hello, Tower Master, the juniors have eternally sealed this last magic eye. The nine magic eyes of the mainland of Kyushu have been sealed by me, and this is the last one."

Lin Chenyun smiled lightly, but he was terrified by the tower master!

"You, you have sealed the other eight magic eyes? Have you got the nine brake nails? Wait a minute, that is to say, you have successfully infiltrated the holy prison? And your cultivation behavior, I... I actually watch it at all well!"

The tower master was completely shocked!

When he wanted to test or perceive Lin Chen's breath, Lin Chen's body seemed to be an infinite starry sky!

If you want to investigate in depth, you will encounter an unprecedented holy prestige, and a sense of oppression that suffocates the tower's pure power!

This is not the case!

At that time, the warlord boy had grown up so that he could only look up at his back!

His fierce posture against the false gods is still vivid!

He had expected this day, but did not expect that this day would come so fast!

The boy here is still young, but the boy here is not the boy of the past!