My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1508

Vol 5 Chapter 1508: The Dragon Race Is Here

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Chapter 1508 The Dragon Clan is here!

But within half a year, the teenager is already standing like a pinnacle of heaven and earth!

"Lin Chen, your strength..."

The tower master asked cautiously, even changing his tone very cautiously.

He is nothing but a saint's triple cultivation, and it can be called a rare adversary in the mortal world.

Lin Chen smiled and said, "Seniors don't need to be polite, I will also have four levels of Holy Realm, and expand the cave realm, a little more than the seniors, a little better luck, so handsome."

The tower master was puzzled: "Expand...Expand the cave? A little bit?"

Lin Chen nodded and smiled.

"Yes, a little bit."

After all, Lin Chen snapped a shot!

Bang ~!

Nine brake nails are like a **** lightning, inserted into the last magic eye!

Ooo! !

There was a gust of wind blowing magically, and all the energy was contained inside the magic eye.


A fierce hissing burst into the magic eye, and finally disappeared into nothingness, dissipating between heaven and earth.

"As a result, the nine devil eyes are all finished."

Watching Lin Chen clap and clap his hands, the tower owner sighed with all his heart.

He originally thought that it would take decades for Lin Chen to get to this step!

The mortal decades are the time of the Holy World hundreds and thousands of years! This is still a very bold guess!

However, the monster came back in less than half a year!

"You are a miracle of the entire mainland of Kyushu, Lin Chen."

The tower owner couldn't help but thumbs up.

Lin Chen shyly said: "I like low-key people and don't like to be a miracle. It's good to be the most handsome in Kyushu."

After a short chat with the tower owner, Lin Chen happened to find a secret room in the sky tower.

He wants to recall the avatar and Lin Ping'an is back.

Vault of the Chamber of Secrets.

Through the doppelganger, Lin Chen witnessed the situation of the demon world.

At this time, the great'deeds' of avatars have spread across half of the demon world.

"Huh, this wave of Demon Venerables in the Demon Realm has been slaughtered a lot by me. I also used the Macross Plane to transfer the resources obtained from the Demon Realm to the Bingxin Palace."

During this time, Lin Chen consumed a lot of talent points and used the Macro talent many times!

Lin Chen still has three avatars to stay in Bingxin Palace. His avatar can directly open the space plane in the Bingxin Palace and take away a lot of the talents and resources of the Devil intercepted by Lin Chen.

However, the talent point to be consumed is also an astronomical figure.

Due to the long distance between the avatars on both sides, open a talent point that costs billions at a time!

This led Lin Chen to finally win the pinnacle of the Holy Demon King, and all the massive talent points he gained were squandered.

Now the remaining talent points are only enough to teleport back to Kyushu once or twice from the demon world.

"It's time to retreat from the whole body. The Demon Demon Realm has been turned upside down by me. If it is impossible to force some Demon Venerables to go out, peace will be in danger."

Lin Chen pondered for a moment, and immediately decided to return the doppelganger.

Although Lin Ping'an has absorbed a lot of calamity energy, it is far from enough to contend with Heavenly Demon Venerable.

Just when Lin Chen intends to launch the supernatural talent


He suddenly narrowed his eyes and looked at the direction of the void!

Through his avatar, he seemed to see something terrible!


Wild demon world, burying the continent.

A young silver robe noble demon, staring blankly at the vast army flashing in the sky!

This team, led by a number of Demon Venerables, is directly in front of the team, escorting a group of energetic light cocoons circling colorful and brilliant.

The innate energy in the light cocoon is terribly distorted by the terror, even after many seals, it is still so powerful that it makes the demons palpitate!

Right below the magic city, some huge demons could not help sighing--

"It's too strong. This is the first-class Demon King Brigade of the Demon Demon Clan. They are all strong players in the Peak Saint Demon King!"

"Even the Burial Demon Team and the Soul Eater Team have set off. I don't know what secret missions to perform.

"You feel no, the energy fluctuations escorted by the demon squads are like the origin of the five elements energy!"

"This kind of energy, this king only knows the innate five elements Yuan Jing, can have this level of energy!"

The sighs of the demons once again confirmed Lin Chen's thoughts, and together with his avatar, he could not help but sigh air-conditioning!

"Your uncle, I met Brother Chen!"

Congenital Five Elements Yuan Jing!

This object is the fifth piece of the God of War, the main material for making the ultimate armor!

"Do you want to grab it? No, even though my Holy Dragon's power has skyrocketed a lot, even with the peace, I can't beat it. As far as I can see, there are at least five Demon Kings that appeared just now, not even those hidden in the dark. Know how many."

"Not to mention, there are dozens of pinnacle saint demon kings! This lineup cannot be swallowed up without three-turn saints."

The rapid thinking of the forest farm considers countermeasures.

Congenital Five Elements Yuan Jing, this thing is a real encounter can not be sought!

Lin Chen had consulted Jiang Taixu. He bluntly said that this thing is the essence of the origin of the five elements of the world. He wanted to find it completely by chance, and it could not be purchased by financial resources.

Missing this time, Lin Chen did not know when the next opportunity would have to wait!

"It's impossible to grab hard."

"But it is impossible to escape. Although this lineup is strong, I am not without opportunities!"

"You can only find the right opportunity to go up and shoot!"

Lin Chen's avatar quickly followed the team.

Lin Chen's mental perception is extraordinary, and Lin Ping'an guards him for him, keeping a very far distance from the large demon team.

This team's speed is very fast, it seems that one hundred thousand people are rushing to certain areas, Lin Chen is always following.

Three days later.

Lin Chen lurked at a very far distance, and he could see from afar, the target they went to seemed to be in a rotating purple-brown vortex!

"This...this is!"

Lin Chen was shocked!

The purple-brown vortex is filled with terrible disaster energy, and it has never been stronger!

"Wow! So big, so much, I like it so much!"

Lin Ping, who was next to Lin Chen, witnessed this scene and even jumped with cheers!

If she can enter the vortex, she must be able to break through the existing realm and reach an unprecedented peak!

"Eh, no, someone is here again!"

Lin Chen quickly hid, pulled Lin Ping'an to hide next to a fragmented meteorite, and suppressed his breath to the lowest.

Bang ~!

I saw that a group of menacing figures stepped in the air and laughed and thundered.

"Aboriginal demon clan, can you only be a sneaky rat generation. Counsel, too courageous, ha ha ha ha!"

"A group of guys who only use dark guns in their backs, today you will let your blood splash in the stars!"

Countless dragon roars, dragon chants, turned into the power of true dragons, swept the entire starry sky, criss-crossing the wilderness, the king is in the world, and they have fallen into the void of hundreds of millions of miles outside the purple-brown vortex!

Lin Chen was surprised.

These comers turned out to be powerful dragons!

"Come on, let's have more people, no matter what race you are, and get up quickly, I will have a chance to grab it. It doesn't matter if the plot is vulgar, the most important thing is to get up!"

Lin Chen couldn't wait to urge it.