My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1510

Vol 5 Chapter 1510: World War

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Xia Jiuyang, who was gentle and elegant, gave a fist to the surprised old man with red hair.

"I expected that there might be variables, so I also invited us to come, senior, please give instructions."

The old man with red hair was overjoyed.

"Then it's up to you, we have to involve those old guys, this Demon Crown Prince, and you young people need to deal with it."

"Remember, Tian'e Demon Hell is one of the disaster disaster energy gathering places in the demon world. Today is the time when the disaster sorrows are the thinnest in hundreds of thousands of years. As long as they are stopped, the next time they are turned on, it will be ten. Ten thousand years later! The old man predicts that the Tian'e Demon Hell will resume its previous violent violentness in up to seven days this time.

Fang Longzhi aside nodded.

"Yes, the stronger the lineup sent by the enemy, it shows the necessity of blocking. The other party even sent the thirty-six princes of the Demon Clan to prove that this is no small matter!"

"Even if you don't know the enemy's purpose, do your best to stop it!"

The four evil looks are particularly dignified!

"Your task is to hold down the demon prince, remember, don't have any ideas to kill it!"

"Whether it is mortal counterattack or deliberately revealing flaws, it will cause serious losses on our side. You are one of the few elites of the human race. Any loss is a loss of the human race."

The old man with red hair solemnly confessed his affairs, and it would be unrealistic to get rid of the demon prince. This battle is right!

"It means, drag, drag hard. Drag wins!"

Three hundred and eighteen evildoers stood together, facing the Crown Prince Mo Huang who was hundreds of thousands of miles away.

He was freehand, even playing with his fingertips, and he smiled indifferently.

"Are you ready? Decide who is going to take it. My prince prefers heads-up, heads-up group of you."

Lin Chen: "...these words sound familiar, they are too familiar, and they have an internal taste!"

"The human race has a lot of power, it seems that our secret line information is not in vain!"

"Shoot, break their defenses! Force them to fight!"

The dragons are strong, and they are so angry!

Dozens of distinct dragon breaths spewed out, and Long Wei rolled over and rolled a line of defense!

"Shoot, stop these things that don't know life or death, don't let them affect the ceremony!"

The swarms of demons are moving, and the unprecedented fierce battles immediately begin in all directions outside the demon prison!

The chaotic war broke out like an avalanche, filled with every inch of vacuum, human race, dragon race, demon race, tripartite war!

The Demon Demon Clan wants to enter the Tian'e Demon Hell at the border, and entering it requires the power of the Demon Venerable and Peak Saint Demon King to resist the energy of the disaster like the frenzy.

If the battle power of Demon Lord is used too much, the human race and the dragon race will wait for the opportunity to attack and stop their actions.

Therefore, the Demon Race can only enter the Evil Demon Prison by first blocking the strong of the Human and Dragon Clan outside the Demon Race boundary!

The chaotic battle circles are rapidly forming, and the most terrifying momentum is the battle circle of the demon masters!

The demon battles, the opponents are all dragon kings of the dragon clan, the holy men of the human clan and above, the terror of the battle is a hundred moves, a thousand moves!

"This is a battle of saints."

"Forty-seven kinds of orange-level combat skills are used in one breath. It is really horrible to turn a saint. The same divine power uses several different grades in the hands of a saint!"

The monsters of the monster list can not help but look a little.

If they could, they even wanted to stop and watch the battle of the saints.

Observing a fight of this level against the evil spirits at their level has benefited a lot, and they are able to comprehend many skills and experiences.

This is because the saints in the real combat state and the saints in the study state are very different fighting trends. What can be understood is not a grade at all!

However, all the evil spirits are waiting in line!

The opponent they are facing is the devil prince!

Qiang! Qiang! Qiang!

Pieces of well-known seventh-grade sacrificial objects have been born one after another, containing endless holy lights, like clouds and shadows, flickering the entire starry sky.

"So strong..."

"What a terrifying momentum, I am afraid that those big devil kings can withstand it?"

"These human races are all strong players."

The demons looked at each other, and even worried about their prince.

The cohesiveness of the super monsters, even the entire team of their demon demon clan feel a little scared!

"Ha ha ha, ha ha ha!"

Crown Prince Mo Huang suddenly laughed in the sky, and the evil spirits were fascinating.

He opened his arms and smiled awe-inspiringly.

"Sky Demon Doppelgnger!"

The magical energy is rolling, covering the sky and covering the sun, the magic shadow of Prince Mohuang, free and turbulent, like the afterimage, one hundred, one thousand, ten thousand!

Infinite Shadows, like a hurricane, rushed away in a flash!

boom! boom! boom! boom! boom! boom!

In the blink of an eye, the storm-like magic shadow drained away, and all the offensive and defensive battles brewed by the super devil were all broken!

In just a moment, all the super monsters were hit, their defenses were broken, they spit blood and retreated, and their faces were pale!

"Prince is mighty!"

"Prince Universe is unique, the world is the first!"

The demon kings of the demon clan were all fighting in high spirits and shouted in excitement.


At this moment, as strong as Lin Chen, he couldn't help but take a breath, his pupil trembling!

What a monster is this!


It's so special!

Repel more than 300 worldly evils in one move!

Lin Chen also clearly saw that if it were not the strongest Xia Jiuyang, Fang Longzhi and other four evils launched defense at a critical moment, I am afraid it would not be as simple as a minor injury!

"This is too strong, this is the son of the Devil Emperor, the Prince of the Demon Race! Is it a monster on the shoulders of the Saints..."

Lin Chen unknowingly clenched his fists.

The gap, he deeply felt the fatal gap.

If so, Wu Ping, who is also a sage, may be able to achieve a similar record!

The demon list looked up to by the world may be against the sky.

But in front of the legendary list of saints, perhaps it is really vulnerable!

"However, there is no time for discouragement now."

Lin Chen waited quietly for the opportunity.

the other side;

"Everyone, you can miss the fighter plane when you hide it again! Are you humans, are you going to be beaten by the Mozu?"

Fang Long sighed.

All the evil spirits looked at each other, and the gap in their eyes was one point less.

"Damn, I never thought I would join forces with you one day."

"Your uncle, want to complain and find the monster to complain."

"Prince Demon Clan, I want to have a dream with him in my dreams."

"In this battle, I will serve everything I have! Demon blood feud, don't wear heaven!"

Bang ~!

All the evil spirits, reorganize the banner, or take the holy pill, or urge the heart method, secret method, and use the trump card at the bottom of the box!

The border of the demon world is hidden in a meteorite crack stone.

Lin Chen unconsciously prepared the four-piece suit of God of War, he is waiting for the opportunity!

At this time, the congenital Wuxing Yuanjing is being protected by a deity, the four pinnacle demon kings.

Once there is an opportunity, Lin Chen will be the first to enter the melee, with the 27% charged Ares four-piece suit, full firepower, open the kill ring, and **** the innate five elements Yuan Jing!