My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1511

Vol 5 Chapter 1511: Winning The Innate Five Elements Yuan Jing

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Chance, only once!

If Prince Mohuang and most of the Demon Venerable had returned, Lin Chen would have no chance.

A demon-like demon was waved with his hand, and dozens of demon nearby, healed most of his injuries immediately!

"Oh? Do you want to give it your all?"

Crown Prince Mohuang disdainfully sneered, stepped out in one step, crossed hundreds of thousands of miles, stepped into the air, and faced all the evil spirits lightly and calmly!

Crown Prince Mo Huang laughed: "Come here, you can count as an appetizer at most, this Prince's goal is to be a leader!"

Fang Long's anger resented.

"I'm afraid of our appetizer, you have to eat your teeth!"

Fang Long's hands were torn apart, and two shocking dragon claws crushed the stars and came to me!

Crown Prince Mohuang's eyes narrowed, without even raising his hand, a look, a swirling magical light emerged out of thin air, and shattered Fang Longzhi's offensive!

Bang ~!

The result is an unprecedented wave of offensive, with more than 300 evildoers attacking in different ways!

boom! boom! boom!

The war broke out!

This time, more than 300 super monsters all showed their true skills, and even showed the cards!

Various killings, such as frequent killings, finally let the Crown Prince Mo Huang show a trace of interest. Mozu is awesome, and it's brilliant!

One demon blocked three hundred super monsters and still prevailed!

The background of the Demon Prince is revealed!

When people, dragons, and demons are in a melee battle, Lin Chen waits to observe.

"After killing so many peak Saint Demon Kings, the Holy Dragon has now broken two thousand divine powers, fighting alone, completely afraid of opening the mid-day realm, and Taixi Divine Light is even under the Demon Venerable, and there are few ways to break the trick. "

"My three avatars each have the combat power in the early days of Kaitian Realm, but they can only use three of them. The main body combat power. If you use the four-piece God of War, below the late Kaitian Realm, there should be few I fight."

Lin Chen quickly estimated the fighting power of both sides and looked at Lin Ping'an.

"Nizi, we have a big vote, can you help me get rid of those guys."

Lin Ping'an gazed at the chaotic battle circle, nodding with a serious face.

"Well! No problem, the current luck is enough to fire my fire five times. Below Demon Venerable, there should be few that can stop me!"

During this period of Lin Ping's time, Lin Chen's haunted demon world can be described as the return of the dragon to the sea, absorbing the infinite amount of disaster energy. The current strength is not what it is today!

"Oh, can you control that vortex?"

Lin Chen pointed to the purple-brown vortex, Lin Ping gazed for a moment and shook his head.

"No, it exists longer than me. The energy is too chaotic and too strong. I can absorb it slowly, but I can't control it to fight now."

Lin Ping'an shook his head, Tian'e Demon Hell was the longest forbidden land in the Demon Demon Realm, and it gathered a certain amount of disaster and aura. I am afraid that it can be traced back to the history of the agony of the first generation of suffering.

"Then it's basically certain! You will cover me later, we will kill the four pinnacle holy kings, fight back the demon king, take away the innate five-element element essence, if you can succeed, immediately use the last time-out talent. Return to Kyushu!"

Once Lin Chen made up his mind, he waited quietly for the opportunity.

The battle lasted one day, two days, four days!

In the star field, the battle is dim and dark, and the galaxy is broken!

More than three hundred super monsters fought against the devil prince. During the period, a total of 28 super monsters escaped seriously and two of them were on the verge of death. They almost fell here.

Finally, on the fifth day, the demon camp seemed to be eager to divide the victory and defeat, and the offensive was fierce. Although it once overwhelmed the dragon and demon, they also suffered a lot of trauma!

"It's now!"

Lin Chen's eyes are striking! !

"God of war four-piece suit!"

Bang ~!

The prestige of the God of War is invincible. The infinite amount of golden Shenxia is incorporated into Lin Chen's body. His pure power has broken through two thousand dignities all the way!

Lin Pingan took Lin Chen and crossed the void!

Tear ~!

A burst of space broke a crack, Lin Ping'an and Lin Chen instantly airborne the battlefield!

However, the two still maintained the disguised state of the demon, which led to the demon camp, and not many demon even reacted!

"Kill the past!"

Lin Chen and Lin Pingan rushed to the team escorting the innate Five Elements Yuan Jing, four pinnacle holy kings, and one demon!

Lin Ping's second-handedness, the poisonous gas of the endless disaster was like a frenzy, and it turned into a poisonous dragon!


The head of the Demon King, with his eyes swift and fast, instantly hit the palm of his hand, and when he crushed dozens of heads, he retreated hundreds of miles and sighed coldly!

"No, there are spies! These two demons are not their own!"

Bang ~!

A **** of war, Jin Guangkong, dropped to the middle of the four peak demon kings in the team.

[Consuming 8 million top rune energy, the host launches a slow rune.

8 million rune energy! This slow rune consumes nearly a third of Lin Chen's total rune energy!

If you dont take it, Lin Chen is the strongest trump card!

The moment when an unprecedented slow rune exploded, it was stronger than the four pinnacle demon kings, and was caught off guard!

It was at this moment that Lin Chen and the three avatars appeared at the same time, hitting an elbow in the air!

Rumble~! Time and space collapsed, swept through thousands of planes, Lin Chen exploded with two thousand respects in a single blow, and instantaneously crushed a weakest peak Saint Demon King! Blast its head on the spot! Turned into the sky's attribute value, incorporated into Lin Chen's body!

The other two avatars each made a move to repel the two peak demon kings!

"Instant Light PartitionYin Tianclaw!"

The third avatar of the Divine Dragon Possess was aimed at the strongest pinnacle of the Holy Demon King, and one claw shook it away.

Bang ~!

The Demon King had just rushed out of the shackles of the slow rune, and he was caught off guard by the five strokes of extraordinary rank bloodline supernatural power!

The Divine Dragon avatar swept the Azure Dragon Sword again, and cut its magic arm into four pieces in the air. The treasure box with the innate five elements elemental essence dropped with the broken magic arm!

"not good!"

Mo Zun, who was repulsed by Lin Ping'an, realized that the other party's goal was innate innate elements!

"Don't think about ruining my family plan!"

Mo Zun ran out of a magic hand, and penetrated through the void. The magic light shot like a giant palm, but was once again broken by Lin Ping's finger!

The Holy Demon King who had been cut off the magic arm gritted his teeth fiercely, and rose up again, revealing the body, turning into a giant devil, and he was about to swallow the innate five-element essence.

Tear ~! Another five notes leaned against the sky claws, and Lin Chen's body threw a punch, revealing the demon king of the devil's body. Instead, he became a target, penetrated by Lin Chen and the avatar, and turned into a sky of light.

Lin Chen could not care about the attribute value of Cyclonus when the light ball of the attribute quickly merged into the doppelganger, but won the innate five elements element essence!

The moment he held it tight, Lin Chen's eyes were full of fiery heat!

That horrible energy fluctuations, such as flooding the whole world, are not at the level that space holy objects can hold!

"Macro talent!"

Lin Chen also consumed a few talent points, opened the Macros talent, and included the innate five elements element essence!

This baby belongs to Lin Chen!

"Huh? Has something changed?"

Far beyond the border, the Prince of Magic Huang who is still fighting with more than 300 super monsters, instantly turns his eyes to his camp.

At this moment, Lin Chen's eyes just turned here.

The sight of one person and one demon just happened to meet!