My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1512

Vol 5 Chapter 1512: Lin Chen Against The Crown Prince Magic Huang

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Chapter 1512, Lin Chen vs. Crown Prince Magic Huang!

"What's wrong with this goddamn?"

"I'm a traitor from the demon demon clan? What's going on, doesn't it mean that the devil kings I have trusted so far are used, what are those guys doing?"

"The other party is prepared, the innate five elements Yuan Jing have been taken away!"

"Fast! Separate people as quickly as possible to take them down!"

On the side of the Demon Race, chaos suddenly appeared!

The situation on the battlefield changes rapidly.

From the emergence of Lin Chen, to winning the innate five-element element essence, it took less than three breaths in the whole process, and incidentally killed the two peak Saint Demon Kings!

"Devil of the Demon Race? Looking for death! The Crown Prince personally crushed you today!"

Crown Prince Mohuang is furious!

Sigh~! boom!

The terrifying magical energy exploded, directly hurting dozens of super monsters, and looked terrified!

"Prince Demon..."

One person and one demon, when looking at each other from a great distance, the smell of gunpowder is full!

Bang ~!

In all directions, the demon resurgence, a large number of holy demon kings aimed at Lin Chen and forced his avatar to immediately stop!

Because of Lin Chen's sake, the fighting pressure of the human and dragon clan suddenly reduced!

"Although I really want to know the legendary Demon Prince, but my goal has been achieved, let's go!"

Lin Chen is preparing to pull Lin Ping'an into launching the'Macro' talent when he slips away

Crown Prince Mohuang swept away the evil spirits of all parties, stepped across the sky, moved the void of Zhou Fang!

"Sky Demon Walks!"

Bang ~! !

The space exploded, and Lin Chen's head was directly above him, and the figure of Crown Prince Mo Huang appeared!


All the evil spirits took a breath, the Crown Prince Mohuang still hid this kind of awesomeness. If they were used in the battle just now, they must have been hit **** this side, and it is very likely that even a dozen super evils would be destroyed!

Obviously, Prince Mohuang didn't come up with real skills before!

"The traitor of a lowly race, die to Prince Ben!"

Crown Prince Mohuang turned his head towards Lin Chen, smashed the galaxy, and enveloped all of Lin Chen's perceptions!

Lin Chen even had a sense of bluntness that was stuck in the darkness and even stagnating in thinking!

"Shit, so scary?"

Lin Chen instinctively increased the strength of the four-piece God of War. The Divine Dragon avatar suddenly launched the power of the bloodline. Taxi God Light turned into an aperture to cover Lin Chen!

Lin Chen gave a cold drink!

"How about the Demon Crown Prince, break me!"

Lin Chen turned around and swept out with one leg, the strength broke through three thousand dignity!

Sigh~! boom! !

The magic energy exploded, and the endless darkness spilled over the entire galaxy, as if it could swallow the starry sky!

Lin Chen was shaken a hundred miles away by a stroke, even with the "absolute defense" body, he was full of blood and turmoil!

Crown Prince Mohuang backed off four steps in a row, breaking into the void, his expression revealed surprise!

"Where did the Demon Race actually take the prince's trick before he died?"

"Damn, it's so dangerous, if the trick just didn't use Taixi Shenguang, I would have to lose half of my life even with the four-piece God of War!"

Lin Chen frowned, he thought it was not difficult to drive away, the problem was that Lin Ping'an was delayed by another Mozun and could not throw her here.

Must break through! Even if there is a doppelganger, he can go to Lin Ping's side and vice versa!

However, what stood in front of Lin Chen was the Demon Crown Prince! Lin Chen must drag him down!

Human race, super demon.

"What's going on, it seems that the Demon Race has become confused."

"Don't care about them, hurry up and adjust, maybe you will call again later."

"Can help quickly to help other war circles, it is best to destroy their borders in one go!"

The super monsters acted one after another, not letting go of a fighter.

In the void, Lin Chen's three avatars were surrounded by the demon kings.

However, the phantom avatars all blessed the "Taxi God's Light", and they were violently crushed all the way.

In particular, Lin Chens Divine Dragon avatar, with two thousand dignities, the ordinary peak Saint Demon King, must be crushed into serious injuries by him within a few strokes.

The Crown Prince Mo Huang is even more closely watching Lin Chen.

"Hand over the congenital five-element element essence, this Prince will spare you a dog life!"

"Did you give me a head?"

Lin Chen slammed his fist again, smashing the void into a vacuum avenue, smashing the light and going straight to Prince Mohuang!

With this punch, the power has been raised to a new level, and the strength of 3,500 has been broken!

"Prince Ben rewards you for not having a dog face, stubbornness, find death!"

Crown Prince Mohuang raised his hand diagonally, and burst into the void like a brocade.

Lin Chen's power punch was broken by his finger!

Behind Mohuang, a pair of meat wings flicked violently, and the blade-like purple-black magic blade roared out, tens of thousands, sweeping Lin Chen's position!

"Since you haven't done the sage list yet, let's warm up with your demon prince today!"

Lin Chen's shoulders shook violently, war intentions vented, burst a large void, and urged pure power to rush towards the Crown Prince Mohuang!

Double fist is like a violent wind and rain, Lin Chen hit a thousand blows, and exploded all the magic blades in all directions!

Sigh~! Tear ~! A magic hand, mixed in the burst magic blade, directly probes Lin Chen's heart!

Lin Chen was charged up, suddenly kicked his knees, hit the thousand planes, hit the magic hand, and turned his backhand to punch the hidden magic Prince Huang!

"Devil's Palm!"

"Slow rune!"

"Devil's Sea!"

"Super chaotic, break me!"

One person and one demon, the tricks are frequent, and they are cracking! Seeing many demons completely dumbfounded!

What is the origin of this demons? Can even play against the Prince!

Lin Chen can be described as an outbreak of warfare, working hard to do everything!

His four-piece Ares charge has not improved much compared to before.

However, Lin Chen's realm of physical refining has soared several grades. The higher the host's physical refining base, the higher the level of improvement of the four-piece Ares!

Even if the charge of the Ares four-piece suit is only 1%, as long as Lin Chen wears it, it will increase the body refining power beyond the current stage!

Crown Prince Mo Huang became more and more irritable during the war!

In terms of power, this demon is definitely not his opponent!

However, with the help of Taxi Gods Light, Lin Chen resisted Prince Mohuangs many tricks!

The son of his generation of Devil Emperor, can't get a wild monster with unknown origin?

At the thought of this, as the son of the Devil Emperor, the arrogance of Prince Mohuang led the high offensive, which made Lin Chen's "Taxi God's Light" dim and shattered!

At this moment, Lin Chen showed a smile.

Bang ~!

The battlefield has changed dramatically and happened again!

Lin Chens sacred dragon avatar successfully killed the two peak demon kings comparable to the early days of Kaitian Realm and broke through to Lin Ping's side!

And Lin Ping's approached Tian'e Demon Hell, making the demon Zun who came to support not dare to approach easily, stunned!

Can she be immune to the scourge of the Devil's Demon Prison?

"Keep the victory and defeat for the next time, the Crown Prince of the Mozu, the coach will be able to fight you in the future."

Lin Chen laughed awkwardly.

Lin Chen, he's going away!

It's exciting to run after playing!


At this time, Lin Chen did not realize how many attribute light spheres he absorbed, and the body is undergoing a huge change!