My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1513

Vol 5 Chapter 1513: Exploded All Exploded

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Chapter 1513: Explode, Explode All! ! !

"It's a terrible demons."

"I can't imagine that there are also hidden dragons and lying tigers in the Demon Race. You see, this Demon Race looks mediocre. Except for its handsome appearance, it's not a fart. It's just such a guy. It can actually hit such a point with the Demon Crown Prince."

"It's really ridiculous, I also feel that its life fluctuation is very young."

"Hard, it's too hard. My scalp is numb because of it. Look at his magical skills, shit, it's hard to resist the Mozu Prince's 100 moves!"

"If it is placed in our dragon clan, this level of blood power is at least peerless, and the tricks of the child of the dragon can only be used!"

Even the strong men of the Dragon clan battled Lin Chen, looking at each other one after another.

The three hundred super enchantresses of the enchanted list known as the hope of the human race can be seen by being pressed by the other person. The thirty-six princes of the demon are all ruthless characters!

The moment when Shenglong's avatar broke through, close to Lin Ping'an, Lin Chen was finally able to get away!


Brush ~!

A gleam of green space flashed over Lin Chen's head, and Crown Prince Mo Huang threw himself into the air.


When Crown Prince Mo Huang was suspicious, Lin Chen had appeared next to Lin Ping's next moment!

At this time, Lin Ping'an was close to Tian'e Demon Prison, which was the plan Lin Chen gave her from the beginning.

Lin Ping'an is in a vast space, and all the disasters are ineffective for her! But the demon lords cannot get close easily!

When Lin Chen appeared, when he put his palm on Lin Ping's shoulder, he spoke to countless strong men and smirked.

"The time passes really fast, and then I will say goodbye, everyone, will there be no... eh?"

Lin Shuai didn't finish talking, and his face suddenly changed!

A strong wave of divine power, the desire to burst, began to brew from Lin Chen's body!

Lin Chen's pupils shrank!

My god, won't it!

What a big deal!

Lin Chen is both strange and familiar with this fluctuation!

His 41st holy cave is about to burst! !

Expanding the hole can suppress the realm of condensing the hole, but there is also a limit and limit.

Generally speaking, the higher the hole expansion, the longer the range of suppression can be.

Lin Chen is also the same, but this wave is Lin Chen's heart is no match!

He fought all the way from the battlefield of the Nine Races, killing countless holy devil kings, and killing a lot of Terran Realm.

Not to mention that after he arrived in the Demon Demon Realm, with Lin Pings strongest assistance, he opened the ring of killing and killed dozens of peak demon kings.

The top quintessence and top qi and blood collected among them have long been a mass. If there is no blood of the Divine Dragon, the starting point and base are extremely high, which can accommodate a large number of top-level qi and blood attribute values. For other Holy Dragons, perhaps the realm is even higher!

"Well, not only the 41st cave, but also the 42nd cave!"

In the electro-optical flint, Lin someone sweats coldly!

Damn, it's countless, why didn't it count to this point!

Ning Point is not a trivial matter for the above list of evil spirits. The stronger the hole expansion, the more terrifying the vision and power of Ning Point!

Not to mention Lin Chen's amount of expanding the points against the sky, once the points are condensed, the world will lose its color!

If he returns to the condensed cave on the mainland of Kyushu, the entire Kyushu will have to be blown up by him!

Even the evacuation of the space plane near Kyushu will not necessarily guarantee the safety of mainland Kyushu!

After all, who knows how many times Lin Chen can condense his points!

"System, can I condense a hole in the space plane!"

[The system prompts the host that there is not much left in the hosts talent point. If it enters the macro space plane, it can last up to one day.

It's simply not realistic to condense the point of the day! If Lin Chen's acupoints were teleported away from the overtime plane, they would really be treated like living targets!

"Then return to Holy World, this is the only possibility! The system, send me back to Holy World."

When Lin Chen was thinking about countermeasures-the system popped up again.

[The target that the host needs to carry is strong, and the talent point is not enough to open the space plane from the Holy World.

Lin Chen was stunned.

During this time, he has been sending materials and resources to the Holy Realm, and his talents have used up a lot. The pinnacle demon that he previously killed can only support him to take Lin Ping'an back to Kyushu, but he cannot return to the Holy Realm together!

This is a big trouble!

He couldn't throw away this nizi and ran on his own, but if he returned to Kyushu Ningxue, it would harm everyone!

"The Holy Cave is about to explode, bad, there is not much time for me to hesitate..."

Lin Chenhan was raining, the holy cave could not be suppressed!

Lin Ping'an also noticed that he was not right, and his small face was full of doubts, "How are you?"

"Me, I'm about to burst..."

Lin Chen smiled bitterly, Lin Ping recalled his realm, and immediately clapped his hands: "Ning Cave! Isn't this a ready-made place."

Lin Chen was taken aback for a moment, looking at Lin Ping's green onions and jade fingers, the purple-brown energy vortex was spinning like an astrolabe.

"Yeah... isn't this a ready-made site!"

Lin Chen clapped his hands, said nothing, and dragged Lin Ping'an into the Tiane Demon Prison!


"what's the situation?"

"How can they not be affected by disaster energy?"

A large number of holy demon kings were dumbfounded, Prince Mohuang's expression was uncertain, he stepped on the soles of his feet, and passed the void!

"His Royal Highness, do not use it!"

"Prince think twice! If you have any failure, it is the loss of my demon demon clan!"

"Prince, we are responsible for your safety!"

A series of three or four demon lords flashed immediately, blocking Prince Mohuang from breaking into Tiane Demon Hell, immediately kneeling on one knee and trembling.

"damn it!"

Crown Prince Mohuang gritted his teeth and ate his teeth in this wild monster of unknown origin, which was a shame for him!

"Prince, the most important thing is the battle situation. The thief broke into Tian'e Demon Hell. Unless Tian Mo Zun shot, we can't take him!"

An old demon respectfully said, "Besides, why don't the princes have to worry about this, this day Evil Devil still belongs to our demon demon clan's territory, he fled in, don't want to come out easily, then we will hug the grass in minutes Hit the rabbit."

"Yeah, prince, don't use the momentary energy to ruin the long-lasting cause of my family! Great deal, we can't wait for a thousand years, this demon can't run away! Tian'e Demon Prison is about to return to the most violent energy, and he will definitely die at that time. !"

After some persuasion from the demon kings, the idea of Prince Mohuang was dispelled.

His face was full of anger, and a strange face crossed a trace of vulgarity, looking at the human race in the distance.

"In this case, Prince Ben took these human races to dismiss anger!"

Bang ~!

Crown Prince Mo Huang suddenly attacked, and he was fierce, this time no more than before, his killing intentions skyrocketed, and the tricks rushed into the camp of the demon super devil, each of which could cause several super devil to be seriously injured on the spot, or even half his life. !

However, before the melee started again, a vision rose to the sky!

boom! boom! boom! boom! boom!

A series of violent holy power fluctuations erupted from Tiane Demon Prison, sweeping the entire starry sky!

Nine-color Shengxia, like the energy frenzy that covers the sky and the sun, turns into a huge wave.

Jiucai Shengxia has been spreading, expanding, and turning into a swirling Jiucai vortex!

The infinite gas machine, overwhelming the disaster energy of Tian'e Demon Hell for a time, began to gather the center of Demon Hell as if the gods were coming!

At this moment, the demons, dragons, humans, and the powerful tribes are completely ignorant!

Fang Longzhi, the super demon floating in the air, was trembling at this time, and his eyes were full of incredible when he looked far away!

"Hey, hello... God, are you teasing me..."

This vision, they super familiar with these evils can no longer be familiar, it is the vision of Ning Cave!


Who the **** is Ningxue!

Which fairy is this Nima!

At this moment, the powerful tribes have completely exploded!