My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1514

Vol 5 Chapter 1514: The Sky Of The Sky Completely Turned Upside Down

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Chapter 1514, The Sky of the Stars, Completely Turning the Sky!

At this moment, whether it is the pinnacle saint demon, the top-order saint demon king.

Whether it is the Dragon King, or the great saints of the human race, all the super demon, all stopped fighting!

Even the arrogant life, all the prince of magic Huang stopped all hands!

The eyes of all the powerful people are full of doubts, embarrassment, horror, incredible!

A group of super monsters even had scalp numbness, and many people lost their voices in shock.

"Lao Tzu has seen the handstand and diarrhea, the dragon and demon movement, the turtle clan's head cut, but he has never seen such an outrageous scene!"

"Damn, this... this **** crazy, must be an illusion!"

"According to the movement of the nearby star field, the energy flow around it, and the signs of my brother's congestion, the probability of seeing a illusion is 0.0001%, and the probability of the world going crazy is 99.9999%..."

"Impossible, absolutely impossible! We saw illusions, absolutely illusions, ha ha ha! Don't be mad, I'm not crazy!"

All the super monsters were once wonderful!

Their expressions ranged from amazement to shock, to unbelievability, to inhalation, to panic!

That's right, it's frightened, frightened!

Same as **** horror movies!

Is this world crazy!

Ning point? Is it actually the Ning Point Vision? You read it right!

What a joke? Is he too ridiculous?

What's so shocking about the vision of the condensed cave breaking through the realm?

However, who has ever seen anyone condense a cave in the sky? Hua Ning is here just like cannon fodder!

However, this scene is even more outrageous!

Not only condensing the cave in the sky of the sky, but also breaking through the realm in the Devil Realm!

Who dares to condense the cave in Demon Realm!

Even if it is the list of sages, the horrendous sages who are beyond the horizon can not go to the devil to condense the cave!

Isnt this death?

What's more abnormal is that this is still condensing on the site of the demon realm that is known as the strongest of the four major demons!

What kind of big-bang jokes are here!

That's the area where even the Demon Venerable in Demon Demon Realm dare not easily approach! The cave-expanding environment and the coagulating environment have entered, and no **** will be left!

What kind of fairy is this Nima expanding into the cave, can she run to the Devil's Demon Realm to condense the cave!

Which madman will be born with this kind of anti-natural thought that people dare not even think about, and also made it!

Several dragon kings of the dragon clan even urged Dragon Breath to stare at the vision in the sky and murmured in shock.

"Shenlong is on, is the old man blind?"

"Actually there are human races, went to the demon world to condense the cave?"

"Is this serious... From time to time, the Devil Realm has always been a forbidden place for the Dragon Clan of me. Can someone from Nima ran inside to break through the cave?"

Dragons are also scared and stupid!

What concept is this?

This is like the war between the two armies, the Tian'e Demon Prison is the enemy's territory. Enemy territories that have not been fought for thousands or tens of thousands of years.

Suddenly one day, not only did someone break in, but also his mother inside the cave!

Who's the goddess will cave the house above enemy territory!

Moreover, you must know that breaking caves is much more important than cave houses!

All the holy demon kings of the demons looked at each other with unprecedented horror in their eyes.

This day, this battle, this moment, for better or worse, is destined to be

Even the proud Crown Prince Mohuang couldn't help but stunned and smiled at himself.

"And... this kind of operation?"


The sky of the sky, the territories of the human race, the tenth floor of the star tower.

The tenth floor is the residence of many elders.

Today, the Star Tower was shrouded in a faint mood, and this time the human race lacked the strength, and sent a part of it to perform the secret mission with a serious lack of information.

It's a gamble, anything is possible!

It is even possible for the whole army to be wiped out. But if you don't go, you will even get more serious consequences!

"I don't know, can these little guys be competent in this trip..."

"Alas, we can only rely on them. In this case, if we don't send people to find out, if we let the Demon Race carry out any plan, it may harm our entire Human Race!"

"These guys are really...well? Wait a minute! Look, what is that!"

The elders of the Star Tower suddenly exclaimed.

From a very distant distance, a strange turbulence in the air came.

A vortex of energy transformed into nine-color aurora slowly rises and gradually expands into a hole-like, hanging sky, still expanding continuously!

The elders were surprised first, then puzzled, then horrified, foolish!

"Ning Point Vision?"

"No! The young man who enters the universe of the sky and the stars is at least the starry realm of his mother!"

"Who the **** condensate came in!"

"No, no, no! You see, that direction is not the direction of the old man who is performing fire!"

"Isn't... Demon Demon Realm? Is this the cave in Demon Demon Realm?"


The eighth floor of the Star Tower,

All the evil monsters gathered here, rest and recuperate.

Bang ~!

At this time, a wave of mysterious energy spurred the world to go to the machine, spreading all around!

Just now the interest-adjusting retreat, or chatting happily, or talking about the super devilish people who laughed and laughed, suddenly stunned!

When they looked into the distance, when they sensed the strange opportunity and the fluctuation of Holy Power, their attitude suddenly changed suddenly!

Especially when they perceive that the fluctuation of the Holy Force is actually from the Demon Demon Realm, the faces of the evil wizards are unprecedentedly wonderful!

Some jumped directly out of the star tower, mouth wide open...

"Did I sing you? Someone is condensing!"

There are wicked wizards with numb scalp and goose bumps all over, as unbelievable as a miracle.

"It's crazy... what day is it today, which way is this fairy going to the demon world to condense the cave!"

Even more wicked wizards knelt down in that direction, roaring gaffes with their mouths wide open.

"Grandpa! I call you Grandpa!"

"Right or wrong, ancestor, ancestor ah ha ha ha ha! Devil's Ning cave, what is this ancestor?"


"Crazy... must be crazy... what's wrong with this world?"

"My mother, who is this, and I should recognize him as an ancestor. Let me go! Ningxue has all gone to the Demon Realm. This is not a fairy!"

"Devil's Nether Cave? I'm a basket. This Nima is a goddess!"

"Human Race is No. 1 in the sky!"

"Devil's Ningxue? I am obedient, this is just **** on the head of the demon, and I have to ask them to borrow papers hahahaha!"

Beyond the Star Tower, whether it is a newborn monster or a veteran strongman, at this moment, all the saints of the human race in the sky of the sky are horrified and ecstatic, and they all exploded!

Not only that, when the other three demons and dragons also received first-line news, they all exploded!

An ordinary saint under the real god, condensing the cave in the demon world!

This news became an unprecedented storm that swept the entire sky and exploded the entire sky!