My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1515

Vol 5 Chapter 1515: The Real Highlight

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Chapter 1515, The Real Highlight! !

After a brief shock, the strong parties of all parties recovered and carefully tasted it, not right!

The human race has not yet broken through the border line of defense, how can it be qualified to send people to

From now on, only the "five demons" before have entered the soul!

"Could it be said that among the five demons, there is a human race?"

The demon lords looked at each other, thinking of the rumors in the demon world some time ago!

Some people mixed into the demon world, it is actually true!

But it's not right!

Isn't it said that it is a person who is mixed into the Devil Realm, and is a person who is suspected of being a human clan list?

Where does the humanity condense the environment!

The human race condenses the environment, can mix into the demon race? Isn't this nonsense! You can't do it even if you have the ability to pass the sky!

"All the demons listen to the orders and stay on the border! They block the human and dragon clan. The deity has heard the top 100 demons. Even today, even if they are close to the clan of other tribes, they must die!"

A demon lord who was soaring with the dark magic flame spread awe-inspiringly, all the holy demons on the battlefield exploded in flames, and the fighting became more fierce!

"Good guy, want to die?"

The red-haired saint of the human race narrowed his eyes, and when he stared at the distant Tiane Demon Prison, he was dumbfounded again!

"This... this vision of the condensed cave, why haven't it stopped!"

"This is even more terrifying than when the old man observes a few of the holy babies in the Holy Talents List!"

On the Dragon Clan's side, I felt the turning point!

Drag, just drag! Do as much trouble as possible for the demon, don't let them go in!

Inside the Evil Devil Prison.

In the rapidly rotating purple-brown vortex, Lin Ping'an opened a safe space, and Lin Chen's avatars protected Lin Chen.

Lin Chen, sitting in the center, sat cross-legged, and he felt that there seemed to be some powerful energy body deep in the Devil's Demon Prison.

But now is not the time to take care of these!

His condensed cave, the world is changing!

Centering on the Tian'e Demon Hell in the Demon Demon Realm, Lin Chen's 41st Holy Cave condensed a cave, and an unprecedented vision broke out!

The position of Lin Chens 41st holy cave is shining brightly, the hexagonal star is faintly formed, the infinite amount of holy power is brewing, and the desire is bursting out!

"Slow rune!"

[The host consumes 200,000 rune energy and activates the slow rune.

Lin Chen punched a slow rune in his holy cave, which was the same as when expanding the cave, so he reapplied his skills!

If not, his 41st holy cave would have to explode automatically, and the condensed cave could not reach perfection at this stage!

Lin Chen relaxed and calmed down all over his body. His state of mind has long been polished to fullness and tenacity!

With the experience of expanding the hole, Lin Chen was very calm this time. As a blaze of quietly burning flames, the fire was increasing!

"The increased strength of Ning Acupoint comes from the number of times when the Acupoint Enlarging Area is expanded."

"My first multiple of hole expansion is not strong, only 13 times, but my multiple of condensed holes will far exceed the multiple of expanded holes!"

"For ordinary super demon, the total coagulation point is about one-tenth of the total expansion hole. For a super demon with an expansion of two thousand times, the total coagulation point will be about 300 times."

Lin Chen mobilized all kinds of holy power in the body, all began to brew, concentrated on the 41st holy cave! The vortex of the nine-color Shengxia in the sky has expanded even more!

The total hole expansion is the foundation, which affects the upper limit of the condensation point! Lin Chen's first hole expansion is very general, but the total hole expansion is extremely abnormal!

This leads to his condensed cavity, as always, abnormal!

"It is now! System, the slow rune is lifted!"

Bang ~!

At the moment when the slow rune was lifted, Lin Chen's body, like hundreds of millions of volcanoes erupted, seemed to sink like a tens of thousands of planes, and the divine power came down like a dragon, and the true **** broke through the ground, rolling away the 41st holy cave!

"The 41st holy cave, open it to me!"

boom! boom! boom!

The nine-color Shengxia vortex in the sky immediately burst into a series of dozens of explosions over 100 times!

It's not over yet! The nine-color Shengxia vortex once expanded, like a magnificent astrolabe, beautiful and beautiful!

Lin Chens 41st holy cave began to condense, and when the new hexagonal starburst was formed, the light shone across the starry sky!

Outside the Evil Devil Prison;

Many veteran powerhouses of the human race, the super monsters are looking sideways, horrified.

"Three hundred times, it was three hundred times at the beginning!"

"This is the qualification of the sage list!"

"It's not over yet, he continues!"

"Fuck, it's broken eight hundred times!"

"Peerless genius, true peerless genius!"

Many super monsters, heart trembling, shocked!

What the **** is this god!

Their total hole expansion is only between three hundred and four hundred times. The mysterious person in the Evil Devil Prison today broke eight hundred times!

Even Prince Mohuang couldn't help but distract from paying attention to this unprecedented "Ning Cave"!

The sky of the sky, inside the star tower.

The unprecedented vision of the condensed cave shocked all the human races in the star tower!

Countless strong men appeared one after another, including those rebellious super demon, the old generation of saints with extremely high human ranks, all went out.

"It's too terrifying this vision of the condensed chase it a thousand times!"

"The blood boy who had not yet become a sage list came to heaven and earth, and he was a talented man. He devoured the blood, called the supreme, swallowed thousands of blood to be called the supreme, and the point of expansion was more than a thousand times.

"But the vision of Holy Baby Xuehong Ning Point, compared to this vision, even one tenth of Xuehong Shengcai did not reach it!"

"Is this really what the human race can do!"

"It is worthy to be a character who is condensing in the devil world, and it is a subversive existence!"

"The sage list, perhaps in the near future, will add another ancient sage!"

Inside and outside the Star Tower, many strong human races are either ecstatic, or worried, or crazy, or foolish.

This time, the cave is too strange, too strange soldiers out!

Ning cave breaks all the way to the Devil Realm, no matter how powerful the genius, it may not be able to come out of it alive!

The Nine-color Shengxia vortex has been blasting for 1200 consecutive times, and then only slowly returned to silence!

Lin Chen condensed the first time, 1200 times!

In Tian'e Demon Prison, Lin Chen, sitting in the void, shone 41 holy caves with colorful lights!

With the 41st holy cave, the six-pointed star light is the most dazzling!

In Lin Chen's eyes, he glanced at the sacred mansions, and penetrated the void!

When expanding the acupoint realm, taking into account the bonus of mind and talent, Linchen Holy Power is approximately equal to 80 trillion dragon power. Because of element attribute values and other reasons, the lethality is directly chasing 90 trillion dragon power.

"The first time to condense the hole is 1200 times, corresponding to the 13 times the first time I expanded the hole!"

The initial hole expansion is 13 times multiplied by the saints triple base of 500 million dragon power, and then increased by 1200 times!

Just Lin Chen's first time condensing acupuncture points, he has increased 78 trillion dragon power! !

"It's not over yet. My previous accumulation is enough to break through the 42nd Holy Cave perfectly! The real good show will only start now!"

In Lin Chen's eyes, the fighting intentions are monstrous!

At the beginning of his expansion of holes, the first time it automatically burst, but 13 times!

The second condensed acupoint corresponds to Lin Chen's second acupoint expansion!

His second hole expansion is 700 times!

That's right, the real highlight, just start!