My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1516

Vol 5 Chapter 1516: Ancient And Modern Unparalleled Coagulation

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Chapter 1516, Ancient and Modern Warriors' Condensation! !

Sigh~! boom! boom! boom!

In the whirlpool of Nine-color Shengxia, horrible fluctuations of the holy power of the condensed cave, such as the continuous explosion of the star core, directly stirred the wind and cloud, and the explosion was full of energy vortex in the Devil Prison!

Fortunately, in this Evil Demon Prison, the disaster was strong, and Lin Chen's divine power did not spread too far.

Coupled with Lin Ping, this nizi, refining the disaster energy for him, Lin Chen can devote himself to the state of condensing points!

"Lin Chen, come on!"

Lin Pingan seriously cheered for Lin Chen, but did not dare to give him a voice, afraid of disturbing Lin Chen, waving a small pink fist, and his cheeks were flushed with excitement!

"Hua Ning Realm, this realm, I finally stepped in... When I was buried outside the Holy Mountains, when I first became a sanctuary realm, one Hua Ning realm could crush me, and now I can blow out a lot of Hua Ning realm in one breath! "

Between Lin Chen's eyebrows, he passed the absolute confidence in mastering Qiankun!

Lin Chen passed through the thrilling scenes of the past, polishing his state of mind to be transparent and bright, the glow of the Holy Cave shone to the stars, and the sun and menstruation!

The holy power he had brewed, all over again, all appeared!

Lin Chen's spiritual perception has been improved to the extreme, and he immediately felt the position of the 42nd Holy Cave!

Through the forty-first holy cave, it is like the birth of a billion dragons, and it is crushed to the position of the forty-second holy cave!

"This time, you don't have to do it, you have to do what you want to do first in the world! This wave of condensed caves, I want to cross the Na Xing Realm, Sacred Heart State, and open the battlefield!"

Lin Chen, be the first in the Holy Realm!

From ancient times to the present, the Holy Realm has not merged a chemical condensed environment that can go over several orders of magnitude, surpassing the power of life and death, Na Xing Realm, and Sacred Heart Realm, until the power of opening the Heaven Realm!

Lin Chen's cerebral cortex is heating up, blood is boiling, and a heat wave brewing in the chest cavity screams with anger!

"Forty-two holy caves, open me!"

Bang ~! boom!

Nine-color Sheng Xia, which spins like a astrolabe, grows crazy again!

At this moment, countless soaring sacred power nourishes Lin Chen's holy body, flesh and blood are like the plane of the universe, the bones and bones are like the sun, moon and stars, the veins are like rivers and seas, the blood can burn thousands of heavenly mountains!

His spirit, energy, vitality, soared to the top at this moment!

Forty-two holy caves, rush away!

boom! boom! boom!

The condensed caves flickered, the nine-color stars exploded in succession, shattered the clouds, and swept away the sun and the moon, and it was far more than the demon world, and it alarmed the entire universe of stars!

This time the continuous explosion continued for a whole day!

Countless holy demon kings were stunned in the wild demon world, feeling the air machine that led nine days!

"This... this is the cave of the human race?"

"What a joke, do people dare to condense caves in my demon clan?"

"Roar! Shame, this is the shame of my family!"

"What are these guys doing, why are you running into the race again?"

The whole world of demon demon, completely turned the sky!

Lin Chen's first condensed acupuncture point is no warmer than the second one!

His second condensed acupoint, shocked the entire star field!

As strong as the dragon, human, and demon, the highest level is also alarmed at this moment!

Star Tower, the highest level.

The snowman is handsome and graceful, and the light blue jade brow looks like vermilion. It is extremely elegant, and his white face reveals a different kind of vicissitudes.

When the teenager opened his eyes, the vicissitudes of his eyes reflected a few rays of light, such as seeing through the void and shooting the demon prison of the demon world directly.

"My human race has a shocking sage before appearing? Or condensing caves in the demon world!"

The teenager was shocked and tried to pierce through the void to spy on the very center of the Nine-color Shengxia vortex, but he was covered by a strong scent of disaster and he resisted to dispel his perception.

"Tian'e Devil Hell, it's really weird...I don't know if those old guys will act..."

When the teenager withdrew his gaze, he gazed into the distance, and his breath seemed to be bursting from the space plane!

Once there are any variables, he will go to the devil world in person!

The sky of the sky, the dragon family, the dragon valley.

A man and a woman, dressed in gold robes, flashed in a flash, appearing in the sky of Shenlong Valley, the dragon pupil contracted slightly, as strong as the two people's experience and practice, they couldn't help but be shocked by the gas machine of this condensed point!

"Devil's Ning Point? Good spirit! Who is this child?"

"Strange! It's so weird! The Ai family couldn't figure out the fate of this child. Even how much influence he would have on my three families, he couldn't figure out the Jiguang film feather."

A man and a woman are even more shocked!

Unable to see through the slightest trajectory of fate, this is the first time they have encountered it!

Demon Demon Realm, a dark abyss.

Under the deep Tian Yuan, opened a pair of angry eyes.

"Ning Point? I haven't seen you for a while. Has the human race been so arrogant to this point, dare to come to my Demon Ning Point?"


A magic light came into the world, and it seemed to be preparing to go to Tian'e Demon Prison

Bang ~! A powerful qi, covering the vicinity of Tianyuan, pointed from the very far plane!

"Piaoxue Shengjing locked his deity..."

The magic light stopped in mid-air, showing a tall and slender figure.

He has two pairs of crystal-clear flesh wings, his face is beautiful and evil, but he has four eyes. He has a magical energy, stares into the distance, and has never acted again.

At this moment, the highest-end combat power of the Holy King of the three tribes was all alarmed!

However, there is no Holy King-level combat power on either side to act first.

In an era when the devil is not born, and the true **** is not yet present, the Holy King dominates!

Every Holy King's combat power is to move the whole body in one stroke!

Once the Demon Demon Venerable is dispatched, the Holy King of the Human Race will act immediately!

The Holy King's combat power can crush everything in the ordinary Holy Realm! Even if it only takes a few moments, it can make the big film face disappear!

At that time, whoever takes action first will suffer losses, and whoever has to pay the price of blood!

The power of the Holy King is always restricted by each other, which is why no matter how the three clan strongmen will fight, it will not easily send out the strong king-class strongmen!

Once the Holy King went to war, it was a question of whether the two sides' ability to defend so far could continue!

Until the last moment, no one wants to tear his face!

"Oh! Poseidon Saint King, you can hold the deity, how can you hold the holy king of the other three tribes, a human race with the potential of the sage list, and the other three demons will definitely send the strong to cut the grass!"

The Demon Lord in the void sneered and retreated into the silent abyss again.

Outside the Tian'e Demon Prison, the nine-color vortex is ten times larger than before! Almost enveloped the entire Evil Devil Prison, but spread to the chaotic battlefield of the three tribes!

boom! boom! boom! Bang ~!

Nine-color vortex, when bursting for the last time, finally stopped the condensed cavity and formally!

The strong minds of the three tribes straightened out.

Explode in 2000!

In Tian'e Demon Prison, there are 42 holy caves in full bloom, blooming eternal light!

Lin Chen spread his hands, staring at his palm with some trembling, feeling the almost endless amount of divine power, and couldn't help but intoxicated and muttered to himself.

"Ningxue two thousand times!"

"This time, I directly added the holy power equivalent to 700 trillion dragon power!"

700 trillion dragon power! Converting the power of trillions of dragons and other powers is one power!

This is still the premise of not converting the talent effects of "Tai Yi Fu Tian Jue" and "Extreme Possession"!

The ancient and modern unparalleled condensate environment, Lin Chen!

This day is destined to be loaded into the history of all ethnic groups!

Change is about to begin, the history of the Holy Realm, at this moment, turn a new page!