My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1517

Vol 5 Chapter 1517: Too Much..

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At this time, in the battlefield of the demon border, all the powerful people of all races stopped and were forced to suspend the war.

The infinitely expanding nine-color Shengxia vortex and the aftermath of the exploding Holy Force are no longer something they can easily bear!

Unless it is the pinnacle demon king and the open sky realm from the middle to the late period, you must withdraw from the area covered by the vortex of the nine-color Shengxia!

"Two thousand times?"

"It's nonsense, has the Holy Realm ever had such outrageous Ningxue achievements?"

"The old man of Shengcaibang did not dare to say that I have seen all of them, but in terms of my experience of the old man, there has not been so far... There is no such thing as a thousand-fold increase in a single condensing point!"

"If the old man remembers correctly, before the baby boy was born last time, before he appeared on the list, the total coagulation point was only two thousand and eighty times?"

"A single time agglomeration point will soon reach the total number of agglomeration points in the list of sages?"

"What a monster, is this guy who entered the realm really a human..."

All the human races were so frightened that they could not speak, and no matter how powerful their experience and state of mind were, they could not calm down at this moment!

A single coagulation point exceeds the sage list?

I dare not write this novel! What a joke!

"I know!"

Suddenly, a super demon suddenly realized!

Powerful people from all walks of life looked at him one after another, and even the powerful people of the Dragon clan couldn't help but cast their gaze.

"This must be a conspiracy. Well, from a common perspective, it is impossible for the human race to enter the devil world, let alone the Ning Cave!"

"This must have been a disguise of the demons deliberately disguised by the previous melee, and then forged a false appearance similar to the condensed cave, swaying a shot! He thought that our human race is on the first floor, in fact we are on the fifth floor."

The super evildoer thought a little, very sure and determined.

"Impossible!" Red-haired old man sneered. "Let's eat less here, and don't say how the demon forged this vision, just because the demon princes have been swept around by the strange weird demon just now, In addition, several peak demon kings have fallen, so what are the benefits they have obtained, are we as surprised as we are?"


The questioning super demon was choking for a while, indeed, his ideas were full of holes!

Bang ~!

At this time, the heavenly universe, the nine-color vortex of Xia Xia in the universe of the galaxy has not stopped!

It actually continues to expand!

Strong scalp numbness of all parties!

Lianning three points?

Is this serious?

With such a terrible multiple of Ning Point, Lian Ning's two points are already incredible, a feat unparalleled in the world, and the third time?

"How much has the master of this Ning accumulate, how rare is the world-wide experience to sharpen this kind of heritage..."

"Wait a minute! If the Demon Races that entered after the Civil War were human races, that is to say..."

The old man with red hair looks like the old saints who turned around. They haven't broken the border of the demon, but there are people in the demon world?

What does this stand for?

Everyone felt a horror feeling that the soles of the feet were going straight to the sky.

Wouldn't it be that the owner of the Ning Cave came from the Devil Realm!

It is terrible!

One or a few sages who may be expanding caves and condensing into the devil world?

How is this possible!

Even if you change a group of holy kings, you may not be able to do it!

That is the wild demon world, the deity is like a cloud, and one of the four bases of the demon!

An unprecedented amount of information, along with the careful scrutiny of many powerful people, has opened up one after another.

On the side of the Demon Race, while maintaining the large protection of the border, immediately summon more peak Demon Kings and Demon Venerable Powers!

With the Devil as the center, the demon kings and the peak demon kings began to take action in the demon demon world!

A storm, centered on Tian'e Demon Prison, is beginning to sweep through the universe of the sky!

Not only the demon demon world, but also the other three demon clan, some powerful people began to act!

Inside the Evil Devil Prison.

Lin Chen's accumulation, unparalleled, rushed away from the 42nd Holy Cave, still more than enough!

You know, not to mention the opening of the heavens, even the ordinary sacred heart state, one finger can suppress a large number of cave-expanding and condensing environments!

And Lin Chen is a person who kills a large number of open-world creatures in the cave expansion! With such accumulation, not many people in the world can match it!

Every one who was killed by him is a character based on the top existence of various races!

"It's so handsome Lin Chen! Come on, go on, release all of your essence and scare the dudes!"

Lin Pingan grinned her snowy white tiger teeth, waving her fist excitedly, her face full of excitement and blush.

She didn't seem to notice that more and more disaster energy began to gather, and her physique was automatically absorbing massive amounts of disaster energy, and the speed of refining was getting faster and faster!

Lin Chen mobilized spiritual power, penetrated the whole body, felt the position of the forty-third holy acupoint, and took a deep breath!

"The third condensed acupoint corresponds to my third acupoint expansion!"

"My third hole expansion is 1100 times!"

"This time the situation has been broken, there is no need to suppress it again!"

"In a rush, rush into the mid-to-late combat power of Kaitian Realm! Forty-three, open to me!"

Lin Chen's shoulders were shocked, and suddenly burst into shock, Shengli was up and down like a tens of thousands of planes, and the battle shifted to the stars, but in an instant, he rolled into the 43rd holy cave!

Sigh~! boom!

This time, the momentum of the breakthrough is even stronger than the two times just added!

boom! boom! boom!

The nine-color Shengxia vortex, like the galaxies in the world, turned into a magnificent galaxy roulette, which has been expanded several times, covering most of the area of the demon border!

The condensed acupuncture point was like a broken bamboo, and it sounded 500 times in a row!

The super monsters were forced to retreat and retreat, looking at the astrolabe in nine colors.

This scene is too great!

The point of the condensed cave is like a broken bamboo, and Lin Chen seems to be working hard. This time, the condensed cave is extremely fierce and fast, and it explodes in a very short time!

It was less than a quarter of an hour, and it burst again to two thousand!

More than two thousand times!

Many strong people's hearts are trembling. From now on, every extra sound is a moment to witness history!

When the Nine-color Shengxia vortex finally expanded to a hundred times larger than it was at the beginning, the third consecutive burst of 3,000 sounds finally stopped!

Lin Chen breathed out a breath of holy energy and formed an energy storm that roared the world!

The breath sweeps through the three thousand worlds, a ray of light is vast!

Lin Chen's eyes showed terrible self-confidence!

At this moment, as far as his Holy Strength is concerned, the opening of the heavens will no longer be a distant gulf!

The third condensing point, three thousand times!

Just this time, Lin Chen skyrocketed the holy power equivalent to 1650 trillion dragon power! 1650 dignity!

It's not over yet!

In Lin Chen's holy cave, there was a violent and surging holy force!

Lin Chen's accumulation exceeds his own imagination!

However, Lin Chen frowned at the moment.

"Damn it, this time..."