My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1518

Vol 5 Chapter 1518: Mozun Gathered Together

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Men, sometimes too fierce, may not be a good thing. The more handsome the person, the more they understand this truth.

Why Lin Chen is so fierce? It starts with a book he picked up, "All my exercises depend on X"...

Lin Chen's condensed acupuncture point is more than three times in a row. But the fourth time to congeal the points, but there is enough energy and lack of momentum!

Shock the fourth time with the current background, and the result will be the same for the third time at most, and it cannot even exceed the third time!

To transform the Ningjing Ning Point, each holy point needs a solid foundation and doubled accumulation!

Lin Chen is equivalent to being stuck here!

If the situation of life and death is okay, every time you open two holy caves, the increased holy power is doubled based on your own foundation.

But Hua Ning is different! This imperfect condensed hole is not what Lin Chen wants.

"Slow rune!"

With a backhand stroke, the slow rune broke into his holy body, blocking the holy power of the hole of desire, Lin Chen fell into a short contemplation.

How can this fourth condensed acupoint reach its best or perfect?

"Go out and kill a batch of peak demon kings to accumulate attribute values?"

"No, it's not realistic. Pinnacle Saint Demon King is not a little ant, unless as before, sneak attack and bombard with all the ace, but my rune energy may not be able to reach that time."

Could it be that I want to accept this imperfect cave breakthrough?

"It would be great if there was a superb Shengdan that broke through the bottleneck, and helped me a"

Lin Chenru was struck by thunder!

Uncle, you are so handsome!

Is he there? Known as the most powerful sage in the world, the strongest sage in breaking through the bottleneck, dreaming and breaking the heart!


Lin Chen's palm turned, the holy ring revolved, Dan Xia lingered, and the jade box was filled with a clear blue holy pill.

"From the perspective of the history of the Holy Realm, there has never been a Holy Pill that can take this energy in Hua Ning, even if it is taken, it cannot be refined."

"Even Chen Tiangeng, the son of the future who was called the top 100 of the enchanting list, was the lowest realm of the dreamless heartbreaker, and he dared to swallow refining until the life and death were completed. Dream breaks heart..."

The corners of Lin Chen's mouth were faintly raised. This thing was refined by him personally, and he knew very well how much energy was contained.

With his current practice as Lin Chen, he has 80% confidence in refining!

Opening the jade box, Lin Chen opened his mouth to absorb the Holy Pill, the entrance melted, and energy poured into the body like a sea of sea, rushing into Lin Chen's body!

The turbulent waves, the endless energy of Shengdan, let Lin Chen enter a state of relaxation.

His holy body surface actually began to condense a light blue crystal body, the energy of the holy pill, and even transformed into substance, attached to Lin Chen's whole body!

Gradually, Lin Chen was condensed into a group of light cocoons by the azure crystals and wrapped in it.

Rumble~! Rumble~!

The body of Lin Chen glowed with a sound that shook the plane of space and time, as if every inch of his flesh and blood flowed with the divine power of Dou Zhuanxinghe!

For half a day, Tian'e Demon Prison lost its movement!

However, all the powerful people know that there is still a larger wave of congealing points brewing!

Bang ~!

Seven faint blue magic lights descended from the sky, and a group of magnificent shores like the sun, the moon and the stars stepped out.

They are all gray and white, like humanoids, covered with scales and feathers, grisly and sharp, all a few feet high, and they are full of vigour. As soon as they come, they will become the center of storms!

"Destroy the seven deities and have seen the prince."

The seven demon lords clenched their fists slightly against the Crown Prince Mohuang in the void.

Crown Prince Mohuang frowned.

This is the Tiansha Demon except the Demon Demon!

"Human race is really brave, this Ning cave breaks through to our demon world."

"Giggle, how did your demon demon clan handle things, and even the people mixed in, really lost the face of our senior demon clan."

"This is the barbarian border known as the most stable fortress of the Demon Clan? No, no, right? At this level?"

"Oh, the old man forgot that there is another prince here. He has seen Prince Mohuang, and he is disrespectful."

Another group of demons emerged.

They remain half-human, standing on two feet, some of them are like lion scorpion, tiger palm, whale head, crocodile tail, one by one.

The only thing they all have in common is that they linger around the blood, like the mortal creatures that climbed out of the blood sea corpse mountain, standing in full eight, like a huge wave of blood gas sweeping the sky, **** sky!

The strong dragons and humans could not help but step back!

The three evil demons, the bloodthirsty demons, the wild demons, and the four demons came together!

Come too fast!

From the perception of the Ning Point vision to the real departure, the countless planes separated by the Devil Realm have crossed over in just two or three days!

Moreover, they are all ruthless characters! More than half of the demon lords are the ranks that match the two-turn saints!

Fortunately, the demon lords of the other two clan did not deal with the strong of the two dragon clan, otherwise their loss today may be extremely heavy!

They have a lot of civil wars with each other, and will not easily use other tribes as spearheads. Only the most important things or the summoning of the devil will join forces.

"If you want to come over and do something, go away, or you can work together to deal with this guy."

Crown Prince Mo Huang finally made a sound, a flash of anger flickered in his eyes.

There are also many struggles between demons.

Seeing the son of the Devil Emperor vocalizing, the Demon Venerables of various races also converged a lot. When looking at Tian'e Demon Hell, there was no small shock and dignity!

In the history of various ethnic groups, the Demon Clan has not failed to kill the Holy Talent List.

There are a few shocks that are absolutely gorgeous, enough to shake the balance of the three clan's holy infants, their demon clan has also entered the human clan, and strangled the cradle of growth at any cost.

Even those who appear on the list of the most holy geniuses, they still kill them! Despite the high price!

However, they have never seen such a terrible vision when condensing the cave!

"Let this human race grow up, I am afraid that in the near future, we will have another enemy in the devil world."

"Take a shot, there is a command on the top, and the one who can kill is never alive. I would rather kill 10,000 by mistake instead of letting go of one. Even if we can't break in, we want to interrupt his condensed hole, there is no problem!"

"Join together, break through the inside and break his tendency to condense the cave. Want to condense the cave successfully in my demon world, think too much!"

Bang ~! !

The Demon Monster Clan has assembled six Demon Venerables, combined with seven Demon Venerable Demon Venerables, and eight Bloodthirsty Demon Venerables!

Twenty-one Demon Venerable spirits overshadowed all the strong men present!

Powerful, the desire to destroy the vision of the condensed cave that overflows from Tian'e Demon Prison!

"Oh, Senior, shall we help?"

A blue sacred light circulates, and the super-devil with beautiful appearance preached to the red-haired saint.

"Unrealistic...We haven't even broken the borders of the Demon Clan, even if the Dragon Clan is willing to attack with us, the chances of winning are very small, and it is too late..."

The red-haired saint shook his head and sighed.

"The evil spirit of Ningxue is too strange, but he chose Ningxie in Demon Realm, and he can only rely on himself to ask for more blessings..."