My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1519

Vol 5 Chapter 1519: The Perfect Ending

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Bang ~! !

At this moment, the tumultuous magic power covered the entire starry sky, and all the lights in all directions were dimmed. The sky seemed to be caught in the infinite darkness and the **** wave of the sky!

All the demon kings shot together, and for the first time, such superpowers let the young super monsters feel what it means to be "desperation"! A fear that penetrates into the soul is coming!

boom! There was a loud noise, the starry sky was torn apart, and within the disaster energy of Tian'e Demon Prison, a tear was opened!

The nine-color Shengxia vortex in the sky was scattered into the sky!

"Sure enough, it's over."

The old man with red hair sighed.

"Prepare to withdraw, our mission has been completed, at most half a day, this day Evil Devil will have to return to the previous violent state, then they can not enter the Demon Race."

When the old red-haired man waved his hand, there was a sudden exorcism!

"No, the vision was broken, but the Ning Point has not been cut off!"

Everyone stared at him, as expected, the nine-color whirlpool expanded again!


The appearance of the demon gods changed suddenly!

"He resisted?"

"Impossible! It is impossible for Hua Ning to withstand the attack of twenty-one devil statues.

When the strong of the dragon family was stunned, a tender and clear voice came from Tian'e Demon Prison.

"With me in, don't you want to move him a hair! Well, I'll blow you all up later!"

The girl's voice seemed to be somewhat fierce, but it was too young to listen to the threat of children.

"Huh! Where is the sacred, hide the head and tail, give the deity!"

"Ten Thousand Blood Burial Demon Hands!"

"Mind lock!"

Without saying a word, the demon lords had another round of offensive, and the starry sky was utterly cracked, and countless stars fell one after another.

However, all the offensives entered the vortex of purple-brown calamity energy, like a rock sinking into the sea!

And the vision of the Nine-color Shengxia vortex will condense again!

The demon are dumbfounded!

Feeling the helper of the condensed person, it is a bit terrible!

During this time, Lin Ping'an stayed in Tian'e Demon Hell, madly absorbing massive amounts of calamity energy, and his familiarity with Tian'e Demon Hell also increased rapidly.

Although it can't be used as an arm, but simply mobilizing the disaster energy of Tian'e Demon Prison to defend against the attacks of Demon Lords is still completely possible!

Outside the Evil Devil Prison.

"Do you want to kill it? Fight with them?"

"Kill your head, not to mention the damage to us from the disaster energy in the Heavenly Evil Prison, just the disaster breath is enough to cut off all our perceptions."

"When we went in, was our eyes blacked out and the sand scattered, letting others kill them?"

"You, we have to wait here as you say? You bloodthirsty demons are really special, they are coaxing a group!"

"Who told you to coax! Pay attention to your old dog, what kind of big-tailed wolf?"

"Why don't you come out and practice alone?"

The demon princes argued violently, and within a moment, the old complaints broke out again!

Prince Mohuang didn't say a word, but stared quietly at the vision in the void.

"It's too late, it's too late. He is ready to gather momentum, and he can't stop it."

The voice of Prince Mohuang has just dropped

boom! boom! boom!

In the Nine-color Shengxia vortex, the endless waves of the Holy Power swirl to the galaxy and return to the body!

In Tian'e Demon Prison, Lin Chen opened his eyes suddenly, and all his avatars absorbed all the power of the Holy Pill at the same time!

Sigh~! Click~

The energy crystal covering Lin Chen's body began to burst and shatter suddenly!

The light cocoon that covered Lin Chen's whole body began to shine!

The endless radiance swept through the demon like a hurricane, and all the power of Wumeng Poxin Pill was transformed into rolling holy power and injected into Lin Chen's 44th holy cave!

"There is no better time than now, the 44th holy cave, open it to me!"

Lin Chen opened his eyes, the clamor of the clank broke into the sky, and the holy body suddenly shocked, liberating all the energy of the suppressed top essence!

The inexhaustible divine power crashed like a dragon, and slammed into the 44th holy cave!


Nine-color Shengxia vortex, shocking the raging waves of energy, and even giving twenty-one demons to the tens of miles! All look horrified!

The powerful of all parties looked horrified!

In the whirlpool of the nine-color Holy Light, a thousand bangs and two thousand bangs were blown in a flash!

The potential of condensing the cave, like a real dragon flying, is unstoppable!

Three thousand bangs in a row, not stopped!

"Three thousand five hundred times..."

The old man with red hair shuddered, what a **** is this person!

The whirlpool of the nine-color Holy Light expands infinitely, making it look magnificent and magnificent, as if a galaxy is rotating under the starry sky, including the endless mystery.

Bang ~!

A world-like atmosphere of great shore, looming out of the Nine-color Shengxia vortex, suppressed all the super evil spirits' minds to death!

The demons are horrified!

What kind of mentality is this?

Actually, by using the power of condensing acupoints, they suppressed their handed down mentality?

It seems that there is a great will that dominates all living beings, not as strong as the creatures that belong to this universal plane.

This breath is just a flash, the whirlpool of the nine-color Holy Light expands to the climax!

At the moment when the last explosion of the Holy Light ends, the human race, dragon race, demon race, and three strong races cannot be calm for a long time.

A super demon swallowed hard and said in horror.

"The fourth condensing point... four... four thousand five hundred times!"

The sky of the sky, inside the star tower.

All the saints, evil spirits, old antiques, all stood in horror! !

This ups and downs, the strange soldier out of the extreme condensed hole, has ended with this kind of ending!

Four thousand five hundred times!

This number, even if it is the total multiple of condensed acupuncture points, is placed on the list of sages, it is enough to surpass many sages!

However, this is actually just a multiple of a single gel point!

Inside the Evil Devil Prison.

Lin Chen was suspended in the air, the holy body was as magnificent as the starry sky in the world, and he stood on the ground.

He shone with forty-four hexagon star-like holy caves, releasing the eternal light, as if standing here alone, it can open the world.

He took a deep breath and looked down at the moment he was in the palm of his hand, showing a little intoxication.

For the fourth time, he increased his holy power equivalent to 3150 trillion dragon power!

Just the holy power of this holy cave, you can dare to compete with the strong men in the middle and even late stages of Kaitian Realm!

"Four times of condensing the cave, my holy cave cultivation, added 550 trillion dragon power!"

The moment Lin Chen clenched his fists, Tiane Demon Prison exploded the infinite waves, crushing thousands of planes!

Originally, his cultivation was not counting the mental blessings, but the ultimate power of the Holy Power was only 15.5655 trillion dragon power.

However, now the power of his holy cave can explode with nearly 5,600 dignity without counting the "Extreme Possession" and Tai Yi Fu Tian Ju!

When Lin Chen gazed at his'Tai Yi space-time', forty-four hexagonal star mounts hung up, and the Holy Force was several times more horrible than the Holy Cave of Lin Chen's body!

At this moment, Lin Chen's mouth was madly rising!

The demon prince will no longer be out of reach!

"Take a demon prince to practice your hands and warm up, it seems to be a good choice." Lin smirked.

From now on, all situations will be unknown!