My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1520

Vol 5 Chapter 1520: The Secret Of Tian'e Demon Prison

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Practise your hands with the Demon Crown Prince?

If the super demon outside knows Lin Chen's idea, he is afraid to vomit blood...

Only Lin Chen could come up with such a distraught idea!

Lin Chen's mind is running, countless nine-color Saint Xia can be returned to the body, Lin Chen's body is full of radiance, like an undefeated god!

At this moment, Lin Chen was running his divine power and bombarded me with a strange punch!

Bang ~! boom! boom! boom!

In the Evil Demon Prison, a burst of stars disintegrated, and the infinite amount of disaster energy exploded into the weather waves and distorted the light!

In the magic prison where the scourge of disasters spread, hundreds of thousands of miles of space were actually broken into a vacuum! This is an area that is ten thousand times stronger than the Holy World space!


Lin Ping's eyes twinkled with small stars, clenched a small pink fist, his face flushed with excitement; "Lin Chen, you can go out and blow them up!"

too strong!

She knew that Lin Chen's strength was extraordinary, and after Ningxue was very different, but she didn't expect to be so strong!

Lin Chen looked at his fist in shock, and he couldn't believe it.

Just by running the Holy Power, the lethality of his Holy Power exceeded 20,000 Dignity!

"It is worthy of being the two most important basic realms called the saint realm, the condensed cave realm and the expanded cave realm. The stronger the foundation, the blooming each holy cave is a qualitative leap!"

Lin Chen's war intentions were violent and mad, and the corner of his mouth provoked an awe-inspiring arc.

"Under the premise of not calculating the mind, my holy strength is comparable to 5594 powers, and the passive effect of the talents of the virtual holy cave and the supernatural possession of the Taiyi Futian Jue is counted. The ultimate lethality of my holy strength can reach 27970 dignity!"

The destructive power of nearly 28,000 deities!

What is this concept?

You should know that apart from a very small number of peerless demon and holy talent list, the ordinary opening of the heavens opens a holy cave, and the added holy power is only more than four hundred divine power!

However, Shengli cultivation is cultivation practice, the actual combat strength is the actual combat strength, Lin Chen's real combat strength has yet to be measured.

In a top-level holy battle, there are too many factors affecting the outcome, and it is not just holding power that can win.

For example, if the evil spirits in the cave-expanding realm and the old rivers and lakes in the life-and-death realm fight, even if the holy powers of the two sides are close to the same level, the latter may also win because the vitality of the body in the life-death realm is extremely strong, and the non-expansion realm can compare.

However, at least Lin Chen has the capital to contend!

"Go, let's go..."

Lin Chen was about to take Lin Ping to kill him, but he suddenly flashed.

Lin Chen's eyes fell into the depths of Tian'e Demon Hell.

"Peace, can you take me in."

Lin Chen said suddenly.

Lin Pingan nodded: "Energy is energy, but the energy in this area is becoming more and more violent. We must seize the time. If it becomes completely violent, I will not only be unable to absorb the energy here, even you cannot protect it." ."

"Then go!"

The two skimmed directly into the depths!

Lin Chen vaguely felt that there was a strange energy body in the depths of Tian'e Demon Hell!

If not, how could the Demon Race break into here desperately?

Tian'e Demon Prison seems to have a limited range, but in fact it actually travels as if it is separated by several distant stars-

Lin Chen put away the avatars, and his avatars are still the practice of expanding the cave realm.

The reason is very simple. Lin Chen's phantom doppelganger does not automatically synchronize with the highest state.

If he breaks through a whole new realm, he must reapply the Phantom Rune.

Lin Chen urged Shengli to roll a vacuum trajectory with Nine Wings of Devil!

Taking his current practice as an example, the display of the Nine Wings of Heavenly Demon, the speed of which is simply outrageous, crosses the stars but in an instant.

In the depths of Tian'e Demon Prison, a purple-brown astrolabe turns slowly.

In fact, only Lin Chen's level of spiritual perception can detect that the seemingly slowly rotating astrolabe, in fact, the positive pole is spinning fast!

It has a radius of thousands of miles, and even light cannot escape. It is absorbed into the dark black disk in the center. The space is twisting and collapsing, and time seems to fall into eternity there.

"Is this a black hole..."

Lin Chen had the chance to marvel at these sights in the future, but found Lin Pingan standing in a daze.

But see, just above the purple-brown astrolabe, suspended a dark black crystal, lingering in black light, like the size of a longan.

Lin Chen tried his best to release his spiritual perception. The more carefully he perceives, the more terror he finds!

That kind of feeling, like falling into the endless abyss, cold and thorny. The whole body and even the spirit are torn apart, as if all the disasters in this world have come upon oneself.

"What a terrible disaster energy! It seems to be the source of all the painful disasters in this world..."

Lin Chen was shocked and his pupils shrank.

This feeling, he only felt in Lin Ping's body!

It is a disaster of pain!

"It... failed."

Lin Pingping lowered his head, his eyes flashing, not knowing what he was thinking, muttering to himself.

"It seems... It was the agony of previous generations, it has existed for a long time, longer than me... It was besieged to death, and after death, it continued to have countless disasters attached to it. Consciousness, condensed into this thing."

Lin Chen said: "Does it still have consciousness?"

Lin Pingjing shook his head, "The last bit of consciousness is left. It has no previous spiritual wisdom. This is the final form after its energy essence. It seems to want to follow me."

Lin Chen said again: "Can you control it? This is not a joke, how to save it after taking it away."

"It won't hurt me. I can feel that it is asking for help. It wants to leave this world completely... Moreover, I can seal it and absorb it again."

After thinking a little, Lin Chen seriously said, "You help me disperse these disasters, and I will take it away. However, after sealing this thing, you will leave it with me for safekeeping, and wait for me to confirm that there is no danger to you. Only then can it be absorbed."

Lin Chen brought Lin Ping'an out of the holy prison in order that she could have power and choose to become a mortal life.

Absorbing this thing, Lin Ping's strength may rise, but Lin Chen must guarantee absolute safety before she can touch it.

"Well! I listen to you!"

Lin Ping's little tiger's teeth were exposed, looking at Lin Chen, who had always been cynical, with a serious look on his face, and his heart was warm.

When Ni Ziyu waved her hand, the frustration on both sides receded like a tide. Lin Chen immediately flew her hands into the air and clenched her fingers.

The gigantic hand of the Holy Light circulated in nine light and colors, quickly grasping the dark disaster crystal core of the void, with enough strength, I pulled it!

If it werent for cultivation, Lin Chens divine power would not be able to take this dark disaster crystal core.

Lin Ping's fingertips frowned, his halo of lavender light shrouded the dark crystal nucleus, and the energy of its riot began to slowly subside.

"Well, it's done."

Lin Ping'an handed it back to Lin Chen very well. He also personally set up several seals of the Holy Power, and finally decided that it would not be rioted, and threw it into the four seasons planting capsule.

"Okay, let's go..."

Lin Chen's words didn't finish, suddenly the pupil shrank suddenly!

The moment he put the sealed dark disaster crystal nucleus into the four seasons capsule, he discovered a vision!

Four long red crimson damasks fluttered across the sky, and they shimmered a divine light, seeming to feel something.


Lin Chen took a breath of air, and he looked at the center of Tian'e Demon Hell, and the purple-brown roulette, as if in the endless darkness, seemed to hide other mysteries.

"Your uncle, won't you..."

Red God Aya, actually reacted to Tian'e Demon Prison?