My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1521

Vol 5 Chapter 1521: Positive Bang

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"Since the day when the red **** Aya acquired herself, there has never been such a vision..."

Lin Chen's heart could not be calm for a long time.

Haotian Saint King chased him for this thing, Lin Xingchen broke into the World Tower for this thing and he did everything he could to kill him.

And the red **** Aya seems to be one of the reasons for the Nine Clan Wars!

What kind of treasure is this? Its hidden secret, Lin Chen never thought about or ignored it.

Because it is too far away from its own level!

But now, the red **** Aya actually reacted!

"There is no doubt that Chishen Aya perceives the space-time black hole in the middle of Tian'e Demon Prison... If you go in, can you unlock its secret?"

Lin Chen's heartbeat quietly accelerated.

This thing can become the cause of the Nine Clan Wars, and its hidden secrets may be earth-shattering!

If Lin Chen got it, maybe it would really take off!

With such a huge adventure in front of him, Lin Chen cannot be unimpressed!

"With my current strength, entering the black hole, there must be no problem in protecting yourself."

Lin Chen treaded in the air, Lin Ping looked at him suspiciously.

After a moment, Lin Chen turned around and resolutely left, smiling with a chic wave.

"Come on Nizi, we are out."

Lin Pingan gave Lin Chen a puzzled look and smiled: "Well!"

Perhaps Lin Chen's realm has skyrocketed, and his strength is not comparable to the past, but this does not mean that he is invincible in the world, nor does it mean that he can now be inflated.

With his current strength in Lin Chen, it was put in the Nine Clan Wars of that year, but it is!

Not to mention, the red **** Aya he possessed was patchy and incomplete.

Although Lin Chen's life and death are bearish, he dares to fight and fight hard. When it's hard, never take it soft, but it doesn't mean he is going to die.

Under such circumstances, attempting to spy on such shocking secrets undoubtedly stretched your head towards the guillotine.

"Even if there is no red **** Aya, relying on the Tai Yi Fu Tian Ju and God of War set, one day I also believe that I can stand on the pinnacle of the Holy Realm, to gamble for a completely unknown chance, not my style."

When Lin Chen left, he deeply looked at the very center of Evil Devil.

One day, maybe he can come to unlock the secret here.

But it is not now!

"Now, it's time to go out and settle the interest with these demons!"

Lin Chen stretched his lazy waist, bursting out the holy force of the three thousand planes!

"It just happened to put the innate five-element element in the overtime space plane, which consumed a lot of my talent points. Now even the talent points sent back to Kyushu are not enough. Hey, go out and do a few Mozu to collect attribute values!

Bang ~!

Lin Chen stepped away and moved the void!

Outside the Evil Devil Prison.

Powerful people from all sides looked at each other with doubts in their eyes.


"Does Ningxue fail? Is it dead inside?"

"It's impossible. The fourth life of Ning Point is full of strength and strength. For example, in the middle of the sky, Ning Point has been continuously for 4,500 times.

"Could it be that, without all of us perceiving, we ran away?"

"Do not rule out this possibility, since this child can be mixed into the devil world, it means that we may not be able to recognize his disguise..."

Just when the powerful people of various races have been discussing and stalemate


A wave of distressed breath was torn!

The tall, slender figure stepped out slowly, followed by a short leg behind him, and it looked like a demon.

Everyone was shocked!

Appeared! This child is not dead!

All the strong men looked at him carefully. He was covered with magic energy rising, and he looked like a teenager with a blue dragon mark on his face.

When facing all the demons, he actually smiled like a rose flower!

"It's really hard for you to come over a long distance and let me kill me. Thank you very much. Come and let the coach tell you which Devil of the Iron Iron wants to die first."

The young man smiled, and all the demons were stunned, instantly angry!

Damn, where is your confidence!

"do not move."

At this time, the first demons who spoke were actually Crown Prince Mohuang.

He stepped out slowly, and a wicked and brutal smile appeared on the evil and beautiful face.

"Human race, you have to say that your disguise is very good, even the prince did not see through!"

"However, you won't have any chance this time! You will be stronger and have a more brilliant future. It's also a dead soul under Prince Ben!"

Prince Mohuang's head banged with a bright red flame!


All the demon lords took a deep breath, and with a terrified expression, they all withdrew.

boom! boom! boom!

Infinite coercion, as the Devil Emperor kisses him, is supreme, overbearing and pure, suppresses all over the world and sweeps the world!

At this moment, it seems that time and space have ceased to stagnate. This supreme magic power is like a thousand planes suppressing the blood of all demons!

If you are too close to Prince Mohuang, you can't even play the power of Demon King!

"Devil Emperor Bloodline, the prince actually used Demon Emperor Bloodline!"

"This kid is dead! Once the blood of the Devil Emperor is out, the prince is enough to slaughter the Qun!"

The demons are horrified and startled, the human race is even more shocked and sighed!

Once the demon prince activates the blood line of the devil emperor, it represents the real thing!

That's right, just like Lin Chen Shenglong's "Taxi God Light", you have to urge the peerless supernatural powers that the dragon bloodline can use!

However, just now, Prince Mohuang has not tried his best, and has already broken Lin Chen's "Taxi God Light" into pieces!

This is not to say that Lin Chen's bloodline of the Shenlong is not as good as that of the Devil Emperor, but that the difference between the two sides is the cultivation behavior under the accumulation of time.

Now using the blood of Devil Emperor, Prince Mohuang's strength is not at the same level as before!


The blood of the Devil Emperor burned violently, burning into a bright red flame, covering the Crown Prince Mohuang, such as the Devil of the World!

Previously, Prince Mohuang was impeded by his identity, so he would use the blood of the Devil Emperor if he took an unknown Wild Demon. Isnt it like the proof of a group of demons that the son of the Demon Emperor is not as good as a wild demon?

He couldn't pull this identity at all!

However, the potential shown by Lin Chen is enough for him to show his true strength!

If you dont kill this son, you will create a strong enemy for the demon world in time!

"Ningxue is four and five hundred times. If you can grow up, it must be a peerless sage in the history of the human race. You deserve to die in the hands of this prince!"

"One move. This Prince will make you die alive! Let you know that potential and combat power are not the same thing at all!"

The Crown Prince Mo Huang darted out a palm, almost even Mozun had a kind of unseen speed!

Lin Chen sneered jokingly: "So much nonsense!"

At the moment of running the mind, Lin Chen swept away with a punch!

Sigh~! Bang~!

A huge mushroom cloud like a galaxy rises, and the entire border of the demon world is tilted like a sky!

Crown Prince Mohuang, with a retreat of her figure, took ten steps back!

Lin Chen stepped back a dozen steps and broke into a void, safe and sound! !

At this moment, the powerful tribes fell into a strange silence!


The super monsters almost thought they were wrong.

"Laozi got presbyopia at such a young age?"

"Seriously... Hua Ningjing took the palm of the Demon Prince?"

Lin Chen cultivated his virtue of Hua Ning alone, and actually took Prince Mohuang's decisive blow!

Crown Prince Mo Huang stared at Lin Chen in death, muttering an incredible shock.

"You are more than thousands of times!"

Lin Chen laughed.

"The show is just beginning, Prince Mohuang."