My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1522

Vol 5 Chapter 1522: Awesome

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Not only are the human races dumbfounded, even the dragon and demon races are also terrified!

What a joke?

If the opponent is a list of sages and can fight against the Crown Prince Mohuang, they will not be surprised at all!

According to the rumors of being mixed into the human race in the demon world, the other party is also a list of holy talents!

But the problem is that this is a condensed environment!

Which of the human races can become a list of holy talents? It's impossible!


The red-haired saint thinks of certain possibilities and almost stands upside down!

"The kid's total multiple of condensed acupuncture points... far more than 10,700 times!"

Everyone is strong, think carefully!

Yes, if the total agglutination points are only 10,700 times in four times, even if his acupuncture points are up to the sky, it will not be more than a few hundred power!

Before, he used pure power to contend with the demon prince.

What is he relying on now? What a weird Holy Spirit repair is too special!

What the **** is he?

What the **** is this guy disguised as a demon!

Bang ~!

Lin Chen held it with one hand, and the Demon War Gun emerged out of thin air. The sharp red air was like puncturing the sky!

The pupils of all the demons are trembling, and it is actually an eighth grade holy weapon!

"Good guy, what's the point of this kid?"

"The Eighth Grade Sacred Object is only held by a very small number of five-turn saints or holy talents."

"The sacristy reaches eighth grade, and each piece is a legacy. The nineth grade holy can only be held by the individual nine-turn saint strong and holy king-level strong!"

The super monsters exclaimed.

Lin Chen's Demon Slaughter Gun can extract the top-level Saint Demon Crystal and absorb the life energy of the Demon Clan to grow. This is a masterpiece from the two casting giants!

He snapped his fingers.

"From now on, this handsome is not aimed at one of your demon races, I just want to kill all the demon races here!"

"It's a big breath, Prince Ben will wipe you out today!"

Crown Prince Mohuang stretched out his hand and turned his palm like a python-like blood, turning into a blood blade that split the sky!

The blood blade is covered with shocking blood lines, up to three feet long, and the blade is engraved with dark red claw marks, just like a deserted blood demon has been sealed!

"Magic God Blade?"

"This is the magical power of Lord Devil!"

"Run! The prince is desperate!"

Those who are as strong as Demon Venerables can't help but be shocked by the color change!

Holding the blood blade of the magic huang in hand, the crown prince of the magic huang cut diagonally across the sky, and the tip of the knife looted a **** sky!

"True dragon dances!"

Lin Chen spins with one hand, the gun body rotates like a flywheel, and the thousands of holy forces turn into dragon qi rotation.

Endless, **** slashing like snow flakes to Lin Chen!

Lin Chen was at ease, and when the corner of his mouth was raised, his hands slammed the magic holy gun in the air, and a thousand blows in a blink of an eye. The flurry of nine-color dragon gas blasted all the **** slashes from the blast!

Dang Dang Dang! Bang Bang Bang!

Successive explosions like star bursts, like a burst of devastating energy storms, swept the entire demon boundary, and directly torn the space boundary!

However, the four super monsters in the top 200 are more sharp-eyed than other monsters. When they see the battle situation clearly, their pupils shrink!

Lin Chen urged the Holy Power defense while wielding the war gun with both hands, and displayed a purple gold soft armor condensed by Holy Power. Occasionally, he put his hand in his pocket and gave it a few shots. Abdomen, the face is relaxed and freehand.

"He is taking the panacea?"

"No, it's not... he was not traumatized at all, he was eating wandering fruit!"

"Crazy? The demon prince who is full of firepower, dare to eat?"

The four evils were dumbfounded.

Is this serious?

A Hua Ning and the demon prince are fighting, dare to eat'snacks'?

At the next moment, Lin Chen even took out a pair of black sunglasses from his pocket and put on it, so calmly coping with the posture of the Demon Crown Prince, it just made the four demon scalp numb!

"Damn, dare to look down on this prince! Blood Huang moves Dafa!"

Crown Prince Mohuang stepped on a burning dark red devil qi, and disappeared in an instant. The shuttle to the void, like the space moved to the back of Lin Chen!

He was terrified, his war intentions vented violently, the blood of the Devil Emperor burned to the extreme, and the endless coercion was like the thunder of the world. He wanted to suppress Lin Chen, and he held the knife with both hands and cut Lin Chen's head!

Sigh~! Tear ~!

The blood of the knife tip exploded and shattered Lin Chen, leaving only a pair of sunglasses crushed into nothingness.

"Afterimage? What!"

When the Prince of Magic Huang changed color, a figure of nine magic wings was unfolded, and a red surging war gun was held in his hand. The body was quickly selected and smashed down like a gun wheel!

Sigh~! Bang~! !

The space between the two sides exploded, and the Crown Prince Mo Huang retreated, but it was the first time he was repelled by Lin Chen?

Crown Prince Mohuang fought like a maniac, his shoulders shuddered abruptly, his blood blade chopped hundreds of knives with a flash of blood, and the blood-stained shadow of the sky centered on him, swept up like a frenzy, and rolled towards Lin Chen!

Everyone's demon face changed completely!

This trick was that the Prince Mohuang had crushed their "Devil Doppelgnger" in one photo!

However, this urged the Crown Prince Mohuang of the Devil Emperor's blood to use this trick, and its power has not only skyrocketed dozens of times!

Lin Chen can be said to be light and windy, five fingers wiped his waist, five fingers held three handles of holy light flow, sharp-edged sharp flying knife, knife tip flashing the knife-man, Lin Chenyun suddenly flicked out the holy force!

"Instant Light SplitLotus Dance!"

Qiang~! Tear ~! call out! call out! call out!

The flying knife broke the sky, the shadow of the lotus flower covering the sky and the sun was blooming, and the knife flashed like a violent wind and rain, which slammed into the "Magic Doppelganger" of Prince Mohuang!

An unprecedented energy frenzy slammed up like a collision of two vast galaxies. A series of terrorist explosions, each explosion was enough to stun one of the early days of Kaitian!

One person, one demon, the battle is terrifying!

The two sides fought from the border of the demon world to the outside of the border, and in turn went into the sky of the sky, smashing countless stars. Then he fought out again, attacking constantly, like the aurora traveling through the world.

Every collision will set off the aftermath of the aftermath of energy!

The speed is so fast, and with the perfection of the open world, few people can see clearly!

Prince Mohuang wields out layers of swords, shining like a peerless edge, fighting to madness, and even more terrifying is that his swordsmanship is mixed with other Demon peers!

"Desperate Shura hands!"

"Nine heavy burning palms!"

In the shadow of the sword and the gun, two giant palms covering the sky emerge, one palm is destined to kill life, and the other palm is burning the sky, crashing!

"Hell finger!"

"Wind Demon Margin Finger!"

There are two aurora-like fingers tearing the void, and exploding this star field with a sneer!

The strong men of all races can be said to be forced to retreat and retreat, their faces are horrified!

"Is this really a human race that turns Ningjing..."

"Impossible. At most, Ningjing is considered to be a strong holy force. How can his reaction speed and holy body recovery ability keep up with the demon prince?"

"What's so special about me being crazy or is this world crazy!"

The strong tribes have been subverted again and again!

They found that any common sense in the world is not suitable for this guy disguised as a demon!

His mother, such a subversive existence, they really want to know...

Who is this kid?