My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1523

Vol 5 Chapter 1523: The Gods Are Descending Fighting The Demons Alone

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One person, one demon, unprecedented unprecedented learning, every move is shocking, violently disturbing Zhou Tianfengyun, the world changes color!

This battle is already a tremendous battle that is infinitely close to the level of the Saints List!

As long as you give both parties a certain amount of time, it will not be a problem to reach the height of the Holy Talent List in the future!

Crown Prince Mohuang is the rising star of the demon world, and it is the Crown Prince of the Devil Race that has only risen in the past century.

Strictly speaking, there is a subtle difference between him and the human clan list, so he always wanted to personally challenge a human clan list before he decided to rush to the sky.

The demon kings were trembling with horror.

They know very well what it means to fight such a unrestricted demon prince!

If it is true fighting power, the demon lords are not weaker than the Crown Prince Mohuang.

But the problem lies in the crushing of bloodline grade and life level!

No matter how strong a tiger is, it is just a tiger. A real dragon is a real dragon no matter how young it is.

Just like the holy babies of the human clan list, so is the blood line of the Devil Emperor, which has a great suppression effect on all creatures.

All descendants who reach the "God Realm" have the advantage of crushing countless creatures in the world.

As strong as the Demon Venerables, if you face Prince Mohuang who activates the bloodline, within a certain range, it will be completely suppressed by the blood pressure, and your strength will not be able to play 30% or 40%!

Not only the deity, but also the human race or the dragon race!


Seeing Lin Chen wearing a pair of sunglasses again, the demons respected his scalp.

This kid was like a boring person, calmly and calmly facing all the devil emperors of Prince Mohuang, but nothing happened!

What kind of fairy is this?

Not to mention that the tenacity of Lin Chen's will can be called against the sky, just this "Tai Yi Fu Tian Ju", Lin Chen can resist the divine power, not even the power of the Devil Emperor, why fear the son of the Devil Emperor in this area!

"Lin Chen, come on, Lin Chen! Come on it, just hit hard!"

Lin Pingan cheered for Lin Chen on the side, very hard.

The demon lords stared at each other, sending sound instantly.

"A little while later, the prince may not be able to take this one."

"We will assist the prince later, and win his party first!"

"Yes, as long as we fight for a long time, our family will win, this is always our territory!"

"Recently, his vision of condensed caves must have shocked everyone at the top. I'm afraid it won't take long before more Demon Venerables will come. As long as you hold him back, we will win!"

When he made up his mind, all the demon lords stepped up from the sky and went straight to the forest to go safely!

"Well, Lin Chen was right, they will definitely rush at me."

Lin Ping's wrinkled Qiong's nose, exposing the white tiger teeth.

"Then it's my turn to explode them all!"

Lin Pingan rubbed his hands and was preparing to shoot, but the three figures were in front of her, and he smiled awe-inspiringly.

"Wait a minute, Nizi, you and my avatar joined forces. We only need one avatar to break through, which is enough to hit their Demon Race!"

The corner of Lin Chens doppelganger's mouth rose. This is the right time!

In order to prepare for the battle at this moment, Lin Chen happened to terminate the alchemy of all avatars in the Holy Realm in advance!

Then, Lin Chen's avatars were all sealed!

"Demon King Reincarnation Dafa! Phantom Rune, start again!"

Bang ~!

Brush brush ~!

At this moment, Lin Chen placed the phantom avatar of the Holy Realm and disappeared awe-inspiringly!

Outside Tian'e Demon Prison, God's Light descended from the sky, God's Light circulated, Guanghua floated, and a slender figure who stepped up one by one was raised.

[The host re-launched the phantom rune, which has merged with the latest modification of the synchronous host, consuming 12.9 million top rune energy.

Lin Chen's rune energy bottomed out at once, almost 7 million rune energy left!

His phantom rune will consume rune energy according to the host's cultivation behavior. The stronger the host's cultivation behavior, the more rune energy it consumes!

Lin Chen did not send the avatar directly through the macro plane.

His talent points are not enough to send three avatars. He directly released the avatars in the Holy Realm, and then re-used the Phantom Rune. As a result, all six of Lin Chens avatars were together!

The moment the avatar appeared, almost at the same time, the demon kings all killed!

Lin Chens six avatars, like the gods of heaven, shocked by the steep sky, sweeping the sun, moon and galaxy like the nine-light Shengxia!

They either stand with swords, or carry blue bows, or use swords to step into the air, all of them are extraordinary!

All the phantom avatars of Lin Chen faced all the demon lords and burst out in an instant.

[The host simultaneously launches instant light splitting and extinction fissure talents, consuming 300 million advanced talent points.

"Nine heavy burning palms!"

"God tears!"

"Zixia breaks the stars!"

"Billions of stars!"

"Wind Demon Margin Finger!"

"Lotus Dance!"

Bang ~!

The offensive was shocking, and the tide-like lotus blade flashed, followed by another blade across the galaxy spinning at a rapid speed!

When Daomang was rotating, it shivered slightly, and Daoqi was divided into five. It suddenly exploded and turned into an infinite amount of Daoqi fragments, which were twisted hard to all Demon Venerables!

Five Zixia arrows turned into Changhong, penetrated the attack of the four Demon Kings, and even drove them back frontally!

The wind demon aurora divided into five, when penetrating the attacks of the five demon lords, torn their demon body into a shocking wound and spit blood on the spot!

The sword light gleamed with the blazing light of hundreds of millions of stars, dazzling, the sword cut nine days, and the sword broke the demons!

boom! boom! boom!

The swarms of demons fell and suffered different degrees of injuries. The blood of the demons spilled into the sky and shocked the powerful dragons!

The demon lords were wounded, and the massive attribute light ball remained in the void, and Lin Chen's Holy Dragon quietly took it away.

Sigh~! Bang~!

Lin Chen's body blessed the armor of the God of War. When he flew the blood blade of Prince Mohuang, he punched him in the chest with a punch, the bone broke, and the blood spit and flew back!

At this moment, Lin Chen stepped into the air suspended, striking the silver robe without wind, automatically overlooking the living beings, arrogant between the stars, no one can stop it.

Such a scenery, completely shocked many powerful people!

Fight the demons alone!

Repel the Prince of Magic Huang!

"God is down..."

A super demon of national beauty and Tianxiang couldn't help but clamp the jade legs, and the blue eyes sparkled with splendor.

In this world, there is such a sage of condensed environment that is so unreasonably strong!

This is the background of Lin Chen. The God of War suit is always his trump card. If he really talks about fighting strength, only when his cultivation base is improved, his cultivation base will shine!

"Human race! This prince wants you to die, no doubt he will die!"

Crown Prince Mohuang's expression was so frightening that he was about to hold the Blood Blade of Mohuang again-

However, the corners of Lin Chen's mouth went up wildly.

He reached up and raised his fingers!

"Super chaotic."


When the ringing fingers echoed, there was a crackling tear!

All Demon Venerable, Demon Blood Hurricane!

Their injuries couldn't stop. Not only that, even consciousness and demons appeared in different states of confusion, and they felt like they were spinning in the sky, as if the space was constantly rotating, they were almost unstable!

Lin Ping's eyes shone with little stars.

"Wow, this trick is so powerful, I really want to learn!"