My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1524

Vol 5 Chapter 1524: The Ultimate Rebel

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"Is this guy still human?"

"Is he as strong as he can still have six avatars?"

"Fake, it's too fake! Strong like a fake one!"

"To be reasonable, I don't think that our human race will be born with such talents. Imagine if he reaches the Na Xing Realm, the Sacred Heart State, this Sacred World, who can stop him?"

When the super demon of the human race is staggered

Bang ~!

Lin Chens avatars stepped on, and the Nine Wings of the Heavenly Demon rushed directly into the direction of the Demon Venerables!

If Lin Chens six avatars had only superficial combat power, it was not enough to completely threaten twenty-one Demon Venerables.

This is comparable to a dozen of one-turn saints, and several of them are two-turn saints!

However, Lin Chen's "Instant Light Breakup" paired with the two super-strike talents of "Extinction Crack" is simply a metamorphosis!

These two talents almost grew up with Lin Chen's growth!

For a time, Lin Chen's avatars swooped the attribute light spheres while violently attacking the devil lords!

The demon lords in the state of "super chaos" were caught off guard by Lin Chen's avatars who broke out of the instant light splitting all the way!

"This... what's going on?"

"The deity's injury could not be recovered from bloodthirsty Dafa?"

"Weird, too weird! This kid's means are weird, the deity can't even recover from the injury of a solidified environment?"

The demon kings were attacked all the way, and their scalp was numb!

This is the most suffocating battle they have fought, even if the injury cannot be recovered, even the aura of consciousness is vague!

The battle consciousness of Mozun is vague and chaotic. This is a terrible thing!

It should be known that the biggest difference between Devil Sovereign and One-Turn Saint is the sublimation of fighting consciousness and skill.

However, now this absolute advantage has been halted by Lin Chen!

Sacred state of mind maximizes the vitality of souls, but Lin Chen has the talent of extinction and cracking, and he restrains death!

After turning above the saints, Lin Chen has the talent of super chaos, suppressing their fighting consciousness for a thousand thoughts for more than half!

It can be said that the proud strength of the Holy Land has transformed into a realm, and Lin Chen has suppressed two major areas!

This fortress is buried deep enough!

"Very good, I didn't expect the super chaotic talent to have a magical effect on Mozun. The coach changed his mind!"

Lin Chen's eyes were full of fierce light!

Originally, he just wanted to kill a group of peak Saint Demon Kings, and saved enough attribute values to start off.

Good fellow, the current Demon King has been suppressed by more than half of his strength, and at most it is comparable to the realm of Kaitian Realm, which is weaker than most of the one-turn saints!

This repressive contrast is more perverted than any powerful slow rune!

Don't do it at this time, but when to wait!

Made this group of demon lords!

The six avatars bombarded wildly, the demon lords, but only those old demon venoms comparable to the two-turned saint could counteract Lin Chen's avatar.

Bang ~!

Lin Chen's body rolled up a wave of air, shuttled through the void, and the Nine Wings of the Heavenly Demon rolled up in anger, moved into the air, and rushed to the three nearest Devil Venerables!

"Want to engage in a sneak attack?"

Crown Prince Mohuang stepped across the sky, and the battle turned to the stars, when he was about to stop Lin Chen.

A white jade-like powder fist carrying a storm-like distress, crushed thousands of planes with one punch, and knocked Prince Mohuang back with one punch!


Crown Prince Mo Huang turned around, Lin Ping pinched his fist, hehe laughed.

"The midfielder has changed for a second, the others are afraid of you, the blood of the Devil Emperor, and Grandma is not afraid!"

Lin Ping didn't say anything. He repeatedly raised the pink and tender jade fists, slammed against the Crown Prince Mohuang, rolled the infinite poisonous dragon wandering around the sky, and madly crushed Prince Mohuang around all directions, sealing his retreat to death!

Lin Ping'an, who has absorbed the calamity of Tiane's Demon Prison, cultivated to chase the three-turned saint!

Seeing to deal with a Lin Ping that is more difficult than Lin Chen, Prince Mohuang had no chance to distract, only to sacrifice more killing moves to resist, almost suffocated to spit blood!

In the past, he relied on the blood of the Devil Emperor, which can be said to be unfavorable in the vertical and horizontal Demon Realm, but today he has been deflated repeatedly. What monsters are these guys!

The exchange of opponents between the two sides was almost instantaneous, and Lin Chen came to the four wounded Mozun!


Lin Chenshe didn't use a gun, and the fastest and strongest attack broke out. She swung the knife at the close distance on the spot, "Peer Yan", and pulled out a "God Tears"!

"Explosion!" Lin Chen snorted coldly, and instantaneous parting started!

boom! boom! boom!

The five snow-white swords explode, turning into blades of wind and rain like blades, scattered like broken awns!

The wounded Demon Vendors took a breath.

Damn, this kid is crazy!

How can this play be done!

Isn't he afraid of strangling himself when such a large-scale and ultra-high explosive attack erupts at such close range?

"Taixi ShenguangJinzhiyuyi!"

The red-golden iris instantly surged around Lin Chen's body, and his body surface was covered with a touch of golden light.

Lin Chen instantly launched the absolute defense and his orange-level intermediate defense mastery, Golden Jade Garment, hard against his God Tears!

Taking Lin Chen's current practice as a trick to "God Tears", such scenes are enough to break up the star field!

As long as Lin Chen waved his sword, it would be the fall of the stars and the plague of the world. Every piece of knife gas was enough to cut the continental plate!

Countless Blades of Sword Qi are mixed with Spirit Shards, Power Shards, and Holy Power Broken Mansions, and almost immediately twisted the four Demon Kings to the center of the vortex of Sword Shards!

They don't even have the opportunity to travel through the void, and they will penetrate their magical energy defenses again and again.

"Slow rune!"

Lin Chen shot all the rune energy directly as a slow rune, and the slow rune was super chaotic. The four demon lords were completely in a state of confusion and stagnation, almost dead!

"No! Break the shackles!"

"This kid must be brewing something, try his best to rush out!"

The four demon lords have all been through thousands of battles. When Lin Chen launched this offensive, he immediately knew what the boy was thinking.

He must be brewing some big tricks, he must not let him succeed!

Sigh~! The blood of the three Mozun dried up quickly, as fast as the tide receded!

They devoured their own blood and burned their lives at the cost of their magic energy, and all their desires broke through the bondage!

"Demon Vener, late, before you die, you will surely see the most beautiful scene in this world."

Lin Chen's palm is spinning a star of nine colors!

Nine Tribulation Stars!

The elemental attribute value has skyrocketed, plus the cultivation power of nearly 28,000 divine power, this nine-robbing star, and blessing with the "instant light split", will be a real blow! !

Lin Chen flicked his hands, and the nine-color stars turned into the most beautiful meteor in the world, falling like a sky!

Bang ~!

The meteor broke through the sky and exploded from all four demons!

Five beams of nine-color light beams are blooming between heaven and earth, with a length of tens of thousands of feet and a width of millions of feet.

At this moment, all the powerful people who witnessed this scene felt a chill from the soles of their feet, shocking!

This blow, even if the second-turn saint was hit, it is definitely a nine-death life!

There is no earth-shattering explosion, only the aurora-like nine-color stars are gorgeous.

After a long time, when Guanghua passed away, four huge demon bodies were suspended in the void, and he was absolutely dead.

Many Demon Kings shuddered fiercely!


So did all four of them die?

The other party was shocked, Lin Chen could not!

He was urged by his body, ran away, and rushed into the attribute light ball pile, directly caught the four orange attribute chests in the void!

These four attribute treasure chests are Lin Chen's five levels! Kill the deity by hand and drop it!

What attributes will be dropped?

When Lin Chen opened the first orange attribute chest-

[The host opens the unique attribute treasure chest and gets a one-time orange rank talent: the ultimate natural rebel.

Lin Chenru was struck by thunder!

The ultimate rebel? What kind of talent is this?