My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1525

Vol 5 Chapter 1525: The Arrival Of The Big Era.

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[One-time Orange Rank Advanced Talent, Ultimate Talent: Extreme instant kill type talent, the host enters the status of the natural killer, breaking the defense to instant kill. Scope of application: The following is the cultivation of the gods (including gods).

Lin Chen is also surprised and puzzled. Isn't this talent the same as the'Natural One'?

However, when he noticed the second half of the talent description, he gasped completely!

"Scope of application, below divine realm? Including true god?"

Lin Chen was dumbfounded. Unlike the previous talents of the "Sky Rebel", the talents of the Sky Rebel are only applicable to the opening of the realm, while the ultimate Sky Reverse is applicable to the **** realm!

Isn't this another, as long as the conditions are met, another talent that can kill God?

[The host opens the unique attribute treasure chest and obtains a one-time orange-level talent: God Killer.

[The host opens the unique attribute treasure chest and obtains the orange rank intermediate passive talent: Destruction Explosion. All hostile attacks of the host have a 10% probability of causing a 50% penetration of the enemy's first layer of defense, causing a destructive explosion of the enemy target.

[Destroy Explosion applies to all types of attacks by the host, including spirit, pure power, and holy power.

Two new attribute treasure chests were opened, which can be described as surprises, which made Lin Chen ecstatic!

In the end, Demon Venerable is Demon Venerable, and the same attribute treasures are not bad!

This [Explosion of Destruction] is definitely a unique super talent with [Destruction of Extinction]. If it is not triggered, it will be deadly damage once triggered!

[The host opens the new talent attribute treasure chest and obtains the system 8.0 update key, which can update the new system version, the required attribute value and subsequent functions, please open the key to confirm the host.

[The host gains 4.01 million rune energy points, 400 million advanced talent points, and 470,000 intermediate strengthening points...]

The attribute values of the four demon kings that Lin Chen harvested from the demise are all numerically horrible!

"The new version of the system! Is it finally here? I dont know what the new version will be..."

Lin Chen squeezed the surprise and included all the attribute values. When he looked around, no matter the strong of the human race, the demon race, and the dragon race, he was shocked by the world, and he stared at him like a ghost!

Hua Ning Tu Zun!

In the history of the human race, there has not been such a perverted leapfrog challenge and record. This is the first and perhaps the last time!

The demon king is affected again, and the fighting consciousness is definitely not comparable to the solidified environment!

He condensed the cave many times, and it was impossible to kill Mozun!

All the strong men racked their brains and couldn't think of a possibility.

What they don't know is that, in fact, Lin Chen's fighting consciousness is not much weaker than Mozun!

Everything comes from his [Spiritual Awakening]. The system gave Lin Chen the awakening of the spiritual power of instant speed.

"There are enough attribute values. Let's kill two more now!"

After the bodies of the four demon lords were included in the macro-plane, Lin Chen's eyes were exposed with fierce light, and he was about to aim at the other two demon vendors


Two magic powers passed from different planes in time and space, such as the suppression of the eternal will of immortality, want to suppress Lin Chen directly!

"Mowei? Break me!"

Lin Chen's mind movement, Tai Yi Fu Tian Jue's whole body meridians, such as a sky-breaking war gun, tearing all the magic powers!

No amount of strong coercion can suppress him!


"Huh? What a mysterious human race, and the disguise is almost perfect, even the flesh and roots are completely demons. If there is a sacred force sealed in the heart, I really can't notice it..."

In the void, two horror sounds echoed, and the strong of the human race were shocked, and they all retreated a long distance, farther away from the border of the demon world!

Lin Chen's eyes narrowed suddenly.

"This magic power is no small thing, far more than any deity!"

Sensing that two powerful wills are coming, the demon lords are ecstatic!

"It's two adults!"

"The two finally got out of the game, and finally it was his turn to die!"

"The holy king of the human race cannot come out, and the two great respecters are invincible!"

The morals of the demons were so high that when they were overheard by Lin Chens awakening, they immediately analyzed that two and a half feet had stepped into the existence of Heavenly Demon Venerable!

"In this way, it is the existence of two saints comparable to the nine-turn."

Lin Chen put the Holy Dragon into his body for the first time, quickly withdrew, and flew to Lin Ping's side instantly.

"Boy, you can't escape."

The indifferent voice was mixed with bone-chilling killing intentions, and the horrific killing intentions swept Zhou Tian.

Around all directions, the space has fallen, twisted violently into a vortex.

On the horizon of Demon Demon Realm, two monstrous demonic shadows appeared faintly!

"If you can't escape, the coach will have the final say."

Lin Chen stretched his ninth wings, skimmed the void, and pulled Lin Pingan on.

And, withdraw all avatars, and ridicule to all Mozu.

"Thank you for the gifts and resources of the old iron. This wave, the coach has made a lot of money. See you next time. I will definitely give you a wave of paper money to burn you high fragrance."

"Young man, you are crazy. Can you still talk hard when you die?"

Another Devil's will is coming, and it is actually a Devil's powerful person, the Devil's pinnacle figure!

Lin Chen secretly launched the space plane, immediately followed by the spiritual avatars of Kyushu mainland, shrugged and smiled.

"For me, my mouth is just a little bit hard, and there are too many parts that are harder than my mouth. Unfortunately, you have no chance to know about it today."

"Today you are trapped in my demon world, how can you qualify to break through the encirclement, or say you are a holy king?"

"Oh! Stubbornness, let's kill the kid's body first!"

An infinite palm covering the continental plate tears the starry sky and rushes down Lin Linchen's head, giving no chance!

Sigh~! Bang ~!

The magic palm is left, a piece of stars is torn, but a lonely fight! Shoot directly!

The group of demons froze!

When they looked around, there was still a shadow of Lin Chen and his avatar.

The demons were dumbfounded.

The dragon and the human race have quietly retreated long ago

However, what has happened in recent days will start from the sky of the sky and set off an unprecedented storm in all ethnic groups!

And, it will inevitably be recorded in the history of the three tribes.

After half a month, the Holy Realm took the lead in shaking! Even the Saints List received the news coincidentally!

For the first time in the history of the human race, there was a talent who turned against the sky and mixed into the demon world.

Even, in the Devil Realm, the world is unparalleled!

Single condensing point reaches 4,500 times!

Fight against the 36th Prince of the Devil Realm and the Crown Prince of Magic Huang with the help of Hua Ningxiu!

Taking Hua Ningjingxiu as a way to fight against heaven, or kill four people, the gods will descend!

Surrounded by a number of Demon Sovereigns who have successfully completed their actions, they are extremely calm, even with a bit of ridicule and joking, calmly leaving!

It's just like seeing the Devil Realm as a back garden to enter and exit at will!

Everything in the history of each ethnic group is enough to fame, immortal, but it is all realized in one person!

However, no one knows who the ultimate talent is.

The Holy Realm will once again be turbulent, and a new wave and storm will emerge.

This storm, centered on the Holy King Territory and the Palace of Gods and Flames, opened the beginning of a magnificent era!