My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1526

Vol 5 Chapter 1526: Shen Flame Palace Changed

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When the Holy Realm is surging, a pretty girl is very comfortable to stay in the realm, enjoying the wonderful life like a fairy, nothing to tease a few fairies, just play with the gun if you have anything to do.

A loft somewhere in Tiange College on the mainland of Kyushu.

"Fortunately, when I evacuated, I left a spiritual avatar in Kyushu and ran fast and good world."

Lin Chen pillowed her beauty's knees and looked at the full arcs above. He found this angle and Yang Qing'er looked very nice.

The beautiful lady caressed the teenager's face, he seemed to have never changed like this.

Yan Qianyun and Ning Qingxuan left and right, pinched his shoulders and thumped his legs.

"Suddenly feel that I have this life every day, what else do I do to kill and kill. I really want to sleep happily, I don't need to think about anything..."

Lin Chen murmured a few words, actually fell asleep. The girls couldn't help smiling, but never disturbed him, quietly staying by his side.

In the two months after returning to Kyushu, Lin Chen experienced many life-and-death battles in and out of the Devil Realm, and his spirit completely fell into a tense state.

Since the middle of the breakthrough of condensing environment, Lin Chen felt that his spiritual realm had touched a brand new bottleneck.

If you can break through, then spiritualize the spirit and enter a new realm!

After ending the battle in the demon world, Lin Chen spent almost a month and a half on the mainland of Kyushu, and entered a state of cultivation and recuperation.

It is almost a kind of going out to tease the sister during the day, go out to barbecue in the afternoon, and sleep with Yueqi sister at night, and it is no doubt that ordinary mortals.

But the little demon queen and Jian Qingcheng can see that Lin Chen is relaxing, in order to brew his fighting intentions in the best state!

Once the moment he broke out, it will be the moment to shake the world!

Change comes from the seventieth day!

Late at night, the stars shone and the moonlight poured.

Under the tree, Lin Chen leaning against an ancient Cangxing tree, lazy eating barbecue, suddenly looked awkward!

The nearby Jian Qingcheng and the demon queen were startled.

"The summons is coming."

Lin Chen opened a worn roulette in the palm of his hand. This thing was given to him by Jiang Taixu, and it could be transmitted to thousands of realms.

"what happened?"

Jian Qingcheng's bright red beautiful eyes flickered and asked softly.

"Shenyan Palace has changed, another palace owner will be chosen in the palace, and after April, Shenyan will seal the ceremony and choose the next generation of palace owners!"

Lin Chen's eyes narrowed, "It's really fast."

He thought that the change of Shenyan Palace should come later!

Within two months of his return to Kyushu, the Holy World was equivalent to the past two years.

For two years, for the saint, it was a snap.

But in the past two years, Lin Chen's avatar has been struggling every second, and his servants' recovery can be described as fast, and has never stopped!

In the past, there was Ying Ying who managed things, and later there was the secret support of the Danyu Presbyterian Church.

In addition to Lin Chen's avatar and the support of the two major refining giants, the strength of Lin Chen's team can be described as growing at an unprecedented rate!

Lin Chen originally thought that the contradictions and accidents of this palace of flames could only erupt at least ten or even decades later, but did not expect this day to come so early.

It seems that the situation of Shenyan Palace is very complicated!

At this time, the worn jade roulette flashed again.

When Lin Chen received the summons, his face was even more splendid.

"The change of Shenyan Palace is exacerbated by external reasons? The two of them have spied new information, and the sage list is suspected of having hundreds of sages secretly discuss some things, and they also met the people of the Shenyan Palace. !"

Jian Qingcheng and Xiaoyao heard this, and their beautiful cheeks showed different degrees of shock!

What is the concept of a hundred sages?

Each of this group of people is stomping their feet, and there are people who are trembling in all areas of the Holy Realm. What are they secreting at the same time?

"Oh, all in all, the Holy World now seems calm, but in fact the forces at the top have a split and turbulent situation."

Lin Chen stood up, filled with Shengwei sweeping across the heavens and the world, with a chuckle, the clouds light and the wind light.

"It's time to go to Shenyan Palace and pick up Sister Ruoyan."

The eyes flashed in the eyes, Lin Chen's war intentions skyrocketed!

This time, he will count everything!

At that time, I went to the Holy Realm, and the great sect of the heavens and the earth, and the ancient family, all were like immortal mountains, blocking him in front of his Lin Chen.

Today, the entire Holy World, Tian Gao let him break through!

Even the legendary list of saints is no longer so out of reach! It's close at hand!

"Lin Chen!"

"Lin Lang."

At this time, Leng Yueqi and Ning Qingxuan and other women quickly flew into the air, Leng Yueqi seriously said.

"Are you going back?"

Lin Chen nodded, "Well, you have not been sanctified. Just stay on the mainland of Kyushu with peace of mind. There is a panacea that I have refined. Sanctification is only a matter of time."

"must be careful."

Yang Qing'er suddenly summoned courage and took Lin Chen's hand, cheeks glowing, "No matter what happens, don't go desperate anymore, Kyushu's hero, you only need to be one time, don't be in Holy World is coming again."

Lin Chen smiled teasingly, so he pretended to whistle.

"With you guys, I'm willing to be a hero. I just like to be a handsome guy who looks handsome and waves, and it's okay to stay with the beautiful women together, how happy."

"Leave! I will be back soon!"

When Lin Chen flew into the air, he and the demon queen and others became meteors and escaped into the void.

The women stared staringly at the direction of his departure and had not left for a long time.

Inside Tiange Academy.

In a pavilion, Shen Lianyun and Yun Tiange looked at the shooting star, and she looked at Yun Tiange and smiled, "You have a good student."

"Yes, Tiange students, no, it should be that Kyushu can have this son, it is the blessing of our beings."

Yun Tiange sighed and couldn't think of it, he could still borrow another century life yuan from heaven!

All this is thanks to him, the best student in the Academy's history!


Holy Realm, Holy Realm, a temple like the sun, suspended above the sky, as if standing for nine days, like a myth that never falls.

At the top of the temple, a beautiful woman in a red dress raging at the table angrily, Shengwei is like a high light, like a huge wave, and the whole Shenyan Palace is throbbing!

"What would your elders do! Didn't you let him stop him for a hundred years?"

"You just let an outsider enter the Palace of Shenyan directly and take control of the Palace of Shenyan? How do you face the ancestors and the ancestors, wouldn't you be ashamed to the ancestors?"

"Still say that you are alive at this age and you don't even have to look at your face. Did you just treat someone as a dog?"

As soon as the beautiful woman in red dress scolded, the ten elders above the palace did not change their faces, and they sat there like a rock.

"Shangguan Hufa, you don't understand, we are for the future of the Palace of Divine Flame."

"It is the most correct choice to hand to Wu Pianju."

The upper level of Shenyan Palace actually wants to hand over power to Wu Pian absolutely!