My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1527

Vol 5 Chapter 1527: Change

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Listening to the answers of the ten elders, Shangguan Jue's expression grew colder, and his eyes were gleaming with anger, like a burning flame, and the breath of the whole body burned the barriers of the void to a noisy!

She said coldly.

"But he is a complete outsider! At least, not even my disciple of Shenyang Palace, Bai Ruoyan is any orthodox disciple of Shenyang Palace, or the first person in ancient and modern China and foreign countries to control the eternal flame!"

"How much did Bai Ruoyan do for the Divine Flame Palace, support the rookie disciples, interpret the new Divine Flame Heart Sutra, and benefit all disciples. With the power of the eternal flame, a new space of the Holy Flame is opened, so that all disciples can practice the Skyfire Heart Sutra. !"

"In just a few years, can these achievements be achieved by an ordinary disciple! Even the master of the palace agreed to pass on the future position to her, what are you old guys doing!"

Shangguan Jue questioned the senior elders of Shenyan Palace.

"Hehe..." The white-headed elder smiled. "What you said, most Wu Ping Jue son can do it."

"The fact that Wu Pian Juezi is not a person in Shenyan Palace is completely a minor problem. Although Wu Pian Juezi has a famous wife, as long as Bai Ruoyan and he intermarry, he will be wronged and become his concubine. Waiter, isn't everything logical?"

Hearing this remark, Shangguan Jue scolded angrily: "Did you forget our original agreement not to mention her marriage!"

"Oh, Master Dafa, it was what it was, it is now."

"The Holy World has changed rapidly in recent years. Only by catching up with the wave and daring to accept new reforms can we embrace the beginning of the times."

"Master Law Protector, you should retreat behind the scenes. Unprecedented changes are about to happen in this era. Our choice is the last moment that can burn the flames of the Shenyang Palace to the world."

These ten elders' answers all made Shangguan Jue's heart sink!

She knew that among the ten supreme elders, several people turned to Wu Ping.

But what she couldn't imagine was that, in the end, what other chip did the opponent open? Actually, ten elder elders would be defeated!

Gongfa? Opportunity? Secret treasure? Holy artifact?

Can't think of it, she couldn't think of it at all, what conditions Wu Pian could put forward, He De He Neng could draw these ten elders!

You know, the Palace of Gods and Flames is the Jiupin Juqing!

And these ten supreme elders are second only to the three super elders. They are all super power figures who rule the power and dominate the king!

I have never seen any peerless maneuvers, passed on the chance of inheritance, and never received any treasures of relics. Even if it is a sage list, it would be difficult to impress ten of them at the same time!

If the rights of ten of them are concentrated, even her right to speak and decide is not as great as theirs!

"To reason with people like you, it seems that I'm so stupid."

The green silk of Shangguan Jue flew, and the stream of flames like an elven flame burned around her body. Her jewel-like eyes turned crimson, and a beautifully transparent flame burned.

Ten elders moved!

When can this mother-in-law's temper be changed!

Her uncle, if you don't agree, you will start playing!

She still wants to make this impossible?

Shangguan Jue sneered: "Since you want to move the sovereignty of the Shenyan Palace, then you have done a trick with me! The old lady, the Lord of the Divine Flame Guardian, was shot that year. Your fists are bigger than me, then I will definitely not ask!"

"Crazy, what a madman!"

"You want to fight with us here? What about the disciples outside, you have to ruin my Shenyan Palace!"

The ten elders scolded, and the tone was full of fear.

"Disciples? How many of the disciples outside are women? How many are the orthodox of My Palace of Flames!"

"Shenyan Palace has been utterly smashed, so let this protector clear the portal!"

As soon as the voice fell, Shangguan Jue's hand slightly twisted, and a palm was detected across the sky. The five fingers swelled the flames that burned the world and destroyed the sky. The power was not strong, but it suddenly ignited the temperature in the hall!


At this moment, a voice carrying the sound of the avenue echoed into the void, the flame in the palm of Shangguan Jue suddenly extinguished and disappeared, and his eyes narrowed.

"Are you going to fight me, surnamed blue?"

"Blue Guardian!"

The ten elders said in surprise.

Another flame protector in Shenyang Palace!

At this time, the hall slowly walked into a figure again, he was handsome and handsome, sword eyebrow star eyes, a pair of blue eyes seemed clear and deep, looking at Shangguan Jue, said indifferently.

"Shangguan Hufa, you don't have to be obsessed with it anymore. This matter has already been affirmed by the Chief Taishang Elder. At least for this matter, we didn't have a word to kill, we didn't give Bai Ruoyan to challenge Wu Ping after April Is there an absolute opportunity."

Shangguan's body shivered.

Chief too elder?

Did he... even get out?

Shangguan Jue suddenly became quiet, and her eyes were silently watching the blue protector, as if to see him through completely.

Shangguan Jue's red lips lightly opened, suddenly said.

"Even the Chief Taishang Elder has asked you to move. Can I know what your chips are, exactly?"


Lan Hufa gave a long smile, he waved his sleeve robe, shot a letter, and Shangguan Jue grabbed it with one hand.

"Look for yourself, Shangguan Hufa. You will know how great our decision this time!"

Lan Hufa opened his arms, and his eyes seemed to witness the world of a thousand years of domination!

"Only in the ceremony of the gods after April, there will be ten priests and priests who personally arrive at the Shenyang Palace to help the ceremony."

"Shenyan Palace, will return to the summit again! This era will belong to us, belong to Shenyan Palace!"

When the Shangguan Jue opened the letter, Qian Yi shuddered!

When she carefully read the contents of the letter, she was shocked!

Wu Pian absolutely, there is still such a background and power behind it!

Even more terrifying is him, no, it should be said that their plan is even more shocking!

I saw that at the end of the letter, a hundred names were dropped densely!

Each of these one hundred names is a legend that extols eternity and will never end!

Each one is a sacred genius who represents the absolute authority of all domains of the Holy Realm!

All are the names of the sages!

A full list of one hundred priests, all nominated in a letter, all of them have traces of their sacred power, on behalf of the autograph!

What does this stand for?

This represents the content of the letter and the'prosperous age' depicted in it, which is entirely possible!

"No wonder... No wonder the Chief Taishang Elder will stand in line with them. This proposal... indeed no one can refuse..."

As strong as the deity guardian Shangguan Jue, after reading the contents of the letter, his heart could not be calm for a long time.

The heaven of the Holy Realm is going to change completely!

The great wheel of change of the times will be rolled over and no one can stop it!

"Lin Chen, you don't have to come to Shenyan Palace..."

In his heart, he murmured to himself, Shangguan Jue was almost ashamed!