My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1528

Vol 5 Chapter 1528: Lin Chen's Battle Post Challenge The Flame Palace

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Palace of Divine Flame.

The red sun hangs in the sky, the fire is burning, there seem to be thousands of rounds of the red sun burning the world.

On the platform of Shuiyue Tower, on the bluestone, there is a long chessboard.

The handsome young man is always sitting in front of the exquisite chessboard, dressed in white, and stunning the world forever, like a saint who does not get a touch of secular dust.

As if he only had to sit here, he could be surrounded by all kinds of visions!

"Under Wu Pian, all deacons with objections have been completely eliminated, and those who refused to obey, all in accordance with the order of the supreme, and they will be on the spot. In less than April, the ceremony of sealing the gods can be held as scheduled."

At this time, the four elders in red robes knelt on one knee and gave a report.

The temperament of Xuan Ang's young man's face does not change color, but is light and watery.

"What about Hu Fa Tang? Isn't there the most opposition there?"

The four people shivered and looked at each other, their eyes embarrassed and hesitant.

"This... Hufatang has Shangguan Jue protector, we are not good at it."

"Oh?" Wu Pian absolutely showed interest for the first time,

"Is it a hard bone, anyway, all can be killed after the divine ceremony. It is nothing more than a respecter who is a little tricky, not a problem."

"Go, invite the audience."

Wu Pian absolutely flicked his sleeves, his eyes looked far into the distance, and his mouth outlined a smile.

"How can there be a lack of audience when a good show takes place."

"Billions of creatures will only give birth to a protagonist."

"When a person is the protagonist, he can do whatever he wants."

"I am awe-inspiring. I want this world to do my best. I want this group of saints, and the smoke disappears! I want these beings to reincarnate."

"I want this era to do what I want!"


Seven days later, the strange domain, Bingxin Palace.

Bang ~!

A space beam came, Lin Chen returned with the girls!

"Welcome to the protagonist's return!"

In the Bingxin Palace, all the strong and neat rows lined up on one knee!

All Lin Chen's servants!

They once moved their names, the pride of the ages of each domain, or they went to the holy prison for different reasons.

Today, they have all returned to their peak!

Now, this is when their glory returns!

At the moment when Lin Chen returned, everybody on one knee kneeled up immediately.

The scarlet fairy stood in the hall. When she witnessed Lin Chen again, she seemed to see through him, her pupils shrank...

"Ning Acupoint... A thousand times? No, it's not that simple! Look again, look again... My God, what the **** did he do in the world..."

When the Scarlet Fairy was shocked, Lin Chen stared directly at the seventeen people above the main hall, and Jiang Taixu bent over and bent over.

"Princess, can the matter of the lower realm be completed?"

Lin Chen nodded and smiled.

"Well, as you said, I have been sitting in Kyushu for more than two months to prevent the magic energy of the Nine Magic Eyes from counterattacking. During this period, the Nine Brake Studs in the Nine Magic Eyes have all been put in a lot of pure days. A holy water is fine."

Now, including the strongest 17 people, all servants have returned to their heyday!

Thanks to the support of Zhang Luo and the Danyu Presbyterian Church, who are in charge of Ying Ying.

In addition, Lin Chen also robbed a large number of resources in the wild demon world to be transported outside the battlefield.

Those are all heavyweight treasures! All were sent back to the Holy Realm by Lin Chen, adding a mind booster for the most important moment!

When Lin Chen saw Ying Guanshi and Tang Qianmei's beautiful shadow in the hall,

He was awe-inspiring, and a light cluster suspended in the void stood in front of Ying Guanshi.

"This is the dreamless heart-breaking panacea at the peak of Qipin. With this panacea, you should be able to take it to the next level."

Lin Chen chuckled slightly, Ying Ying was ecstatic, and immediately bowed to her hands, grateful.

"Thank you, Lin Chen!"

"Serve my people well in the future, you will have a better way out."

Lin Chen laughed casually, then looked at Tang Qianmei.

The eyes of the two meet, the look of Tang Qianmei is full of complexity.

She has been refining the medicine here for two years, but she has no resentment, but feels very full.

In addition, Lin Chen previously blended her skill proficiency for her, and also allowed her to achieve a few breakthroughs in the realm of refining medicine. After this time, she was closer to the Eighth Grade Holy Refining Medicine.

Perhaps soon, she will usher in a new breakthrough.

"Master Lin Chen..."

Tang Qianmei was the first to speak, Qian Qian was solemn and worried, and said seriously.

"I secretly received the news, the list of sages, there may be drastic changes, especially the Palace of the Flame, I am afraid that a storm is brewing...

"No matter how big the storm is, I have to see if it can afford me Lin Chen."

Lin Chen teased a smile, showing absolute confidence between the eyebrows!

"You have already got paid, and I am not a person who does not keep my promise. Two years have passed, you are free. If you want to go, I will not stop you."

After finishing talking, Lin Chen turned around and did not look at Tang Qianmei again.

The beautiful woman Hao teeth nibbled, staring at the teenager's back without a word, and gathered up a fist.

Then, Lin Chen saw the sky embers and the earth extinction just happened to be here, he smiled.

"The two of you happen to be there, and Qi Feiyan, the three of you will do one thing for me."

The two brothers and Qi Feiyan respectfully clenched their fists, and said in unison.

"Please tell the hero!"

Bang ~!

Endless and infinite warfare erupted from Lin Chen's body, like a war gun, like a sword, rising into the sky, as if to pierce the world, the whole Bingxin Palace trembles!

The pupils of many servants shrank.

The hero's cultivation behavior has changed! It has become too much, and it is simply not possible in the past!

Even Tang Qianmei felt a trembling and fear of life instinct!

The two sides are not at the same level!

"This... what has he experienced in the past two years..."

Tang Qianmeifang was shocked, and that day when she helped Lin Chen face multiple super monsters, his cultivation practice was far from this level!

"I want you to go to the next book and challenge the Palace of Flames!"

At this moment, Tang Qianmei and Ying Guan were almost scared and their legs were soft!

Did they hear it wrong?

Challenge the Ninth Sect!

What is Jiupin Juqing? That was when the Holy Realm was created, the Wanjizong Gate of the Holy Realm was established in one fell swoop!

All denominations and aristocrats in the Holy Realm are likely to fall, except for the Ninth Grade, never!

There was once a sage who could bluntly say that if the Ninth Grade sect falls, it is the day of the destruction of the Holy World!

But today, some people challenge the Nine Pins!

What is this emboldened?

All servants are either excited, crazy, or excited!

This is their hero!

This is worthy of their hero!

Jiu Pin Ju Qing, since the creation of the Holy Realm, no one dared to provoke, no one dared to recruit!

Today, their hero is about to make this unprecedented precedent! Go to the Saint King's Domain and challenge the Palace of Flames!

"I want the three of you to take the arrow of the gods as the sacrifice and the holy sun as the sacrifice. Take the stars as the post and the sun and the moon as the . Seal the deity and challenge the flame."

Lin Chen smiled arrogantly and overbearingly.

The sky was extinguished, Qi Feiyan, the three looked at each other, and the corners of their mouths rose slightly.

"I will wait for my order!"