My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1529

Vol 5 Chapter 1529: Give My Life To Me

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Chapter 1529: Give Me Your Life!


The little demon clapped her palms, her beautiful eyes bloomed with little stars, and looked at Lin Chen expectantly and curiously, "There is another good show! Challenge the Nine Pinsect sect, this melon, so big!"

Jian Qingcheng barely covers her red lips, her beautiful red eyes are shocked.

Challenge the Ninth Sect! This kind of heritage is a declaration of war against the very top of the Holy World!

Leng Yueqi, Ning Qingxuan and others were shocked and trembling. They knew that Lin Chen always did not play cards according to routines, but did not think he could be so crazy!

Then, Lin Chen said again.

"However, before that, you want to separate but your own long-cherished wish."

Everyone was startled--

Lin Chen laughed with pride.

"I promised you, those enemies who have punished you, those guys who once trapped you in the holy prison, all of you will be destroyed after you come out!"

"In the next four months, go and turn your enemies out! I will start with you, there will be revenge, there will be grievances. The one who should kill, don't stay!"

Lin Chen snapped his fingers, and the laughter showed domineering!

"Then, when you have finished everything, there will be no regrets."

"I want you to give your life to me, go to the Holy King Territory, and stir up the Holy Realm!


Shenyan Palace, in the soft and jade-like window curtain.

"Master, do you mean to let Lingshuang and I leave Shenyan Palace?"

The fairy in white behind the curtain exclaimed.

It is Bai Ruoyan.

The beautiful girl beside her has already changed a lot!

The jade legs are slender, tall and tall, more than one meter and eight meters, three thousand green silks are **** with purple and green hair bands, moth eyebrows, and obsidian-like clear eyes contain other worlds. The charming beauty is charming, the cheeks and pears are shallow and shallow, the girl does not have too many decorations, but it is really the fairy look of the country!

If Lin Chen is here, I'm afraid I can't recognize it. This is his petite and lovely apprentice...

"I don't want to leave! Everyone at Shenyan Palace treats me so well, why should I be afraid of that wicked man, it's a big deal, and a few years later, I will blow him up!"

Shen Lingshuang shook her powder fist, her lips showing white tiger teeth.

Shangguan Jue was smirked by this nizi and squeezed her Qiongbi, "He, it is not something you can beat in a few years of practice."

"Then let my master come!"

Shen Lingshuang was quite proud of her figure, and her pretty face was full of pride: "I don't believe it, the master can't beat him!"

Shangguan Jue supported his forehead, and it wasn't very long since Ni Zi and Lin Chen learned how to learn his set so well.

"Your master is not much better now than you. You are both too young and have a future. Last time it was because your master activated your Wushen bloodline in advance to make you look like this."

"However, this is not necessarily a bad thing. But at least for now, the two of you can't stay in the Shenyan Palace."

Shangguan Jue turned his eyes and looked at Bai Ruoyan, solemnly speaking.

"Now, he is staring at your eternal flame and aiming at Lingshuang's Wushen bloodline. Once he has full control of the Shenyan Palace, the first thing is to deal with the two of you."

"In the situation that the Shenyan Palace has not yet figured out, I will lead the guardian of the **** to **** you out, with a high probability that you can be taken out, and then you will find Lin Chen. When you find him, never return to the Holy World. Then, go to the vast world of mortals and you will be there to practice and spend the rest of your life."

The words of Shangguan Jue made Bai Ruoyan's face slightly change.

She is a master of her temper, she knows very well that until the last moment, she will never be convinced of things that can be solved with fists.

But this time, she actually became soft, even let them go far away, after finding Lin Chen, don't step into the Holy World forever!

It is conceivable that this time the actions and variables are not just a situation inside the Shenyan Palace!

The intricacies of the forces involved behind this may be an unprecedented behemoth!

"No." Bai Ruoyan shook his head, and his beautiful cheeks showed a firm, determined word.

"Master, if you drive the escorts of the law guardian hall to **** us, what about you? What about the law guardians of the law guardian hall? How many people will bury their lives because they sent me and Lingshuang?"

"They are all conscientious and devoted elders who have guarded the Shenyang Palace for generations. How can they bet on their lives because of the departure of me and Lingshuang."

Shangguan Jue is in a hurry, why didn't this apprentice learn it!

"Master, you should protect Hu Fa Tang, protect the remaining elders, let them all unite, we still have hope."

Bai Ruoyan's firm appearance made Shangguan Jue more anxious, directly grasping Bai Ruoyan's Hao wrist.

"Where do we have any hope, the height of the list of geniuses, don't you know? The hundred geniuses unite, they are trying to force us to think."

"Master." Suddenly, Bai Ruoyan's smile bloomed, and her beauty was so beautiful that even Shangguan Jue couldn't help but watch it for a moment.

"Master thinks that he will sit by and ignore it. When such a big thing happened in the Shenyan Palace, he completely disappeared. Do you think he will do it."

Mentioning the boy in his heart, Bai Ruoyan is full of smiles, "If a boy like him is better off, the more silent he is, the more he is building up his strength to fight back. I firmly believe that he must Will come."

"Yes! The master will come, if he doesn't come, I will bite him!" Shen Lingshuang also pretended to be a fierce fist. "Dare he come, I will kill him!"

"How come! You two... oops, I'm in a hurry!"

Shangguan Jue was so anxious that he couldn't take these two nizis away by force!

They are not what they used to be. If they don't cooperate, they will be found minutes and minutes after running away.

Looking at the impetuous Shangguan Jue, Bai Ruoyan smiled and said nothing, but when he gazed into the distance, Xiao Wei didn't panic.

"I'm waiting for you, Lin Lang..."


The strange land, Bingxin Palace.

Lin Chens servants began to act. The messages of their enmity against each other had been collected a lot after they were released from prison. Now they have officially reached the final stage.

In particular, there is Jiang Taixu, the fortune teller, and calculating the position of individual people is a minor problem!

"Are you getting what I want."

Inside the Bingxin Palace, Lin Chen looked at Ying Ying.

The woman immediately yawned and said respectfully.

"It has been completed, please follow me."

Ying Guanshi led the way and brought Lin Chen to a special plane in Bingxin Palace.

At this time, Lin Chen, even though the fighting spirit was violent, also converged all the sharp edges, and the sharp edges were brewing, only waiting for the moment of the sheath!

Lin Chen did not completely derail the Holy World during this period of rest and recuperation in Kyushu.

On the contrary, he is constantly monitoring every move of the Shenyan Palace.

With the means of extinguishing the two of them, it is no problem to monitor the movement of the Shenyan Palace.

In addition, Jiang Taixu's arithmetic assists to cover up their qi and help them hide in secret.

Another gloomy Sky Eye peeping is enough to give a glimpse of the base camp of the Shenyan Palace!

Shen Yan Palace, where there are many flies, he can know Lin Chen!

Therefore, he does not have to worry!

He wants to accumulate power completely. In this battle, he wants to explode the long-awaited fighting intention completely!

At that time, even the Holy King domain can enter and exit freely, and no one can stop it!

The gods are gone! The troubled world will go hand in hand!