My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1530

Vol 5 Chapter 1530: The Culmination Of The Evil List

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Chapter 1530, The Peak of the Demonic List! !

Bingxin Palace, Jiuzhong Tianchi.

This place was created by Lin Chen's servants. There are multiple energy pools that Lin Chen uses.

Directly above this plane, a group of dazzling multicolored light clusters are suspended, which is the innate essence of five elements!

The energy of this thing is too strong to be able to be decorated with space holy objects or Najie, and it is even less likely that Lin Chen will open the space plane for a long time to accommodate it.

If you want to use space holy objects, at least eight grades of holy objects are still the most difficult space holy objects to cast. Even if Lin Chen has two eight-grade caster giants beside him, they will not have enough materials to start construction.

Therefore, this face is one of Lin Chens temporary warehouses, and just in case, Lin Chen will keep a spiritual avatar here. Once there is any change, the spiritual avatar does not have too strong strength, but it can be opened quickly. 'Time-out space plane'.

At this time, Lin Chen and Ying Guanshi came to the cold ice pool, where a sharp sword was placed!

Qiang~! A sword roared into Long Yin, and the swords in Tianchi turned into a stream of light and shot into Lin Chen's hands.

This sword is cold and quiet, with a length of four feet and seven feet, white as jade, frost on the tip of the sword, blade of jade as the jade, the blade of the sword is like a cicada wing, the cold breath of the hilt of the sword is condensed into two wings, and the blade of the sword is like a sword. There are faint traces of dragon scales, which can make time and space stagnate.

The sword's edge is stern, bone-dancing, dancing in the wind, and excellent spirituality! It seems like a sword can be swept away to freeze a thousand realms!

Eight grade swords, frozen sky sword!

"It was really extracted from the cold energy of the extreme prison, and in the past two years, I really thank you for working hard for me."

Lin Chen said with a smile, Ying Guanshi was flattered with a flattering gesture.

"Princess Lin Chen is too polite, I just help to gather information. It is Xiao Ling'er Fairy who really took back the cold spirit of the extreme prison, how can I dare to take credit..."

"Oh, without your Zhang Luo, my team will not be able to return to its heyday at the fastest speed. A dreamless heart-breaking pill is not enough for your achievements."

Lin Chen knows that her servants are inconvenient to move. Without her time and effort to open the intelligence network and collect the information of many treasures, her team's growth rate will be delayed by at least one third!

"You can rest assured that what happened here will definitely be proportional to your efforts!"

Lin Chen patted her on the shoulder, Ying Ying was happy with her face, "Xie Gongzi appreciates!"

Ying Guan was very happy. She chose to help Lin Chen that day, and she bet on it right!

Even though all the accumulation I have accumulated over the years has been spent, what I have received is an unprecedented bright future, and life will be reinvented!

After all, this is the only man in the Holy World who dares to challenge the Nine Pinsect sect!

Bang ~!

With a shock, the energy pool of Hell Volcano suddenly flew out of a sword. The body of the knife splits several blood lines, such as cast in the bath of blood, and the hot high temperature faintly diffuses.

Eighth grade holy weapon, absolutely Yan!

Lin Chen's Seventh Grade Sacristy, all can grow in different ways!

Slaughter magic gun, can absorb the energy of holy crystal.

The frozen sky sword can extract the essence of extreme cold days.

Jueyan Sword can grow up with the blood of thousands of holy beasts!


If there is spiritual sound, the starlight flickers, and the light of the stars turns into a star bow. The bow body is like a blue meniscus.

The Eighth Grade Sacred Object, Nine Sky Star Fury! The power of the violent Jiuxiao stars can be refined, supplemented by Thunder, to upgrade the grade!

In the past two years, Lin Chen entrusted his sacristy to Jin Wuxia and Liu Zhixuanyuan.

In addition, his servants have a wide range of roads. What is needed to go directly to the major star fields to search, it is like a wing!

"In the three-port flying knives, the spirit rhythm flying knives can absorb their main spiritual power, and the master's heart has spirit rhinos. Ben Lei can be incorporated into the heaven and earth mad thunder and refined. It is expected that the next two months will be transformed. The problem is the final burning **** Flying knife..."

Ying Guanwu exclaimed, the holy artifact that can grow, is really rare in this holy world.

"Very well, if you go on like this, you should be able to raise all of my holy objects to Eighth Grade before going to the Shenyan Palace."

Lin Chen nodded, his Eighth Grade Sacristy, will be the strongest Eighth Grade in the history of the Holy Realm! [Enhancement +15] will make Lin Chens holy objects far beyond the ordinary eighth grade!

Thinking of this, Lin Chen couldn't help but sigh!

It's really cool to have your own power! Especially in this force, when all the masters are masters, it is Shuangshang plus shuangshuang!

What do you want, if you tell me, your own people will be ready for you.

If not, rely on Lin Chen alone, and then get the holy horse to be able to raise these holy objects.

"No wonder those geniuses and the evil spirits of the evil spirit list are so outrageously strong, what is lacking, what is wrong with being a dude, it is too boring."

Lin Chen sighed.

But then Ying Ying said again.

"The Burning God Flying Sword, specializing in the spiritual way, needs to refine its treasures. The two master casters have analyzed it. One is the energy storm of the polar star vortex. But this energy body is too difficult to find..."

"Second, it is the Divine Flame, which is the spiritual realm after entering the Divine Realm, and after it still dies, there is a certain probability to form the form of the Holy Flame. It is as rare as the former, but..."

Lin Chen wondered: "But?"

Ying Guan smiled and had a lot of amorous feelings. He said with a chuckle: "However, this thing just happened to have news and directions recently, and you also have to go with him, Lin Chenchen."

"Yuan Shengyan, there is news recently that it is one of the first prizes of the summit of the evil spirits list, and you can get it as long as you win the championship. This is currently the only way and way to get this thing."

Lin Chen was stunned.

The summit of the enchanted list, this is the top battle of each enchanted list!

This meeting will be held in the Heavenly Sanctuary, and all the wizards will come to see the birth of the culmination of the monster list!

Bingxin Palace, the plane of the Holy Dragon.

This status is specially created for Lin Chen's Holy Dragon!

A cold man in a reddish gold robe is sitting here.

When Lin Chen stepped in, the cold man opened his eyes and merged into a streamer into Lin Chen's body.

It is Lin Chen's Holy Dragon!

"Very well, at that time, the group of pinnacle holy demon kings and demon kings were killed, and all the top qi and blood attributes were absorbed by holy dragons. That's true."

"Plus that in the past two years, Long Jiushan personally came out to find the ancient dragon blood for me to quench the dragon body, and the last one hundred powers exceeded 30,000 powers. Now my holy dragon and my body have reached the same height!"

Lin Chen raised his lips.

If he meets Prince Mohuang again, his holy dragon is enough for him to drink a pot!

Lin Chen looked into the distance, as if looking through the void.

"Is it the summit of the enchanted list of Heavenly Sanctuary? It seems that I can't be low-key just after I return."

"It seems that before giving everyone a revenge, I have to go a little bit harder and take the title of No. 1 on the list of demon!"