My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1531

Vol 5 Chapter 1531: Stars As Posts Challenge Shenyang

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Chapter 1531, Stars as Posts, Challenge Shenyan! !

Holy King Territory, Shenyan Palace territory, Brahma Valley.

Just above the Brahma Valley is a sun-like holy flame.

Sheng Hui shines in all directions, surrounded by the holy light, there is the vision of the dragon spitting beads, and the hundreds of phoenixes.

This is the scene of the Saint King's domain, as if every inch of mountains and rivers is filled with Holy Light and Holy Xia.

Just like here is the eternal dwelling place of the sage. If it is a fairyland, it is not a realm that mortals can touch.

Today, the Shenyang Palace has extraordinary visions, and Brahma Valley has several heavyweights.

In Brahma Valley.

"Oh, I didn't think that Shenyan Palace would invite me to wait one day."

"The conditions this time are very attractive, okay, after this trip, we can consider introducing more evil spirits to the conference."

In a lobby, many human powers gathered together, and the breath of each power was particularly strong! Between the opening and closing of the eyes, there is the everlasting Saint Mang!

These are all the powers of the eight grade sect!

The most important thing is that this group of powerful is from the ten strongest eight sect! The top ten sects that have established the enchantment list are known as the strongest sect under the Nine Pins Giant!

"Invite you today, just to speed up the process. If you can take advantage of the waves of this era, you will also become the creators of future generations."

A cloudless and breezy voice made dozens of powerful people present awe in awe and stood up one after another!

The fresh breeze rolled over, the white clothes fluttered like clouds and smoke, and the young man walked slowly into the lobby with his hands folded.

"Have seen the God of War!"

"Wu Pian is absolutely honored!"

The eight-ranking powers who are as strong as the strongest sect can't help but coldly sweat and respectfully hold their fists.

This young man, looking directly at his eyes, has a fear of everlasting reincarnation, the blood of the **** of war, and the heavens and the earth!

"Oh, you are really lucky."

"Originally, depending on your grades, you are not qualified to stand on the same level as us. Unexpectedly, Wu's nephew threw an olive branch at you today."

"I said Wu Pian absolutely, you have nothing wrong with your brain, what's the use of the garbage."

Three more figures appeared, and the atmosphere in the lobby changed suddenly! Storm clouds gather in Brahma Valley!

The one on the left has fairy bones, white hair, and hand-held whisk. Meiyujian always glanced at a little bit of fierce glance, and his eyes were like a sharp sword penetrating, seeing through all the eight grades of power on the scene!

On the right, the body is like a mountain, standing here like Wanyue Zhentian, raising his hands and throwing his hands, not angering himself, and suppressing the might of Halloween!

The teenager in the middle is even more mysterious!

He has bright red hair, has been bent over and hunched, his hands are swaying, his face is beautiful and pale, but there is a kind of **** that is ruthless in his bones.

He was wearing a worn blood-colored robe, his whole body was covered with blood, like a halo, and every inch of his skin was blooding!

The rolling blood water rolled down from each of his pores and dripped to the ground. Wherever he went, he turned into a torrent of blood, burning a ray of blue smoke.

This person, as if crawling out of the sea of blood, was spraying blood every moment, shocking!

He hunched his back, shook his hands, and walked to Wu Pianjie like a walking dead, raised his head and grinned.

"If you mess things up, I will do you first."

Wu Pian said with a vulgar smile.

"If you have this ability, come now, I will never refuse to challenge Wu Ping."

All the eight products can breathe air!

This is another big man in the sage list!

Create a way of blood, born by swallowing thousands of blood, and refining hundreds of millions of essential blood as the supreme!

He even once manipulated his own cultivation practice, completed the act of advancing the sky, lowered his cultivation practice, traced back the blood line, closed the holy point, returned to the expansion of the cave, and carried out the second total expansion of the super holy genius!

He is the calamity of the blood of the hundreds of millions of spirits in the Holy Realm, and all the evil sects created by one of the cultivation bloods originate from him!

Saint Talent List, Blood Tribulation, Fang Xietian!

Which of the eight grades of power present is not the power of the one-turn and two-turn saints that transcend the heavens?

However, when standing beside Fang Xietian, they even had a fear of turning around!

The sage list, all are monsters that are outrageously strong! This is true!

"The two, the discussion of the sage list should not be conducted here. Today we are here to discuss the business."

The old man in white patted Fang Xietian on the shoulder, didn't care that the hand was full of blood, and smiled.

Fang Xietian glared at him, and randomly found a place to sit down and waved: "Anyway, I'm just here to watch the bustle, don't mess up the things, your grand ceremony is how you play."

Wu Pian never sat down, Feng Qingyun smiled lightly, and glanced at his eyes, and many Bapin Mighty immediately corrected his posture.

"Everyone, what you have to do is very simple. After the summit meeting of the evil spirits list, go to negotiate with the top two thousand evil spirits, and send them invitations, willing to join us, the benefits will naturally not be less, those who do not join, the consequences conceited."

"Conditions are the same as the chips we offer. You, you should know, what I value is your current relationship bond and the inheritance of power accumulated over the years, not your strength..."

Wu Pian absolutely tapped the desktop with his fingertips, and said indifferently: "As long as I want, a thought can wipe out the forces behind you directly from the map of the Holy World. You should know how to do it."


Eight ranks of powerful men sweated and shook their fists.

Stronger than them, people who are called almighty in the world, also have their heads down this day. The higher you stand in this world, the more you will find that there are always taller characters above.

At this time, when everyone could not have expected, a wind breaking sound screamed!

Sigh~! Tear ~!

The space is shattered, the fire and the Ruihua rush to the sky, and all the obstacles are burned!

A sharp edge traversed thousands of miles, as if leaping across the void!



A large number of powerful players in the Palace of Divine Flame were awakened!

The blue protector, Shangguan protector, and the two great protectors also noticed at the same moment.

Sigh~! Bang!

With a bang, a **** arrow that shot through the sky and sky swept through the sky, directly shooting the **** flame directly above the palace of the **** flame!

When the terrifying energy storm swept away, Shangguan Jue and Lan Hufa, the two holy king-level protectors shot at the same time, protecting the main hall of the Palace of Shenflame, unscathed!

However, the sign of the Palace of Divine Flame was shot through!

The intention is obvious!

At this moment, all the strong people are changing color together!

Not only the Palace of Divine Flames, but also the Jiupin Juqing of other houses of the Holy King domain reacted, and were shocked and shocked.

who is it?

Dare to make a knife at the Palace of the Divine Flame? Turns out!

brush! brush! brush!

At this time, the distant sky fluttered into the sky!

Immediately after the knife flashed, the endless sonic boom hit a meteor shower?

boom! boom! boom!

While the two main guardians were guarding the main hall of the Palace of the Divine Flame, a large number of meteorites fell, bombarded in the Brahma Valley, and the smoke was rolling, exploding innumerable pits.

When many elders were preparing to stop, they found that these meteors did not come to hurt people, and they were all stunned and surprised.

After a while, the meteor crashed, and a very regular series of giant pits was formed!

I saw that when the sun holy flame shot through the Palace of Divine Flames was scattered, it floated and dotted on the vast pit, and began to burn violently, turning into a sea of fire!

These flames burned up along the craters, and in Brahma Valley, they burned into several large characters-

Seal the Divine Ceremony and challenge the Divine Flame.

All the powerful people clearly witnessed this moment, an unprecedented shock rose from the bottom of my heart, straight into the sky, covered with boiling water!

Battle posts! Challenge stickers!

Everywhere in the world, some people dare to fight against Jiupin Juqing!

Holy world, will it change?