My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1532

Vol 5 Chapter 1532: Unprecedented Variables

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Chapter 1532, Unprecedented Variables!

Wu Pian got up slowly, his eyes deep.

"Stars as posts, challenge Shenyan?"

Fang Xietian, who has always maintained a low level of interest, suddenly rose from the **** moon-like pupil for the first time with a strong gleam!

"Interesting, it's so interesting! What are you doing with us, is it for Shenyang Palace, or for us?"

Everyone can be horrified!

If it weren't for the sacred sun that directly shot through the Shenyang Palace, they would absolutely not be able to believe that, under this sky, someone would dare to post a battle post against the Shenyang Palace!

How many years! The hegemony of Jiupin Juqing has never been shaken!

Don't look at the calm surface of the Holy Realm. In fact, how many eight-ranking sects are controlled by the nine-ranking giant engine. It's okay to order no more. With one order, there are not many eight-ranking sects dare to resist!

Today, someone actually shot through the Sun Flame in the Palace of Divine Flame in the most upright and bright way!

This is all about moving the whole body!

This kind of behavior is undoubtedly a dismissal of the Ninth Sect of the entire Holy World!

The main hall of the Palace of the Divine Flame.

"what happened!"

"What are you doing! You can't prevent external attacks and let others fight over you?"

"Hu Fa Tang and Tian Xing Tang! You rice barrels, let people hit me in front of the Shenyan Palace?"

Many senior elders roared angrily.

Standing on the upper floors of the Palace of Divine Flames, the eleventh highest elder, fell into a strange silence!

Where is the Palace of the Divine Flame, a giant sect that created one of the Holy Realms!

The solid foundation is sweeping across all major fields, and there are not many adversaries at all.

In such a place, does it mean to hit it? impossible!

There are only ten fortunetellers in the Palace of Divine Flames, and all of them are hard characters in the holy class fortunetellers!

They are either drawn from the top eight ranks of the great ancestors, or they are the wizards of the world of mathematicians in all domains of the Holy Realm.

With these ten fortune-tellers sitting in town, we can predict and know the crises in all aspects from the right place and the right place, and the Palace of the Divine Flame.

However, just now in the Shenyan Palace, all the mathematicians Ke Qing. But there is no anticipation!

The other party's attack came in this way, and it penetrated the protection array!

In other words...

The other party also has an operator!

Moreover, it is the top level! Far beyond their level of the Palace of God Flame!

People are obviously prepared, directly blocking the killer and the heaven!

In the void, a vortex of space slowly emerged, which is the beautiful blue flame of the Palace of Divine Flame!

The moment he previously protected the main hall of the Palace of Gods Flame, he has personally performed the body method, across thousands of miles, searching for countless space planes.

However, nothing was found!

He couldn't find a place to attack at all.

His expression is particularly solemn.

"First of all, it's hidden by the heavens. This class of arithmeticians, within the entire Holy Realm, does not exceed five fingers. Could it be that some old monsters were born? ."

Lan Hufa fell into contemplation.

"Not only that, they dissolve our large guard palace when we didn't even notice it. So that the attack penetrated directly! This method of dissolving space is unprecedented!"

"There is also the concealment of breath. With the perception of this protector, I can't even feel the attack of that arrow. I can't even find it. Who is this top technique to eliminate breath?"

The more he thought about it, the more he thought about it!

"There is also the earth-shattering worldly arrow. Although the person he sent, although he has not become a holy king, he has a flawless artistic conception, and the taste that is not exhausted."

"At least it is the level of the Nine-Turn Peak Sage! Moreover, it is by no means those old antiques whose vitality is dying, and its cultivation is not far from the realm of this protector!"

Based on his vision and experience as a patron saint of law.

Just acted together, at least three or more super powers can cooperate with each other to complete! If you count that peerless mathematician, there must be more than four!

And these strong men, even if not as good as the Holy King, are not far away! Putting it in the nine-turn saints is definitely the top of the top!

If not, it is impossible to circumvent the layers of protection of the Palace of Flames, directly shoot through the Sun Flame of the Palace of Flames, with the star as the post, the sword refers to the Flame!

"You can get the power of this lineup. The thirty-six domains of the Holy Realm are rare."

Lan Hufa looked into the distance, his gaze fierce as a sword.

He looked at this matter very far, deep and thoroughly.

There are definitely a lot of holy worlds in the hidden world. The thirty-six territories are too large and too large. Even the holy king can't see the whole picture, and even one tenth may not be able to understand.

No one knows how many human powers are still lurking in this Holy Realm.

But one thing is for sure, the stronger the stronger, the more arrogant and proud the heart will be.

This point, Lan Hufa could not be more clear.

At that time, if it was not the Palace Master of the Divine Flame, he had a life-saving grace to him.

In addition, the first generation of the palace master even willing to give him the opportunity to become a holy king, he was willing to join the Shenflame Palace, and later became a law protector.

If not, he who was the nine-turned saint at that time, even with a life-saving grace and the arrogance of his heart, was not enough to let him sell his life to the Shenyan Palace!

Therefore, the seriousness of this incident is not just the three superpowers.

Judging from the nature of the matter, these three super powers cannot shake the foundation of Shenyang Palace.

But the problem lies in the people and forces behind them!

It's the one who can gather all these super powers!

That man, this is the No. 1 enemy of Shenyan Palace!

"It is only the Nine Rank forces that are able to come up with this lineup. The nine ranks of the Holy Realm sect, my Shenyan Palace are all on record, and no sect can produce this motive."

"So, who is it, can have such means and appeal..."

Lan Hufa fell into deep contemplation.

Individual super powers are not terrible. What is terrifying is that when these powers can be brought together, no other domain can be ignored in the 36 domains of the Holy Realm!

Even if it is as strong as the Holy King Domain, it will not work! This is a force that threatens the Jiu Pin sect!

Even a top-ranked eight-grade refining pharmacist cannot call for this lineup.

Who would offend a nine-rank giant engine for the sake of the eight-rank pharmacist? Isn't that death?

the other side.

Seeing the fireworks and the sea of fire burning in the sky, Shangguan Jue suspended in the air completely stunned!

who is it? Dare to eat the bear heart leopard bile, to challenge Jiupin Juqing?

Will it be him?

Before he entered the genius list, he dared to wash the genius list blood!

When he first entered the ranking list, he dared to challenge the authority of the ranking list!

Now, he has been silent for two years! Will this kid be someone who does nothing for two years?

impossible! It must be him!

Based on her Shangguan Jue's understanding of this little guy, he is not the kind of master who can do nothing and practice quietly!

Only he, Lin Chen, has such a fearless courage!

"That kid really said as Ruoyan said, he really came! And, to challenge the Shenyan Palace!"

Shangguan Jue's body trembles slightly and his heart throbs.

Tete is so strong that he didn't even plan to talk, just go to war!

Was still the warlord's boy, but now only a few years, has actually grown to the point of challenging the Shenyan Palace!