My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1533

Vol 5 Chapter 1533: God Said Want To See The Most Handsome Man.

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Chapter 1533, God Says, Want To See The Most Handsome Man.

Shangguan Jue secretly said.

"If it is really him, then the history of the Holy Realm is about to be completely rewritten! As strong as the strongest holy genius of the year did not have his mythical growth rate!"

Shangguan Jue's bright and beautiful red lips can't stop rising!

The haze has swept away these days!

Now, she looks good to everyone.

This little guy has grown to an unpredictable height!

Blue Guardian can anticipate that she can naturally!

Since the next battle post can come up with such a strong lineup, it means that Lin Chen has a back hand!

Found her anomaly, Lan Hufa frowned.

"Shangguan Hufa, what are you laughing at. Have you eaten bee shit?"

"Hahahaha! Lan Jingyu, Lan Jingyu, we are waiting to watch a good show, now, everything is unknown!"

Shangguan Jue laughed back to the sky.

"Wu Pianju, your opponent is here!"

Lan Hufa: "?"

Shangguan Jue now has only one thing left to do, to protect the elders in the Shenyan Palace who have not yet fallen.

Inside the Flame Palace.

"Okay! This is the master, must be the master's right!"

Shen Lingshuang jumped up happily and clapped her hands, her face flushed with excitement, especially joy.

Bai Ruoyan's beautiful eyes flickered, and when smiles bloomed, she was absolutely beautiful.

"I always believe he will come, Lingshuang, we just need to wait for him quietly."

When the smile slightly put away, Bai Ruoyan's gaze rarely passed a hint of coldness!

"Wu Pian's lore kills every life of the Shenyan Palace, and I will remember that I will get it back for the palace master!"

"Lingshuang, let's go, we go to the void. Continue to practice."

Hearing this remark, Shen Lingshuang suddenly had a bitter face.

"Still practicing, staying inside for a year, and only one month outside..."

Bai Ruoyan seemed to laugh, not laugh: "Other people haven't gotten in to enter the void, can you enter and leave at will?

Shen Lingshuang shook his head: "No, no, I don't like cultivation..."

Bai Ruoyan again said: "Do you think your master is disappointed, if he comes here and sees that you are not cultivating, he will give him a hindrance, what do you think he will be..."

Shen Lingshuang recalled that when she participated in the Rainbow Island's top list contest, Lin Chen learned that she had a practice and did not practice, and suddenly shrunk her neck. The beautiful beauty was bitter.

"I'm going, can't I go..."

Bai Ruoyan couldn't laugh or cry. This nizi obviously has a peerless talent that can make the Holy World tremble, but she just doesn't like to practice.


Outside the Flame Palace.

Wu Pian never folded a piece of feather on the ground and frowned slightly.

"This arrow came at my palace of flames?"

He looked away and sneered.

"Or, come to me?"

"No matter who you are, I'm absolutely invincible, I will bomb it all!"

The news that the Shenyan Palace was posted was quickly blocked.

Because the attack came from the site of the Palace of Gods and Flames, except for the Ninth Sect, no other forces knew it, and those who knew the Eighth Sect could not say a word.

At this time, the other side.

Heavenly Sanctuary, the head of a hundred thousand dragon city, ancient dragon city.

In the past two years, the Holy World has had too many changes, and many mysterious stories have surfaced.

And, more and more shocking news came out, giving countless forces in various domains a momentum to move forward.

Some are promoted like the list of evil spirits, and there are hundreds of evil spirits that disappeared at the same time. After the ten major forces announced it, they fell simultaneously!

This shocking news detonated countless sects.

In the Heavenly Sanctuary, legends go hand in hand, pushing the legendary names to the top!

Promoted to the Eighth Rank Complete Sacred Apothecary with the Talent List, only one step away from the legendary Ninth Rank! Shocked the domains!

There are even more priests and priests in the world, who have learned about the supreme exercises, and even convened the unprecedented "Orange Order Exercise Conference"!

This conference bluntly said that everyone who is a sanctifier, everyone has the opportunity to practice the orange order mentality!

What's more, there is also the legend of Shenyan Palace, the descendant of Wushen, Wuping absolutely!

He has been enlightened for a hundred years, and in an instant, he created his own orange-level advanced combat skills. Wanzong is boiling, and the world is in an uproar!

The orange rank is top, and there are only a few examples of the Holy World recorded in the long river of history.

Orange rank senior, this rank, has approached the highest level of practice in the history of the holy world!

This grade can only be created by a very few holy kings and divine realms!

Wu Pian's ability to create orange-level advanced exercises will mean that he can use his own power to promote the advancement of the human civilization of the entire high level of the Holy Realm!

The grand ceremony of the Divine Flame Palace a few months later is a great event.

All saints in the Holy Realm have a hunch, this is like a precursor to the arrival of the world!

Of course, a small number of people know that there is a legend that is more terrifying...

That's the one who was born two years ago and broke through the devil's cave!

To this day, many Eighth-ranking forces that have received the rumors still cannot guess, who the **** is that person.

In the ancient dragon city, there are four platforms on the high platform, and the venue is divided into four conference venues.

The saints gathered like a mass, the condensed environment was like a dog, the life and death realms appeared in groups, the Na Xingjing group formed a group, the Sacred Heart Realm was full of Taiwan, and there were a lot of open heavens!

These scenes are very spectacular, which is much stronger than the ladder game of the monster list that year!

The drunk man and others were here, too, and Mrs. Ye Lixue from the night house also came.

Yejia also has other demon nominations, and is now attending the summit to strive for a new ranking.

Almost two-thirds of the Eighth Sect of the Holy Realm are here!

The supreme existence of saints in the world, but here, there is no realm of expanding caves, and even the conventions of this grade are not eligible to enter!

The world is always vast, and when it has not reached the corresponding level, it can never be discovered that this world can still have such a scene.

The major evils, like the sky, become the focus of the four conference venues as soon as they appear!

Today, here will be completely separated from the darling of the times, who is the number one in the world's demon list!

"Cough cough..."

In the void, a bald old man was suspended, affable, and smiled.

"Hehe... I haven't seen such a prosperous age for a long time. The rules of this summit meeting are old. Every 100 demon rankings will be selected for the reincarnation. With two wins in three games, the winner can continue to challenge the higher demon."

The bald old man is about to finalize--

"So, this summit meeting is officially open..."

"Officially, it will start a moment later! Because we still have a pretty boy who is about to airborne the summit of the evil spirits list."

At this time, a clear young laugh interrupted the bald old man.

In the four venues, many saints were shocked.

"God said that there must be light! So there is light in the world."

"God said, want to see the most handsome man. So, here I come."

Brush ~! There was a violent wind, and a vortex of space was turned into a void, and a young and tall silver robe figured out, Feng Shen was handsome, and there was a cynical smile in the corner of his mouth.

"You guys, I haven't seen you for a long time. Everyone hasn't watched me sorrow for two years (chapter), do you miss the handsome guy a bit?"

The powers of the eight ranks sects suddenly stood up, stunned!

Lin Chen?