My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1534

Vol 5 Chapter 1534: Bet On The Net Worth

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Chapter 1534!

Lin Chen?

This name is both strange and familiar!

Because in these two years, the Holy Realm can be described as turbulent and magnificent! There are too many amazing geniuses born.

Even the list of low-key and unappreciated sages has been born, and almost everyone was hit by too many legendary characters.

But, to forget, it is absolutely impossible!

Because this son is the only saint who has expanded his hole 30,000 times since the Holy World!

"Lin Chen? Why is he here?"

"Here is the summit meeting of the evil spirits list, he also came to kick in?"

"Isn't it rumored that he was too arrogant and was killed by some powerful hammer?"

"Are there? Why did I hear the rumor that this kid was adopted!"

"Why do I hear rumors that he mixed in with the dragon race and the three female dragons to do multi-dragon sports?"

The audience immediately set off a heated discussion frenzy.

The major evils cast a curious look at Lin Chen.

Although the name of Lin Chen is not a list of wise talents, it is no less than the list of wise talents.

Among them, a small part of the evil wizards are particularly tyrannical, and they are even covered with fierce killing intentions.

Obviously, many people returned from the extraterritorial battlefield.

Experience the evil spirits of the extraterritorial battlefield, and the ordinary evil spirits are not at all a powerful level!

Above the high platform, you eight blessings can frown.

"Lin Chen? Is that the little devil who challenged my demon list?"

"Should I get him down?"

"No, all eyes are on the eyes, which damages the reputation of my demon list. According to the rules, this person is also a demon list, and is eligible to participate in this competition."

"And even if he killed the enemies, if we can't catch him to the law enforcement hall, we can't get rid of his enemies list."

However, the more the eight grades can look at each other, the pupil shrinks!

They found a terrifying fact!

It is Lin Chens cultivation practice that they are not only unable to see through, they are better than opening the heavens, releasing a sense of instinctive fear that penetrates into the bone marrow when feeling close to him.

Is this kid carrying some big killer? Can they be afraid of opening the sky?

When Lin Chen looked around the audience, especially the Yinsha Three Ghost Saints, and Lin Chen's four eyes, the Three Ghost Saints had a kind of horrified horror!

When the two first met, Lin Chen, the old monster in the early days of Kaitian Realm, couldn't even take his palm!

Now, Lin Chen can suppress his Yinsha Three Ghosts with one look!

"Friend Lin Chen, do you also want to participate in the summit of the Monster List?"

At this time, the bald saint who was floating in the air was still very easy to communicate, no rack, and smiled indifferently.

Brush ~!

Lin Chen entered the venue and nodded and said with a smile: "Yes, it is the so-called summit of the demon list. Since it is the first to separate the demon list, I naturally cannot miss it."


Lin Chen's remarks immediately aroused a lot of wicked laughter and fighting intentions.

Isn't this guy subconsciously saying that you are also qualified to compete in the top spot on the list?

A hairy kid who has been on the enchanted list for less than a century, and wants to compete first in the enchanted list?

Then, Lin Chen said with a smile.

"Everyone, this summit of the enchanted list, what ranking single-player is always playing, it is too boring, or what about the whole new, fair and interesting melee."


The bald old man was suddenly serious.

"Friend Lin Chen, you have no right to interfere in the content of the summit of the evil spirits list. The summit has always been such a rule, and it cannot be modified by someone."

Wouldnt it be a mess if you jumped out of a monster and changed the rules?

"This..." Lin Chen scratched his head. This must be done according to the normal process, at least for more than two months!

If it is unusual, two months are just a few minutes away, but now Lin Chen has this time!

Lin Chen was helpless, "Here, I'm in a hurry to have something important to do."

Lin Chen's helpless speech immediately drew laughs and ridicule from the audience!

"Hahaha, hurry?"

"Important things to do? Is there anything more important than the summit of the evil spirits list! Is he eager to go to the cave? Hahahaha!"

"I think he is blind, Yelang is arrogant, and he thinks that he is a bit talented and empty of sight."

"Really you are the protagonist. If you talk about the evil genius, there are countless here."

Numerous saints sneered, Lin Chen rolled his eyes.

Damn, I'm in a hurry to go to Shenyan Palace!

Who's so special is still free to play with you here!

"Well, as far as I know, the super monsters of the monster list can be ranked in the summit meeting to challenge each other, right."

At this time, Lin Chen said again.

The bald old man nodded, "Yes, but if you challenge the monsters that rank higher than you, you need to get the other party's consent and pay the corresponding price."

Lin Chen raised his lips.

"Then this is easy to handle!"

Lin Chen waved with one hand!

Bang ~! The hurricane swept through the four venues, and the situation changed!

Sheng Xia is intertwined and endless. Countless Baoguang Shengxia swims like clouds, dreamy and blurred!

The infinite vortex of vortex spins, as if a world is coming!

The ground is full of golden lotus flowers and the crescent moon is in full bloom.

Walk through the divine light, illuminating the mountains and rivers!

There are many more horrible breaths of holy power, as if a holy spirit came to heaven and earth!

It's the vision of the Eighth Grade Sacristy! And there is more than one!

Countless holy lights reflect different visions, reflected in the four conference halls!

At this moment, all the strong players in the audience stood up instantly!

Their faces were horrified, and they even felt tingling!

No one is moved!

There are up to twelve plants of these treasures, which have matured to the peak of the top grade!

There are a total of eighty-six medium-grade luck plants, and five hundred and eighty-six low-grade plants!

Among them, there is a middle-class roaming tree comparable to the top-grade spirit plant, the nine-grade dragon blood tree of the middle-grade, the exquisite plant of the cold heart of the sky, and the rootless vine of the Holy Spirit!

There are also eight-grade sacred mines, thousands of medium-grade alien crystals, four eight-grade sacred mortals, and twenty-seven seventh-grade sacred princes...

In addition, there are four full eighth grade holy items!

It's terrifying, this net worth! Enough to match multiple eight-grade denominations!

All kinds of holy light set off the silver robe boy in the center, like the stars holding the moon.

He opened his hands and smiled proudly.

"Everyone, this is part of my current net worth."


Hearing this number, a lot of Bapin Da Neng twitched...

What is special about this?

When Lin Chens servants recovered most of their injuries, it was as easy as searching for middle grade and top grade spirit plants with their background, knowledge and experience!

You know, some of the nineteenth-level servants of the Holy Prison in their heydays have some who have even possessed the best spiritual plant!

"I use these treasures as chips to challenge the wicked wizards. The winner can divide my net worth. If I lose, all these treasures belong to the winner."

"If I win, then inherit the ranking of the highest, if I can win all the way, then the number one in the demon list will belong to me, how."

Lin Chen's words aroused thousands of waves!