My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1536

Vol 5 Chapter 1536: The Man Who Singled Out The Demon List

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Chapter 1536 !


Deathly silence!

In the Fourth Congress, almost all the saints felt that they had heard it wrong!

All the big business groups, eight-pin family, sect, and hidden elders who are difficult to get through today.

Regardless of whether it is the Ningjing Realm, the Na Xing Realm, the Sacred Heart Realm or the Open Heaven Realm, no matter whose cultivation is powerful.

No matter who's experience is more powerful, whose knowledge is more extensive, and whose experience is more outstanding.

At this moment, at this moment, they are all the same.

All caught in the face of question marks!

Because of the amount of information, it's so huge!

"If you don't hear clearly, the coach will repeat it again."

Lin Chen's smile gradually flourished, his mouth crazed wildly, and he raised his hand to snap his fingers!

Fuck~! A snapping finger penetrated everyone's spirit, pulling them back from the state of shock and coercion.

"I, Lin Chen. To challenge all the wizards present on the list, the whole monster list!"

"Whether it is down to nine thousand rankings, or up to the top one hundred, as long as it is a person in the devil list, I will challenge all whoever wants to take the battle, as long as I defeat me, I can divide my net worth."

"As long as all of your evil spirits are knocked down, I am the first in the true list of evil spirits, and the championship prize will be mine."

Lin Chen smiled arrogantly and overbearingly.

"The coach is always lasting, but this time, I'm in a hurry, so I hope you all go together."

After that, there was still silence in the Fourth Congress...

Even Ye Lixue's beautiful woman like a strong woman was shocked and opened her lips in disregard of manners, attracting people's daydreams.

The ten elders sitting on the high platform had a look of transcendence that was unpredictable, regardless of the world.

At this moment, they looked like a young guy who had been chrysanthemum burst, his face stunned, and the corners of his mouth twitched.

It wasn't until Lin Chen repeated it twice that they could hear clearly what Lin Chen wanted to challenge!

Not a super demon, nor more than one demon!

What he is going to challenge is the whole list of evildoers!

After ten full breaths


"It must be crazy!"

"Is it so creative to find death, who came up with it? Is the director of the dark horse club? You are so funny!"

"What happened? This kid is going to challenge the entire enchantment list?"

"This is a list of evildoers! It's not a list of geniuses, is he heading into the sea?"

In the venue of the Fourth Congress, an unprecedented frenzy of hot discussion suddenly broke out!

Hundreds of business groups, eight major families and denominations are all boiling!

All saints, all have a trembling sense of scalp tingling! It feels like an electric shock!

The two twin-dressed beautiful women in blue dress froze in situ.

They recalled Lin Chen's words.

No, no, Im not picky...

It turns out that the meaning of the sentence is to single out the demon list!

The enchanted list, created ten years after the creation of the Holy Realm, has an unprecedented long history.

This list, the birth of the sages, the birth of the stunning and the most brilliant, has influenced the history of the Wizards of the Millennium.

It lasts forever and has a long history.

Every evildoer who comes out of the list is an immortal saint on the side of the Holy Realm, or a peerless strongman!

The enchanted list is unique and is also the hope of the human race. This is a recognized principle.

It has always been based on the top of the Holy World, as if no one can suppress their light except the legend of the Holy Talent List!

But today, some people challenge the entire enchantment list!

"Fart the shit, he didn't come to challenge at all, he just came to do things!"

"The old man severely condemned this child and expelled him from the evil spirit list!"

"Simply get it straight. In front of the elders present, suppress him directly."

There are even strong men who dont kill the older generation and demon gods who are angry!

That's right, it doesn't sound like a challenge at all, and it's clear that this kid is doing things!

"I can't think of these words as if I didn't hear them."

The red robe is like blood, and a handsome and evil son slowly stands up, and the blazing and domineering light erupts in the sword eyes, directing at Lin Chen in the venue!

Many Tianjiao were shocked!

This is a real big man!

The second in the list of evildoers, Xichuan YijianJinyang Machine!

This person is the pinnacle of the current evil list!

Before the summit meeting was held, the first position of the demon list was empty.

"It happened to me that he fell in love with his holy weapon and didn't kill the kid.

Another physique is strong and powerful, and the **** and majestic guilty smile is like an ancient monster.

Eighth place in the enchanted list, ten holy body holy realm in the enchanted list, Ten Thousand Eucharist Guzhen!

"I have to say, this is the first time I have met such a crazy person."

"Giggle, Ai's family is still looked down on like this for the first time."

"His head, I want it."

All of the top 10 evil spirits in the evil spirits list have been dispatched!

Rumble~! !

The soaring murderousness of the sky, as if to pierce the sky of the four congress halls, countless Shengxia across the sky, a figure from the venue sitting on the platform, came to the entrance!

The saints were shocked, and countless saints took a breath!

The top two thousand super monsters of the monster list are also dispatched!

The top 100 characters in the evil spirits list stood up one after another and came out of the air!

Even some monsters ranked more than 5,000 and more than 6,000 have begun to enter!

Lin Chen directly angered the public!

This is not only a challenge, but also a humiliation!

Thoroughly humiliating, trampling the arrogance of a large number of evil spirits in the evil spirits list!

Throughout the ages, no one dared to do this kind of behavior!

Even the big one who has come to the top of the list of monstrous kings in previous dynasties cannot be alone and single out all the wicked men!

Lin Chen raised his lips.

It's one thing for him to provoke the anger, but it's his net worth who really makes those super devilish endings!

If you don't make a bet with your net worth, how can these super evils get hooked? They are all unprofitable guys, which super devil does not want to divide his net worth?

"According to the rules, Lin Chen did not violate the rules."

At this moment, an old voice came from the vast void.

The group sages were shocked and had a great voice!

"However, he cannot use any illegal means and external force. If not, he will suppress him personally."

The vast expanse of the void seemed to flash a few phantom figures. When the sound was transmitted again, even the ten elders on the high platform stood up and bowed to the void!

Lin Chen's eyes narrowed, "Is it a saint who has turned more than two times..."

However, he does not matter.

The purpose of his trip is only one, the first in the list of evildoers, and the championship prize!

"So, the conditions he put forward previously are still valid. The participating combatants will get his valuable resources mortgaged to this point, and everyone has the opportunity to share."

When several people in the void uttered their voices, the saints were horrified!

The mighty people actually recognized the boy's behavior!

Rumble~! !

Almost the voice of power in the void just fell, and the four venues suddenly shook together!

The Holy Force circulates, and the afterimages are all over the sky. At the moment when he was able to be recognized, all the evils had acted!

One hundred, one thousand, five thousand, eight thousand!

The demon list is here! It's all here!

A total of 9329 evil wizards, all entered!

Only a few witches who know Lin Chen have no choice to enter and challenge Lin Chen!

It's weird, Lin Chen has a problem with his hand!

But almost all the evil wizards who have contacted Lin Chen have this kind of intuition!

"Hahahaha, there haven't been such anecdotes in years. Come on, this seat will sit down in person and open up a battle plane for you!"

Brush ~! A streamer shot from high altitude, the space vortex opened, and transformed into a brand-new space plane, which sent Lin Chen and all the evil spirits into the battle plane.

"No matter whether it's trouble or not, as long as you don't violate the rules, you can fight whatever you want, lose your money, and win.

In the void came two hearty laughs, all the saints in the four venues stood up, their hearts shivered, their eyes fixed on the light screen in the venue.

This will be an unprecedented challenge in the history of Sacred World Sinister List!

One person challenges the entire enchantment list!

Like a tiger, it challenged all the lions!

This is a battle destined for no suspense!

But regardless of victory or defeat, Lin Chen will surely set a precedent!