My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1537

Vol 5 Chapter 1537: A Big Tone

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Chapter 1537, Great Breath!

If this kind of request is made by ordinary demon, it will be rejected.

But Lin Chen is different, the organizer of the demon list saw his chips and net worth! With his net worth alone, it is not a level of little trouble!

And, he is not a violation.

As long as there is a monster in the monster list who is willing to accept his conditions, in theory, this multiplayer challenge is unlimited!

It's just that no one can predict that this will be a quirky battle in the name of an individual who singles out the entire list of evildoers! !

In the battle plane.

Many evil spirits in the evil spirits list, together with Lin Chen, were transported into a desolate desert, vast and endless, with sandstorms all over the sky.

The space plane here is one of the strongest space barriers in the four venues, and can withstand the bombardment of the sky!

Within the plane, each grain of yellow sand weighs one million pounds and its quality is extremely high.

Around the space, more than nine thousand evil wizards are suspended in the air.

Lin Chen, however, stood on the opposite side. The two sides were 100,000 miles away, but they seemed to be close at hand.

For the saints, for the saints, urging the Holy Force can give us insight at a glance. For the saints to launch a blow, although the power is damaged, the problem is not big.

"I have to say, the baby who came to the door, I laughed."

"You don't really think that with the strength of the open world, you can single out the demon list?"

"What if Laozi has the strength in the middle and later stages of Kaitian Realm?"

"Not to mention that the top 100 gangsters are all here, the first 2000 monsters have made a move, and they will have to lose half their lives in the late Kaitian Realm! It is not surprising that the death was on the spot."

"As long as you can get a seventh-grade Saint Pill, it's all bloody! No matter how bad it is, there are so many heavenly treasures and Qiyun Lingzhi hahaha!

Many evil spirits gazed at Lin Chen in the distance with a playful face.

At this time, there was again a powerful voice from the organizer in the void.

"This battle will be personally seated by this seat. Due to the large number of people, this seat will transport the injured person based on its own judgment. Those who are transported away will be deemed to have failed."

"If Lin Chen fails, life and death will be safe and fate. If you can save this seat, you can save it. You can't save it, which is also your own choice."

Lin Chen snapped his fingers and smiled, "No problem."

The powerful sound transmission makes the evil spirits feel more at ease!


This one, just hammer him Lin Chen!

"Now, the summit meeting begins!"

Powerful words just fell-

Suddenly, Lin Chen smiled without a word, and slowly extended a finger.

Right in front, a wicked wizard with green hair laughed jokingly.

"The meaning of this finger, do you want to say that we are done with one trick?"

Lin Chen clapped his hands and said: "Lying trough, confidante! How do you know!"

Hearing that Lin Chen was planning to use one trick to kill the evil spirits, the powerful people in the four venues could not help sneering.

An old man in gray sneered even more.

"Great tone!"

Bang ~! !

In the plane of the desert, flying sand and stones, Shengwei shines through the ages, coming from all directions, going to the world, there are endless killing opportunities!



Swords and shadows like the tide are coming all over the sky, the sword light is like the wind, the dragon and the tiger, the wind and thunder are dark, and many other attributes.

The first to launch the offensive are the monsters ranked six to nine thousand!

This offensive alone caused a lot of dignity among the powerful people of the Eighth Rank Family.

Although these evils are still very young, their powerful qualifications and heritage have begun to emerge!

It is better to open the sky, and it may not be possible to retreat in the face of this trick!

One or ten young evil wizards are nothing.

But once hundreds or even thousands of moments, quantitative changes will cause unprecedented qualitative changes!

Its offensive offensive is by no means superficially simple!

The demon list is always the demon list, not the saint of Fanliu! Only in this offensive, the eight-ranking powers agreed that Lin Chen had to take it seriously before he could take over!

The powerful monsters are still watching and staring closely at Lin Chen. Once he receives the first wave of offensive or reveals flaws, there will be a demon attack at the first time!

In the eyes of everyone, Lin Chen ran his pure power slightly, lifted his breath, and breathed in!

Following this, Lin Chen's breath has a long history. When inhaling, almost the entire space began to twist and collapse, the light broke, and the space collapsed like a paste!

Shengli gathered Dan Tian's qi and condensed it into Lin Chen's chest.

At the next moment, Lin Chen exhaled suddenly!


boom! boom! boom!

The hurricane swept the entire desert plane, and a super storm that shattered the sky like a thousand worlds was overturned, and the yellow sand was raged, and the hundreds of millions of feet of void were rolled away!


The violent wind and force, like a sword, turned Zhou Tian into an unprecedented chaos and penetrated all the offensive directly!

boom! boom! boom!

The void exploded in a burst of time, and the horror of the holy force was crushed and smashed by this hurricane pushing the sun, moon and stars!

The strong wind is like a sharp sword piercing the void, penetrating the defense of thousands of evil spirits, and their holy body is torn apart, holy blood raging! He was seriously injured without even reacting!

The sky was full of yellow sand and the smoke was rolling. Storms are like dragon roars, and dust storms are like thunder!

The light is twisting, the space is collapsing!

"not good!"

A cry of exclamation sounded in the void, immediately ejecting the sky-blue Saint Mans, like an eggshell, protecting the lifeline of countless evildoers!

The major evils have retreated from their bodies, and their expressions are filled with unprecedented shock!

At this moment, all the saints in the Fourth Congress were distorted.

A chill came straight from the soles of everyone's feet to the heavenly cover!

Ten organizer elders on the high platform stood up on the spot and stared at Lin Chen with their eyes!

In one breath!

It only takes a breath!

The attack of more than four thousand evil spirits blows away the breath of Dantian!

The most terrible thing is that he didn't even use the Holy Power!

With the power of this body refinement, more than 4,000 evil spirits were crushed!

What realm and grade is this fucking!

On the VIP seat, the gray-clothed old man who had just disdained Lin Chen just now was so dumb as a chicken, scared and trembling.

His old man murmured in horror.

"Okay...a big tone..."

More than four thousand evil spirits, all seriously injured, such as falling feathers, scattered around Zhoutian, and finally sent away, leaving a small part of the attribute light ball.

The remaining more than 5,000 evildoers finally realized Lin Chen's terrible!

However, their reaction speed is far inferior to Lin Chen!

Lin Chen walked in shock, landed across thousands of miles, bent slightly, and inserted five fingers into the yellow sand ground!

Seeing his posture, some of the pupils of the body-building holy realm shrank...

"No way"

"Oh, he's going to throw sand..."

With the strength of Lin Chens warriors and heavens and the earth, with this Desert Yellow Sand that weighs a million pounds, this palm is splashed over...

I don't know which demon murmured subconsciously.

"Turn the skin."