My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1538

Vol 5 Chapter 1538: Do The Enchanting List

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Chapter 1538 !

Lin Chen stooped down, his palms and fingers fell into the yellow sand, and the corners of his mouth rose like crazy

"Come to Huangsha to send the evil spirits all over, take them all away!"

Lin Chens holy cave shone with immortal holy mansions, with a little holy power running in the right palm.

Immediately afterwards, Lin Chen's palm broke out the holy power to overturn the sun, moon and stars, and his five fingers waved violently into the sky!

Lifting the endless yellow sand, like the birth of billions of true dragons, destroying the world, the entire plane has the illusion of instantaneous rotation!

Sigh~! Bang ~! !

The yellow sand is like a diffuse starlight, and it is crazy to shoot out, like a starlight shining through the sky!

"No, no!"

"Quick withdrawal..."

"Quick defense..."

Thousands of monsters and wizards are distorted, and they have no time to withdraw!

The offensive came too quickly, instantly submerging them in the endless starlight and penetrating all their defenses and many defensive holy weapons!

boom! boom! boom!

The sky of yellow sand turned into starlight lasing, and a large number of evil spirits in the void were concentrated, like a bird of arrows, blood spilled!


"This palm, the outburst of holy power, is not the hundreds of powers at the beginning of the opening of the heavens, and it has broken through two thousand powers!"

"One power is one trillion dragon power, which is a lethal force that rivals two trillion dragon power!"

"Isn't that this kid's tricks to open the early days of Tianjing's cultivation behavior? This palm is so special that it's more than just opening the middle of the Tianjing!"

"Those little monsters are going to suffer!"

The pupils of the eight grades of power can tremble, and Lin Chen's hand is enough to be ranked in the top 500 of the devil list!

But it's not over yet!

Everything just happened between electro-optical flint.

In the plane of the desert, the Wanli Desert cracked a huge seam!

Tear ~!

Lin Chen's figure pulled a thousand-mile-long sword-like afterimage, flickering to the other side, five fingers clenched fists.

"Always watch the world from above, and you should descend from the world to see the scenery of this world."

Lin Chen's majestic laughed loudly, and his fist was like an angry dragon over the river, violently shaking towards the sky, and punching out with a punch!

Nine-color Holy Light circulated between five fingers, this punch, Lin Chen used two-thirds of the Holy Power!

Sigh~! boom! boom! boom!

The terrifying fist wind shattered everything, such as a chaotic storm, which stirred the world and overturned it, which was several times more terrifying than the one just now!

Rotating the boxing style of the nine-color Shengxia, the horizontal air penetrated the entire desert plane!

Fist sweeping mountains and rivers, running through the galaxy, directly penetrating the desert plane into a big hole!

"Ben Shao's Liupin Yinyangjia..."

"No, he can't be so strong, he must have cheated!"

"Dad, save me!"

boom! boom! boom!

The explosions in the void and the screams of sorrow were endless, and some of the demon were beaten to cry, and some were unconscious on the spot, and some were seriously injured.

No matter what cards the monsters have, what tricks to learn, defensive ace, all in this trick! All packed up!

Bang ~!

In the fourth venue, all the saints stood up suddenly, their pupils trembling.

You know, every time the ranking of the evil spirits rises by 1,000, the watershed is a huge gap!

From the top 1001 to the top 2,000 in the list of monsters, all of them have enough combat power to match the state of the Holy Spirit!

However, at this moment, all the evil arrogances other than the thousand in the list of evil spirits were all flew by this fist, the defense was broken, and the offensive was ruined!

One punch!

Just one punch!

The saints stared blankly into the plane of the desert--

What kind of scene is that?

Unspeakable, unforgettable!

The yellow sand is rampant, Sheng Xia shines!

A silver robe dances wildly with the wind, and the boy wanders in the desert. He bathes in the nine-colored San Xia. Wherever he passes, the sky is falling like snowflakes and falling like dust. Fell in the desert.

Every figure that fell at his feet is a demon wizard who is shocked and stunned in the Holy Realm!

Every figure that is falling down is a legend rising from hundreds of millions of geniuses, a demon who is admired by countless saints!

At this time, the legend that these people were admired by countless saints fell like snowflakes, and they fell one by one!

Blow off 4,000 evildoers at once!

Thousands of evildoers overturned in one palm!

One punch swept more than a thousand evil spirits!

Three strokes, have lost most of the demon list!

Can anyone think of this scene?

Can anyone anticipate this moment?

No, no one dares to think!

Things that others dare not even think about, but emerged again and again in the hands of his Lin Chen, born again and again!

Alone, pushing the demon list!

"The sage, the sage is born!"

"All the Linchen under the gods of the evil spirits list will surely be on the holy talent list!"

"The history of the Sacred Realm List will be rewritten again! At this moment, the Sacred Realm will be carved forever!"

"History will give birth to an unprecedented saint born at this moment!"

"It's terrible. The old man never thought about it. A person who likes to do things is silent for two years and then breaks out. It can go to this point!"

The unprecedented hot debate frenzy directly detonated!

This battle has shocked the Eighth Rank Sect of the Holy World!

"Two years, but in the last two years, he has grown to what level. From the punch just now, Shengli has controlled very accurately, and he has only wounded all the evil spirits without completely killing them."

"If he wants to kill, at least half of the demon just died. He is alone in Lin Chen, enough to cleanse the demon list!"

"Where will history lead? Heads-up demon list, these feats are enough to be on the list of sages, it is enough to be an eternal history!"

"Now it's the highlight, and there are less than a thousand evil spirits left, all super evil spirits stepping into the Sacred Heart!"

"This is an unprecedented battle, and it will also be a battle for Lin Chen to conquer the gods! No matter whether he wins or loses, Lin Chen's reputation in the Holy Realm will certainly be pushed to the top, comparable to the sage!"

Everyone can see that Lin Chen has the strength to single out the entire list of evildoers!

The punch just now is as strong as the Eighth Rank Powers, but it is only a fear of soul trembling!

The lethality of the Holy Power has broken through the Ten Thousand Powers!

One trillion dragon power is equal to one dragon power, and ten thousand dragon power is trillion trillion dragon power!

The power of one punch is enough to collapse.

In the desert plane.

Lin Chen walked slowly to the extreme south of the desert plane, in the void, floating in the air, and the last group of super devils alone!

They had resisted Lin Chen's offensive one after another, and they were the strongest group of evil spirits. Even if they were injured, they could quickly recover, because they have all entered the cultivation of the Sacred Heart State!

The resilience of the Sacred Mood is not trivial, especially when Lin Chen does not use extinction and fissures, the Sacred Mood is very resistant.

"You guys, how about giving me the top of the list of evildoers to me, for my handsomeness."

Lin Chen teased and laughed, holding it with his hand and holding Jue Yan.

To deal with these super monsters, as strong as Lin Chen's cultivation practices today, he has to come up with some real skills!

Because, none of the opponents are weak, especially the top one hundred characters of the evil spirits list!

"Oh, don't think that by killing some cats and dogs, you will be able to overthrow the demon list with impunity, you are not worthy!"

The four evil spirits sneered and pulled the holy sword behind them with a bang!

Horrible gas machine, want to tear the sky!

The world-warming war is about to happen!

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Yejia has been shocked by the cold sweat.

Ye Lixue's beautiful eyes trembled, staring deeply at Lin Chen's figure, looking at the teenager's overbearing and confident smile, her heart could not be calm for a long time.

"Qiao Wu Qing Wu, your eyes are more venomous than mine..."