My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1539

Vol 5 Chapter 1539: The Last Battle

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In the desert plane

"This little devil's strength is terrifying."

"Acknowledge it. Fighting alone, with the punch just now, your Jinyang machine may not be his opponent."

The eyes of the seven top 20 super monsters meet, their expressions are full of dignity!

"Join together, we will play again in the ranking game, first take down this kid's net worth. Let's talk about it. It is also a huge sum of money in the sky of the sky!"

"Without the five-turn saint's cultivation practice, the eighth-grade sacrificial weapon can't be won, but if you defeat him, Lin Chen will transfer independently. This battle is worth taking the risk!"

"It's over when it's awe-inspiring. I don't think he can shake our team up."

"If we all join forces, the sage list can also be a battle, let alone a Lin Chen."

"Join together, how can it be so simple. Who can really let the monsters in the top 100 of the monsters join forces?"

Just before the fierce battle broke out between the two sides, all the wizards of the top 200 monsters glanced at each other.

At least, most of the super monsters are still willing to join forces briefly to deal with Lin Chen first!

Benefits will always come first!

"Oh, I fell in love with his eight-grade Saint Pill, and joined forces to kill this son!"

"Yelang is arrogant and also deliberately dictates the history of the demon list!"

"Overthrow the demon list? It's pretty beautiful!"

boom! boom! boom!

The power of nearly a thousand super monsters brewing, the entire desert plane trembles violently!

These super monsters are all grotesque wizards who have expanded their caves two thousand times, their foundations are terribly powerful, and the realm of the sacred state of mind, like a thousand open heavens, launches offensive together!

In the desert plane

The sword turned like a dragon, four super monsters pulled out their swords, and their blades exploded into the snow-white sword mansions, and they came out diagonally.

The four super monsters each produced a sword, slashing the sword light like a huge wave, and twisted towards Lin Chen like a vortex!

This offensive seems to be a sign of eruption. All the super monsters are aiming at Lin Chen, and the light of the Holy Cavern is skyrocketing.

They are either united, or fighting each other, or lurking in secret, and their actions are as fast as a fire, and they are triggered!

"not good!"

"Protect the venue first, otherwise this face will allow them to smash and hit the outside!"

"If you fight like this, they will have to be dismantled in the four venues!"

The ten elders above the high seats stepped on their feet and turned into holy light to escape into the void.

With both hands swaying, the power of holy power turned into a silver-white space to stabilize the plane.

This battle has evolved to an unprecedented level!

No one can imagine that there will be a single super monster who challenges the entire list of monsters alone!

There is no corresponding battle plane prepared for the four conference venues. One-to-one and one-to-one thousand are completely different levels of concept!

Seeing that the two sides are about to go to war, the powerful people in the void have shot out and taken away all the wounded monsters from the sky!

The power of the organizers of the summit meeting witnessed the injuries of these evils, as strong as they could not help but tremble their pupils.

An old man in azure robe, staring at Lin Chen's back while suspending a void vacuum, his pupils quivered.

"Not so mysterious..."

Every one of the demon, the body protector was smashed, they were only seriously injured, not killed.

what does this mean?

This means that Lin Chen has controlled his holy power to a point where he is almost against the sky!

This is even more terrifying than the massacre of evil wizards!

Each one-turn saint can use dozens of exercises in one breath to launch thousands of offensives.

However, it is impossible for each offensive to maintain the power it wants, and there will be a certain error in the middle.

With the cultivation of these mighty second-turn saints, they can't do it like Lin Chen, only to kill the evil spirits and leave them alive!

Such exquisite and exquisite holy power is in control, they can't match it!

You know, each demon's defense level is completely different! How terrible is it to control only those who are wounded and disabled?

"Ghost talent, real ghost talent!"

"His cultivation is more than just opening the holy cave!"

"Could it be said that he opened the holy acupuncture point of the brain domain in advance, and the holy power has reached our level?"

These powerful people above the open sky have all exploded!

In plane.

The desert sandstorm raged, the sky offensive smashed the plane, and the sky turned around, and the space of thousands of miles in Lin Chen was crushed into a vacuum!


Between the electric light and the flint, there was a sound of Long Yin, and a sharp edge that splits the ninth cloud sky to divide the continental plate!

Lin Chen stepped into the air, and the turbulent momentum swept up!

He held a dark red war blade in his hand, the blade came out like a blood pool, and there were nine blood lines on the blade ridge.

Lin Chen held the sword alone, and he was so powerful that the world was full of domineering power!

Eight grade knife, absolutely Yan!

At the moment when Lin Chen held the knife, the entire desert plane, Huangsha lit up a raging flame, the high temperature filled the desert plane, and the **** fireworks burned the sky!

"The guys in the demon list are all high from beginning to end. Now someone should come to smash your arrogance!"

Lin Chen smiled abruptly, with the light of the holy cave of forty-four hexagonal star bursts blooming all over the body, rolling like the divine power of the sun and the moon. At the moment of condensing the blade, Lin Chen swung out with a sharp knife and slashed into the sky!

"God tears!"

Tear ~!

The tip of the knife swept through the hundreds of thousands of feet of snow-white awn burning with a faint red flame, the lance rotating spirally!

The pupils of many Bapin Mengneng have shrunk. This knife is flawless and seamless, and it has become perfect! The realm is far beyond the realm of heaven!

However, it may not be enough to take over all the evil attacks!

Bang~! At the first blow, the knife suddenly exploded!

The sword blasts into a sky full of blade gas fragments, infinite, as if the vast sand, countless!

Each piece of knife gas fragments, as beautiful as broken jade, crystal clear, blooming with gorgeous beauty like a withered flower!

This change has shrunk the eyes of all the evil spirits!

Sword Qi fragments slammed towards all offensive offensives, and slammed down like a storm!

Each piece of knife gas fragments hit the attack of every super demon with unmatched precision!

Sigh~! boom! boom! boom! boom!

When the infinite amount of sword gas fragments collided with the attack of the evil spirits, the sky exploded, tearing the desert plane straight, and the sky was overwhelming!

The sword's lingering rhythm is like snowflakes, scattered everywhere!

In the fourth venue, all the saints who opened the heavens were trembling with apex.

Only their Xiuwei can clearly see that the sword gas fragments penetrated all the attacks of the evil spirits, and a large number of super evil spirits were shot down!

When the aftermath of terrifying energy disappeared, death silence ushered in the Fourth Congress.

A silver robe strikes the void, and the divine power circulates, turning into a faint golden light, condensing into a golden jade garment.

Lin Chen was suspended with a knife, surrounded by the bodies of the super monsters, or fell to the ground, or floated in the void, fell into a coma, covered in blood, flesh and blood, and injured!

One knife, chopping down the super demon of 800 holy hearts!

Lin Chen's eyes turned, and in the fragmented desert plane, only the last world-ranking monsters ranked 200!

There is only one last line of defense left in the Monster List!