My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1540

Vol 5 Chapter 1540: Why Is He So Hard

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The eight-ranking powers in the four venues have an unprecedented dignity!

It is very likely that this Lin Chen already has strength close to the list of sages!

"What is this boy doing?"

"Kaitian Realm, Absolutely Kaitian Realm! And Kaitian Realm with Qualification of the Saints List!"

"If he hadn't opened the sky, I would pull upside down!"

"Every super demon cultivated by the Sacred Mind State, Sacred Strength can explode about one trillion dragon power, waiting for the same thousand divine power!"

"These super monsters have even defeated the Peak Saint Demon King!"

"Even in the early days of the opening of the 81 holy caves in ordinary bloom, it is difficult to completely win these super demon under the one-to-one situation!"

The saints blasted the pot and exchanged voices one after another.

What is the concept of being able to slash these evils with the might of one move and defeat the Quartet? It is very likely that this child has already reached the level of the Saints List by half of his feet!

In the desert plane.

Lin Chen looked at the palm of his heart with great interest.

The power of the eight-grade knife is beyond his expectations.

"The gap between the Seventh Grade Sacred Vessel and the Eighth Grade Sacred Vessel is at least five times higher. Its really strong. In addition, my Jue Yan has also been strengthened by the system and can almost be called the strongest Eighth Grade Sacred Vessel. !"

Lin Chenneng can retreat all the super monsters with a knife. In addition to the power, the mind, and the cultivation to be powerful, on the one hand, the power of these eight-grade holy objects is entrusted!

Eight grades and seven grades are really different! The legendary ninth-grade sacristy, I'm afraid it will be even more against the sky!

At this time, Lin Chen did not rush to collect a large number of attribute light balls, but suddenly laughed.

"This demon list, you can barely be called my opponent."

"How about you guys, I now admit defeat and surrender, everyone is very happy. To deal with you, I can't be as gentle as before."

All the top 200 monsters understand his meaning.

The implication is that Lin Chen will not only beat and defeat the evil spirits as he did just now, but will not take his life.

The reason why Lin Chen urged the Golden Jade Garment was because in his previous Gods Tears, only the offensive of these two hundred people had penetrated the shards of qi bursting from his tears.

The top two hundred characters in the list of monsters are all ridiculously strong! Straight ahead of the middle and even late days of heaven!

Singled against these people, Lin Chen could not completely defeat them without harming his life.

His original intention was to win the top of the list of evil deeds rather than the blood cleansed demon list. The blood cleansed demon list will cause a little trouble for his next action.

"You may think you are the best in the world, but I think you are the best, Yelang is arrogant."

At this time, the Jinyang machine, the second in the list of evildoers, stepped out one step, pulling the holy sword behind him, and the Xia Xia broke apart, and if a sword appeared, if there was a Xia Xia!

"If it really makes you fight alone, maybe it really makes you number one in the list of evildoers."

"Lin Chen, you are strong. But your biggest mistake is to challenge us!"

All the worldly evils all recognized Lin Chen's strength!

However, this has inspired their fighting spirit!

Nearly two hundred super-monsters surrounded Lin Chen, each holding a seventh-grade sacrificial weapon, as powerful as the sun, Sheng Xia formed a group, watching from a distance, as a group of stars surrounded a round of the moon.

"Since you don't have to say it, let's fight. This handsome man likes to talk with his fists!"

Bang ~!

Lin Chen's shoulders shook sharply, and he pulled out a peerless sword across the sky!

Immediately, there were more than a dozen eccentric evils of the "Top 100 Sword Saints" who stepped out in one step, slashing their swords, slashing like a river, and slashing Lin Chen's sword!

Tear ~!

The twelve supernatural evils that appeared to be superb, appeared ghostly around Lin Chen.

They either pointed with one finger, slammed their fists, cut off their swords with their waists, or pinched their handprints, suddenly beat the ground, the desert turned, and the stars moved! A sacred force like a star shower blasted Lin Chen!

"Heavenly Dragon!"

Another unprecedented evildoer shot the peerless palm method, the holy dragon turned the dragon, 100,000 feet above the sky, and the dragons danced wildly, and fell to the top of Lin Chen's head!

"The sword sword of death rest until death!"

The top ten "Samsara Sword Master" in the list of evil spirits, a sword cut diagonally, killing the sword light with the breath of death, slashing the desert, dividing the world!

Fifth place in the fairy list of "Xianzi Fairy", the strongest one in the top ten of the list, is suspended in the air.

Her colorful dress fluttered, a eclipse vision appeared around her body, holding a holy bow of moonlight in her hand, she pulled her arm in one hand and shot a shocking arrow!

"The eclipse covers the sky!"

Arrow light flashes, pointing straight to Lin Chen!

When all the evil attacks are launched, it is almost at the same moment!

In this scene, let alone the late stage of Kaitian Realm, the powerful person who is as strong as Kaitian Realm is trapped in this encirclement and must fall on the spot!

Without a quick response from the saint, it is impossible to survive!

Lin Chen slashed the sword with one hand, slashing "Tears of Tears" toward the sky, the sword gas turned, slamming the pieces of the sky sword gas slamming, crushing countless offensives!

Then, the eight-headed spirit burned to the surface and roared into the sky! Sonic shattered many mental attacks that attempted a sneak attack!

With a palm of his hand, Lin Chen held "Ben Lei" in his hand, and in a single thought, the "Spirit Rhinoceros" flying knife followed the Lord's heart and flicked out of thin air. From the top of Lin Chen's head, the shadow of a lotus flower bloomed, slashing away!

Lin Chen's offensive also broke out in an instant, and the reaction was quick, and even the two-turned saint couldn't help but shrink his pupils!

Sigh~! boom! boom! boom! Bang ~!

The mountains and rivers are reversed, the sky is falling apart, and within the desert plane, the power of several second-turners has once strengthened the space power of the plane!

Watching the battle is dazzling, too great! The first two hundred quasi-monstrous evil spirits in the top list of the evil spirits are linked, and this scene is like returning to the quaint war in the ancient times!

What is even more terrifying is that Lin Chen's son has received most of the offensive head-on!

Tear ~!

Lin Chen held the sword with one hand, spreading the Nine Wings of the Devil, pulling away the infinite shadows, wearing the golden jade clothes, unscathed!

A group of worldly witches who were good at body techniques immediately intercepted him, and he was extremely knowledgeable. Lin Chen's one-handed sword, or the use of flying knives, or the most arrogant fist hard bombardment, super chaos were launched, hitting each. The road monster is caught off guard!

brush! boom! boom! boom!

Lin Chen and the evil spirits fought from the sky to the earth, wherever they passed, they shattered everything into a vacuum.

Midway, from time to time, evil spirits were defeated and retreated by Lin Chen, seriously injured, and even more vomiting blood on the spot!

Lin Chen did not completely resist the offensive of the evil spirits. The offensive launched by one hundred evil spirits hit him with at least ten attacks of evil spirits.

But he was unscathed, causing the evil spirits to almost suffocate blood!

Qiang~! Lin Chen was lightning fast, and cut off a holy weapon of a demon!

The other party is also a ruthless character, sending a fierce disregard for the broken seventh-grade holy weapon, mobilizing the holy force to launch the orange-level intermediate skill, punching Lin Chen's chest position across the sky, and taking the position of his sacred heart!

Sigh~! Bang~! Half of his fist attempted to break out, but found that he couldnt even enter Lin Chens Golden Jade Clothes. On the contrary, Lin Chen slapped him in a slap, dizzy, and turned into a meteor falling in the desert.

"Damn, why is he so hard!"